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Elise Build Guide by Guest

Assassin Elise, the Threat from the jungle

Assassin Elise, the Threat from the jungle

Updated on January 2, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Build Guide By Guest 1,575 Views 0 Comments
1,575 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Elise Build Guide By Guest Updated on January 2, 2013
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LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Welcome to my Elise Guide.

At First: This is my first Guide at all and my english is not the best.
But i want to try to show you how powerfull Elise is.
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summoner spells

one summoner spells needs to be smite, the damage and low cooldown are a must for jungeling.
i like to play teleport with smite.
hitting lvl 3 with double buff, setting up all your spells to lvl 1 gives and easy first blood kill, if u just go human form teleport behind the enemy on top or bot lane and do a "e" "q" "w" "r" "q" combo.

Flash is a good choise too, it makes u Flash into fights to grant kills or flash out to survive.

Other choices can be ignite or exhaust, but u neither need the dmg from ignite nor the slow form exhaust
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Runes and masteries

My Rune St up is not perfect,
but choose:
-magic pentration Marks for damage,
-armor seals for jungeling,
-ability power glyphs for damage and
-ability power or magic penetration Quintessences

i choose offense masteries cauz its just fun to burst down enemies :) :D.
U may go for an 9/21/0 if u want to be more tanky.
I used to play tanky, but you are kind of an asassin and what elise makes elise is the burst she has.
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Start off with Hunter's Machete it really boosts your Jungle speed, though elise is pretty fast even without it and add some potions for sustain.
when you cleared your jungle buy boots and upgrade Hunter's Machete to Spirit Stone.
Then upgrade boots to sorcerer's shoes and get spirit of the spectral wrath. now u can burst down enemys easily and even solo dragon without losing much hp.
Now go for some sustain and dmg. Pick Rylai's Crystal scepter first and then Liandry's Torment. You will need the hp to survive in close combat and the slow from Rylai's to chase enemys.
The last items are up to you, usually i go for abyssal szepter and zhonya's hourglas. together you will get armor and magic resistance and a lot of dmg and survivability.
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when jungeling allways start in human form, start off with "q" on your target and then send "w" into the creeps. Go into Spider form with "R" activate "w" and finish them off with "q". When you finished one camp go back to caster form and do it again with the next camp.

When fighting enemys start off in human form.
Ganks should look like:
hit them with the "e" stun, hit "q", hit "w", (make sure q hits eralier then w for more dmg), go spider with "r", leap to him with "q" and activate "w", when he flashes try to catch him with your "e", but in most of the cases the "q" in spider form will kill the target.

special trick:
your "q" in spider makes you and all your spiders leap onto the target, even the volatile spieder. so u can cast the volatile spider in the opposite direction of the enemy, go in spider form descend on the enemy with e and jump onto him with "q", this will make they volatile spider fly directly onto your target.

in team fights u should try to stay clear first and then go for squishy targets, ad carry or ap champs. as 1v1 fights or gank, start off with "e" -> "q" -> "w" combo, before going in spider form
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thanks for reading.
feel free to ask any questions, or give me advice.

League of Legends Build Guide Author
Guest Elise Guide
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Elise, the Threat from the jungle

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