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Qiyana Build Guide by Sleepininthegarden

Jungle Empress of the 8-Bit Jungle

Jungle Empress of the 8-Bit Jungle

Updated on January 21, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sleepininthegarden Build Guide By Sleepininthegarden 341 14 570,799 Views 32 Comments
341 14 570,799 Views 32 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Sleepininthegarden Qiyana Build Guide By Sleepininthegarden Updated on January 21, 2022
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Runes: Inspiration Secondary

Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Relentless Hunter

Magical Footwear
Cosmic Insight

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
When to Take Blue Smite?
LoL Summoner Spell: Chilling Smite

Chilling Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Middle Lane
Ranked #81 in
Middle Lane
Win 56%
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Middle Lane Ranked #81 in
Middle Lane
Win 56%
More Qiyana Runes

Hello and welcome to my Qiyana jungle guide. While uncommon in the jungle, she is an occasional pick in Challenger and with professional players like Tarzan, Gen.G's Clid, and G2's Jankos.

This guide is set up so it will shift from game knowledge (Runes, Itemization, Summoner Spells, and Match-Ups, as well as decision making in all phases of the game) to actual gameplay (abilities, sequences, clearing camps, ganking, team-fighting and objectives). It will also chronologically move from before the game to late game with some extra features thrown in at the end.

If you enjoy this guide, make sure to leave me a like on the guide, and a comment about what you enjoyed. If you didn't enjoy the guide, please let me know what you disagree with or any criticism at all as it helps improve my guides! Anyways, hope you enjoy my guide on jungle Qiyana! ♥

Sleepininthegarden is a true idealist, dreamer, animal rights activist, environmentalist, gamer and an effortless storyteller with a pure and unfiltered personality. Sleepy hopes, like the flowers in spring, that their affection, creativity, altruism, and idealism will always come back, rewarding them and their loved ones with a world view that inspires compassion, kindness, and beauty wherever they go.

Sleepy describes themselves as "undeniably eccentric, an individualistic high fashion mindset with a compassionate and nurturing soul" or in other terms, a person living their "authentically extra fantasy life".

"Whoever you feel you are in your heart, be that"

+ High Mobility
+ Strong Ganker
+ Team-fight Assassin

Qiyana is a utility-oriented assassin that has a unique kit that utilizes different elements including Wall: bonus damage, River: root, and a slow as well as stealth through Grass allowing her to have the upper hand on her opponents with proper use of these elements.

Qiyana has a point and click gap closer when used in tandem with Edge of Ixtal during the animation of the dash has unmissable crowd control making her have easy set-ups in ganks. She also has high mobility, being able to dash and jump over walls, allowing her to have creative gank pathing.
- Abysmal Early Clear
- High Skillcap
- Falls Off Late Game

Qiyana has a high skill-cap, therefore, cannot be expected to be mastered within a few dozen games. One of Qiyana's biggest weaknesses is that her clear path and ganks can be telegraphed which means she can be counter jungled easily.

Clearing camps with Qiyana takes a lot of practice as her clear is pretty weak early on and she can lose a majority of her health within her first three camps if not done properly. Despite having a built in mechanic with Audacity, without the spell her ultimate and Edge of Ixtal are skill-shots.

ELECTROCUTE: is the best keystone for bursting down a single target due to its very high base damage allowing for potent ganks, duels, and picking off key targets before and during team fights.

DARK HARVEST: is the best keystone for snowballing leads out of control with fantastic scaling into the mid-game. Take Dark Harvest if you don't need the reliable damage for dueling or you are confident in your ability to stack up the keystone efficiently.

LEGEND: ALACRITY: Legend: Alacrity comes to the aid to help Qiyana's primary weakness, abysmal early clear speed. The attack speed from this rune as well as the 10% attack speed stat shard will allow her to clear faster, efficiently, and in a healthier state.

MAGICAL FOOTWEAR: essentially is taking 350 gold that you would of spent on Boots allowing you to put that money towards completing your first item.

SUDDEN IMPACT: procs off Terrashape and Audacity as well as Flash providing multiple ways Qiyana easily makes use of this rune. Lethality is a welcomed stat for any AD assassin that synergizes quite decently well with both her kit as well as her build.

COUP DE GRACE: adds 8% bonus damage to targets under 40% health making this rune great in ganks as well as picking off key targets in team fights. The other optional secondary rune in the tree is Triumph for sustain in ganks/team-fights upon takedowns.

COSMIC INSIGHT: is a rather underrated rune in the jungle as it reduces the recharge time of Smite by 14 seconds, allowing for frequent uses for clearing camps and on champions. Cosmic Insight also reduces the cool-down of items such as Prowler's Claw, and Umbral Glaive granting you more uptime on these items.

EYEBALL COLLECTION: is the best tier 2 rune in the Domination tree for snowballing. Qiyana can stack this rune up efficiently by frequently ganking and scoring takedowns.

ZOMBIE WARD: when combined with the lethality item Umbral Glaive, you can heavily impact vision control denying and providing vision with ease. Zombie Ward rewards players for taking down wards with Adaptive Force.

RAVENOUS HUNTER: is great for Qiyana as she doesn't have any self sustain in her kit. This is especially potent in duels, taking objectives, and in team fights.

RELENTLESS HUNTER: is great for to roam around the map and get into more favorable positions to gank lanes, flank to make picks or engage/disengage in teamfights.

Flash is a core summoners spell on most champions in the game and Qiyana is no exception. By taking Flash, it will allow you to dodge potentially lethal skillshots, hop walls and even escape death. With Flash, you can input buffer your Audacity, Edge of Ixtal and even your ultimate.
Smite is essential for jungling, as it allows you to make use of the jungle-only items which you need to keep up in experience, securing monster objectives like buff camps, rift herald, dragon and baron. Building Emberknife or Hailblade will allow you to cast spell on enemy champions.


Passive: Qiyana's first attack or ability against an enemy champ deals bonus physical damage. This effect cannot occur on the same target more than once every 25 seconds.

Royal Privilege's cooldown on all targets resets when she draws a new element.

Bonus Physical Damage: 15 − 83 (based on level) (+ 55% bonus AD) (+ 30% AP)
Her passive Royal Privilege is pretty self-explanatory however an important thing to note is the unique interaction between her passive and Terrashape as it can be reset upon gathering a new element.

The interaction is how she primarily farms in the jungle by auto-attacking with an element then immediately switching to a new element and auto again. This also applies to Edge of Ixtal as using the spell will apply the effect as well and is potent in skirmishes.

In order to get the maximum amount of value out of this passive, you'll constantly want to be switching between unique elements in order to consistently apply the bonus damage. While the damage may seem minimal to some, it can be incredibly powerful especially in the early phases of the game where Qiyana jungle is weakest.

  • At level one start with Terrashape and pull Wall, auto-attack the jungle camp then immediately swap to Grass then auto-attack again this applies your passive twice.
  • In order to reset the passive you must switch to a unique element, meaning not the element you are currently holding as it will not reset the passive if you are on the same element.

Q: Qiyana slashes forward in the target direction, dealing physical damage to enemies in a line, reduced to 75% damage against targets beyond the first.

If Qiyana's weapon is using an element, her weapon hurls forward as a projectile and explodes, applying a bonus effect based on the consumed Element:

• River - Roots opponents on hit, then slows them by 20% for 1 second.
• Wall - Deals bonus damage to opponents who are below 50% of their maximum health.
• Brush - Leaves a grass trail behind for 3 seconds, which grants Qiyana invisibility and 20% bonus movement speed until she attacks or exits.

RANGE: 650
COST: 35 mana

Bonus Damage against Monsters: 50%
Terrain Bonus Damage: 36 / 51 / 66 / 81 / 96 (+ 54% bonus AD)
Physical Damage: 50 / 80 / 110 / 140 / 170 (+ 75% bonus AD)
Edge of Ixtal is the crux of Qiyana's kit and will be leveled first. It's a linear skill-shot ability that depending on the element can apply a unique bonus effect based on the consumed element. Learning these elements and knowing when to use them in certain situations is a mandatory skill to learn to ultimately master Qiyana.

The spell has a base cooldown of seven seconds, but similar to her passive the cooldown is reset upon gathering a new element with Terrashape. This interaction improves the combo mentioned in her passive tips, using Edge of Ixtal with an element onto a target, W to reset the ability then Q again to apply the passive Royal Privilege again.

Another important mechanic to learn is the interaction between the ability and her dash Audacity. If you cast Edge of Ixtal during Audacity it will lock the ability onto the target you dash towards, meaning essentially makes it impossible to miss unless the target has Flash or a mobility spell.
Qiyana is the Empress of Elements so learning what each Element does and when to use it is an important aspect and defining element of her kit to learn. River damages, roots, and then slows the target afterwards. As you can expect, River is the most important element used when ganking and disengaging from fights.

Wall deals 60% bonus damage to targets below 50% health. This element serves as the finishing element to basically execute low health targets such as enemy champions, minions, and monsters.

Grass grants Qiyana invisibility and 20% bonus movement speed until she attacks or exits. When clearing camps, this will often be used to heal off camps without taking damage. During fights, using double Grass can potentially save your life if played correctly by delaying time usually to allow an ally to arrive or a key spell like your ultimate Supreme Display of Talent to come off cool-down.

  • When ganking start with River, use Audacity + the spell, then Terrashape into Wall to finish off the target.
  • Remember you can use Edge of Ixtal then Terrashape to reset your passive then use another element.
  • While holding Grass you can use it on camps such as Raptor to get a big heal while staying stealthed.
  • Grass can be used defensively when low to delay time if you know an ally is coming, by using double grass to stay stealthed up to seven seconds.
  • You can input buffer the ability by casting it then immediately Flashing to give little time for your opponent to react.

W - ACTIVE: Qiyana dashes towards the target location while gathering an Element of the nearest BRUSH, RIVER, or TERRAIN she targeted, enchanting her blade.

W - PASSIVE: While holding an Element, Qiyana gains bonus attack speed, 25 bonus attack range, bonus magic damage on her basic attacks, and basic abilities, and out-of-combat bonus movement speed while moving near the Element currently being held.

RANGE: 1100
COST: 25 / 30 / 35 / 40 / 45 mans

Attack Speed Bonus: 5 / 10 / 15 / 20 / 25%
Movement Speed Bonus: 3 / 5 / 7 / 9 / 11%
Magical Damage: 8 / 22 / 36 / 50 / 64 (+ 10% bonus AD) (+ 45% AP)
Terrashape brings Qiyana's kit to center as the ability itself is how you will gather an element to empower your Edge of Ixtal with special effects. While in the area of the element gathered, you can bonus effects including out-of-combat movement speed, attack speed, and magic damage. This ability will be maxed second if you opt into Prowler's Claw, while for other builds it will be maxed last.

As mentioned previously, her passive Royal Privilege and Edge of Ixtal has unique interactions by being able to reset both's cool-downs. By swapping to a unique element, you utilize the bonus damage from the passive twice.

A mechanic exclusive to Terrashape is that you can dash over some terrain by hugging the wall you wish to leap over. By knowing what walls you can leap over can get you into better ganking and flanking positions.

  • When chasing or running from a target, swapping on to the element you are walking on will give bonus out of combat movement speed allowing you to catch up or create distance.
  • By hugging a wall, you can use Terrashape to get into better ganking/flanking positions as well as disengaging from fights.
  • By swapping to a different element, you can reset the cooldown of her passive Royal Privilege and Q - Edge of Ixtal.
E: Qiyana dashes a fixed distance towards the target enemy, dealing them physical damage if they are still in range upon arrival.

Qiyana can cast any of her abilities during Audacity. Casting Edge of Ixtal while Audacity is targeting a champion will autonomously aim at them.

RANGE: 650
COST: 40 / 45 / 50 / 55 / 60 mana
COOLDOWN: 12 / 11 / 10 / 9 / 8

Physical Damage: 50 / 90 / 130 / 170 / 210 (+ 50% bonus AD)
Audacity is Qiyana's main form of gap closer and serves as the most important interaction in her whole kit. Casting Edge of Ixtal during the casting animation of Audacity will automatically aim the ability at the dashed target, making it impossible to miss.

Important mechanics to note of the ability is how you can use also use the spell defensively. Depending on the distanced between you and your target upon casting Audacity will determine where you land. By getting up close to your target (who is against a short wall), you can dash to the target making you go over the wall. Another way to get out of bad situations is using Audacity on minions or monster camps to create distance.

This ability will be maxed third if you opt into Prowler's Claw as your dash is used to close distance by either using it on a minion or another champion. The ability will be maxed second in builds not including Prowlers for the damage and cool-down reduction.

  • When closing the gap, cast Edge of Ixtal during Audacity with the River element to hit an unmissable root and slow.
  • An input buffering mechanic is by targeting Audacity then using Flash causing the ability to immediately act upon getting in range.
  • A defensive tactic, when up close to an enemy against a small wall you can use the ability to dash over the wall.

Ultimate: Qiyana sends a windblast in the target direction that knocks back all enemies within its path and stops upon hitting terrain.

The windblast then creates an erupting shockwave across any RIVER or BRUSH it passes through, as well as around the borders of terrain it reaches, dealing physical damage to all enemies struck, with the percentage damage capped against monsters, stunning them for 0.5 − 1 (based on proximity) seconds, and granting sight of the area along its path each for 0.75 seconds.

RANGE: 875
COST: 100 mana

Capped % Damage vs. Monsters: 500 / 750 / 1000
Physical Damage: 100 / 200 / 300 (+ 170% bonus AD) (+ 10% of target's maximum health)
Qiyana's ultimate Supreme Display of Talent like her passive Royal Privilege is pretty self explanatory. Shove enemies into the wall for massive crowd control and damage making it excellent in team fights.

Important interactions to know of is how the spell interacts with certain elements; when not pushed into the wall it will still knockback but deal zero damage, however, this doesn't apply when used into the river and brushes. Meaning you do not have to push them into walls while in the river.

As with a majority of champions, put points into your ultimate whenever possible, at levels 6, 11, and 16.

  • By input buffering the ability, you can use Flash to either catch enemies off guard or redirect the ability entirely to get a better angle.
  • It interacts differently while in the River and Brushes, not requiring a wall to proc the damage and stun.

Hailblade is standard but swap it for Emberknife against harder matchups like Lee Sin and Kha'Zix (champions that can outduel you/one shot), with Refillable Potion and Oracle Lens. Aim to purchase a Serrated Dirk and an Control Ward.
Rushing Ionian Boots of Lucidity can be great if you want to be able to roam between lanes and objectives with ease.
Ionian Boots of Lucidity
Getting to your Mythic Item can be a major powerspike, though I suggest picking up Boots after Serrated Dirk.
Caulfield's Warhammer
Caulfield's Warhammer
Prowler's Claw
Ionian Boots of Lucidity

If you want stronger roaming/gank potential, Mobility Boots is a great swap for Ionian Boots of Lucidity. If the enemy team comp has a lot of CC, you can swap it with Mercury's Treads.

Boots of Mobility

Mercury's Treads

Which Do I Choose?
When choosing between Death's Dance and Guardian Angel, you'll need to look at the situations.

If you are up against heavy AD team compositions where you need the armor and sustain pick Death's Dance. If you are being focused in a team fight (being the priority target), consider picking up Guardian Angel.

Death's Dance

Guardian's Angel


Vision Control Mobility CC Armor Stacking
Umbral Glaive Youmuu's Ghostblade Edge of Night Serylda's Grudge
Shields Heavy AP Healing
Serpent's Fang Maw of Malmortius Chempunk Chainsword

Final Build
The final build will look like this, with Prowler's Claw being interchangeable with Duskblade of Draktharr or Eclipse. Any Item mentioned can be swapped in and out with different items like needing Serpent's Fang against Shields.

Core Items are items that are crucial to your build as you should focus on building then every game as soon as possible. However, occasionally you may need to delay the completion of an item if the situation calls for. For example, you may need to pick up an early Executioner's Calling if the enemy team contains healers such as Soraka.
Everything Prowler's Claw brings to the table, Qiyana loves. That being high damage through it's stats and passive providing lethality making this item scale quite nicely especially against squishies.

What really makes this item currently beloved on the Empress of The 8 Bit Jungle is it's active. The active provides Qiyana with another gap closer allowing her to use minions, monster camps and other enemy champions to get to her key targets.
Ionian Boots of Lucidity is currently the best boot option out of the usual Mobility Boots and Boots of Swiftness that Qiyana has previously ran frequently.

It provides 20 ability haste allowing Qiyana high up-time on her abilities and 10% summoner spell haste allowing more use of her Smite and Flash. In combination with Prowler's Claw, she'll have access to 40 ability haste with just two items.

Shields Can't Save You
Run Them Down
Serpent's Fang is a crucial pick up necessary when up against champions with shields especially enchanters who can shield either themselves or a carry making it difficult for you to kill those key targets in team-fights. Luckily thanks to the item's passive Qiyana can now deal with shields easier. This item can be picked up as early as before Edge of Night if you don't need the spell shield for CC. Edge of Night is a lethality item that provides survivability through health and a spell shield that will block the next spell. Depending on the situation, you may need to build the item before Duskblade of Draktharr if the enemy has an champion with lock down such as Morgana, Lux, Sejuani or Amumu. I recommend purchasing this item every game as survivability is always welcomed. Youmuu's Ghostblade is another lethality item that gives 60 attack damage and 18 lethality. This item will be your typical last item if you don't need any of the three below. The active gives 20% movement speed lasting for 6 seconds. This active can be used as a disengage or reengage once your Mobility Boots are on cool-down allowing you to either run away or keep up with your intended target.
Armor? Really.
No Healing Allowed
Your Guardian Angel Is Here
If the enemy starts stacking armor Serylda's Grudge is the best answer to it providing much needed armor penetration as well as ability haste which is a much welcomed stat. Chempunk Chainsword is an anti-heal that should be build against healers and comps with lots of healing like Soraka and Dr. Mundo. This item also provides survivability and ability haste. Guardian Angel is best picked up against burst and/or if you're being focused as the item provides armor, damage and a passive that resurrects you once you take lethal damage every 300 seconds.
Vision Begone!
8-Bit Bruiser
Vision control is extremely valuable to the game as a whole not just to an assassin and Umbral Glaive is the perfect item for that. In combination with the rune, Zombie Ward you'll gain an insane amount of vision control by simultaneously providing vision by denying vision at a reasonably low price. This the only lethality item that offers ability haste outside of mythic items. Death's Dance is best into heavy AD compositions where you need the survivability through the armor and sustain but still want to proritize damage to assassinate important targets like a fed AD carry.
Maw of Malmortius should be picked up against Heavy AP compositions especially against champions like Annie with point and click CC/Damage who'll burst you down before you've gotten a chance to make an impact. Optionally against Malzahar and other champs reliant on hard CC to survive and burst you down, swap Maw for Silvermere Dawn.

Welcome to the 8-bit Jungle, are you ready to learn how to jungle as Qiyana? Previously we covered runes, summoners spells, abilities, Sequence, and Itemization, now it's time to discuss gameplay.

We will be discussing how to Clear Camps (including tips to clear each specific camp), Jungle Routes (including standard routes and situational ones), and Ganking (each lane and counter ganking) which are all crucial things every inspiring Qiyana jungle should know by their ohmlatl.

An important aspect of a good jungler is to adapt to whatever situation is thrown at you.

"Congratulations, you have Qiyana. The other side, they have no Qiyana."

The biggest mistake most people make when playing Qiyana jungle for the first few times is thinking they can simply clear camps which will not work with this champion. Starting with either Hailblade or Emberknife will provide you sustain through Omnivamp that you need in order to have a decently healthy clear. You'll also want to start with your W - Terrashape as it gives you bonus attack speed, damage, and range. Taking 10% attack speed in the stat shards will also help Qiyana's clear in the early game.

The main tips for clearing are to utilize your passive Royal Privilege for its bonus damage by switching to different elements, never use your Edge of Ixtal unless your Terrashape is available to get the maximum use of empowered auto-attacks and use the terrainelement for its bonus damage against targets below 50% health.

To learn how to clear each camp effectively will take practice but the general rundown on how to clear each specific camp in detail will be below.

Red Buff - When clearing the buff at level one, you'll want to start with Terrashape on the terrainelement. Auto-attack the buff to apply her passive's bonus damage then immediately switch to the grass element to reapply the bonus damage again. It's important to switch to a unique element each time to reapply the bonus damage as using the same element twice in a row will not count.
Ancient Krug - Auto-attack the big Krug, use your Edge of Ixtal on the camp, swap to your grass element using Terrashape. You'll want to use your Smite on the big Krug, and then use your grasselement on the Camp. As always swap between unique elements to utilize your passive bonus damage properly. Use Terrashape on the wall behind the big Krug to position yourself behind it so you can kite around the big Krug keeping the medium Krug from being able to damage you.
Raptors - Starting with the terrainelement, you'll want to auto-attack the camp to position them where you can hit the whole camp with Edge of Ixtal, swap to the grasselement using Terrashape. Swap back to the terrain element, for the bonus damage against targets below 50% health to execute the smaller raptors.
Blue Buff - Cycle through your elements to apply the bonus damage from your passive when using auto-attacks or Edge of Ixtal, and remember to kite the buff to avoid taking too much damage. There's nothing special about clearing the buff, just utilize your passive damage and spells.
Wolves - Focus the large wolf when auto-attacking. Line up the wolves whenever using Edge of Ixtal to apply the burn effects from your choice of jungle item, and remember to cycle through unique elements to make the most use of your passive damage and use the wallelement to for the bonus damage under 50% health.
Gromp - There isn't any special way to clearing Gromp, the upside to taking the camp is the healing and mana sustain you get from killing it. Cycle through your passive damage and spells, and use Smite if possible on the camp.

"I will take my rightful place, ruling all Arcadia, from the home base to the majestic mountains where they stopped coding."

Red Buff Krugs Raptors Gank Mid

This will be your typical opening route clearing three camps for level 3 then gank mid lane. After successfully ganking mid, you'll want to help your laner push the wave into the enemy tower so you can soak experience and gold as Qiyana has a weak clear speed early. This will allow Qiyana to not have to farm as many camps and try to make early ganks happen.
Red Buff Krugs Raptors Gank Mid Gank Side Lane Scuttle

Like the standard transition gank mid-route, you'll follow the same sequence but after ganking mid you'll move to gank an side lane and then take the scuttle crab. This a gank orientated route to help get yourself and/or your laners ahead while applying pressure around the map.
Red Buff Krugs Raptors Gank Sidelane Scuttle Blue Buff Gromp Wolves

If there isn't an available gank mid, look to gank your side lane. Take scuttle crab, check to see if the enemy blue buff is there. If yes, take their camps as they'll be taking your blue side camps. If no, take your blue side camps as normal.
Red Buff Krugs Raptors Blue Buff Scuttle Gromp Wolves

The standard full clear if you aren't able to gank in your transition gank mid or side lane, take your blue buff, scuttle, gromp and wolves. If you are unable to fight for the scuttle, Smite gromp instead, clear wolves, and head to the opposite scuttle.
Blue Buff Gromp Wolves Gank Bot/Mid Scuttle Red Buff Krugs Raptors

An alternative route if you're on the red side and want the better leash from your bot lane. You'll usually look to make this choice based on if your top lane is a champion who can give a good leash. If not, then you'll be better off going Blue, and getting a better start as you'll take too much damage without a decent leash. After clearing getting level three, you can look to gank bot lane if they have good engage like a Thresh and/or an aggressive laner like Lucian or the standard transition gank mid.

If you choose to gank bot lane, look to check to see if the enemy's red buff is there if the answer is yes, look to take their camps as the enemy jungle is likely taking your own. If no, then you can attempt to gank mid if possible, and take your red side camps as normal.

"Those who are 16-bit will soon grovel at the feet of the superior 32-bit."

When ganking as Qiyana is important to know her primary combo being Audacity, while during the animation of the dash cast Edge of Ixtal with the river element to root and slow, Terrashape the direction the enemy needs to go to escape to stay on them, auto-attack then Edge of Ixtal again but with the terrain element for the bonus damage.

When ganking a lane it will depend on a few different questions you'll have to ask yourself. Where are they positioned in the lane? Is it Warded? Do they have Flash and/or mobility available? Does my laner have crowd control? As a jungler, you need to pay attention to the things listed above as you don't want to waste time and give the enemy information on your whereabouts.

A unique playstyle for Qiyana is that she can use Terrashape to hop over walls to create interesting gank paths, meaning you can often get past wards and make ganks happen that most junglers cannot without the blast cone. For example, a way to gank bot lane when on the red side of the map is hopping over the dragon pit.

"I am the true ultimate boss. All other bosses are just side quests."

  • They Are Overextended. The enemy has pushed your laner closer to their tower or into their tower, it's a good opportunity to gank.
  • No Flash/Escape. Even if the lane is the middle, if the enemy doesn't have Flash or Mobility and doesn't have vision you can still make ganks happen.
  • You Want to Take An Objective. Dragon has spawned and you want to have priority to take it. Ganking can be a good option especially bot lane as having three people to take it makes it an easy free dragon.
  • They Are Low. If the enemy is low either from trading or killing your laner(s), you can look to clean up on them. This can also be applied to tower dives as long as you can coordinate with your laner(s).

Team-fighting as Qiyana can be pretty simple as you're an assassin, and your goal is to flank/get behind the enemy team to eliminate their backline. Target Prioritization is crucial knowledge to learn to be most effective as an assassin like Qiyana. Your priority targets in the team fight are the backline (Marksmen and Mid laner, can also be applied to support but they are less a priority to the former).

When choosing a target you must ask a few questions; Who doesn't have Flash, did they just use an important ability, where are they positioned, do they have Zhonya's Hourglass or Guardian Angel, who is the support and are they able to peel in their current position? For example, they have Xerath and Ashe, and they're both out of position but Xerath has Zhonya's and Ashe has just used Enchanted Crystal Arrow. Who is the target? Ashe, because she's used a crucial ability that could CC you and because Xerath has Zhonya's, he can stasis. You want to avoid getting baited and using your cool-downs on someone who can prevent them.

When flanking make sure to have the river element, Audacity onto your target while casting Edge of Ixtal during the animation to root them, quickly followed by Supreme Display of Talent, Terrashape into the wall element, auto and Edge of Ixtal for the bonus damage. That is your primary engage/team-fight combo you'll need to master to have the best set-up possible.

"In Ixtal we call them cao-mul: soon to be mud."

After laning phase, Objectives become the sole focus of the game as objectives are important objects on the map that provide advantages to whoever controls them. Objectives are considered the following things; Elemental Dragons ( Cloud Drake , Infernal Drake , Ocean Drake , and Mountain Drake ), Rift Herald , Turret , Inhibitor , Elder Dragon , Baron and the Nexus Turret.

Taking key objectives can provide global advantages to your team causing map-wide pressure to the enemy team that when utilized well will allow you to snowball and ultimately take home the game. In this section you will learn about the major objectives; Dragons, Baron, Turrets, and Inhibitors. When to take what objective and what objective to choose over another.

"Is that all they brought to face us? My omele could defeat them, and she is 85."

There are two types of Dragons; Elemental Dragons which consist of Chemtech Drake , Hextech Drake , Cloud Drake , Infernal Drake , Mountain Drake and Ocean Drake . Each dragon provides a different buff to the team that slain the dragon known as the "Dragon Slayer". Each of the first 3 drakes is always different from each other; the first elemental drake will spawn at 5 mins and the second drake will spawn 5 mins after the first one was slain. The element of the third drake determines both the Rift type for that game, as well as what the rest of the elemental drakes will be for the rest of the game. From then on, only the drake that spawned third will appear known as Rift Drake.

Dragon Soul is obtained after the first team has slain four elemental dragons. The dragon soul obtained is based on the Elemental Rift and can only be obtained by a single team per game. The winning team will be presented with a powerful permanent reward (persists through death) that changes based on what soul is obtained. Infernal, Mountain and Hextech are arguably the best Dragons souls for most teams.

The best elemental dragons for Qiyana is Infernal and Chemtech; Infernal gives bonus attack damage while Chemtech gives bonus damage against tankier targets which Qiyana struggles against.

Once a team has slain their fourth elemental drake, Elder Dragon will spawn 6 mins after. Elder Dragon is a strong team-fight buff and the highest impacting dragon in the game. Upon being taken to 20% health, any damage by a player with the dragon will execute the player immediately.

"My feet cannot step where lesser beings have tread."
  • Enemy Jungler is Dead. If the enemy jungler gets picked off it's a good time to look to take Dragon as they will not be able to potentially Smite steal the dragon.
  • The enemy is across the map. If the enemy team or enemy jungler is across the map, and your team is close by looking to take the Dragon will be a good option as it'll be easily taken.
  • Bot Lane is too low or recalled. This applies mainly to the early stages of the game. If the enemy bot lane has recalled or too low they will be unable to contest the objective without putting their lives at risk.

Rift Herald is an objective that spawns within the Baron pit that spawns at 8 mins and can be spawned up to two times per game. It lasts until it's killed or it despawns and is replaced by Baron at the 20-minute mark. Herald is harder to take than most Dragons but easier than Baron. Herald serves as a sieging objective when spawned with Eye of the Herald. When near a Turret , Herald will charge dealing a huge amount of damage to the tower, however, it is considerably easier to kill than objective itself as it damages itself upon hitting towers and can be attacked by enemies by hitting it in its exposed eye.

Rift Herald is best utilized after a team-fight to quickly siege as many towers as possible before respawns, if there are no enemies around and no one will be able to stop it or low health towers to name a few. Your Jungler will usually be the one to carry Eye of the Herald as they can transition between lanes easily.

Baron Nashor along with Elder Dragon are the two most important objectives for their respective reasons. Baron is specifically needed for his buff ( Hand of Baron ) that is applied to nearby minions allowing them to become empowered sieging weapons. This is especially strong when one of the enemies' inhibitor spawning a Super Minion which in hand with the buff will do considerable amounts of damage to minions, players, and turrets who come between its path. Outside of powered minions, Hand of Baron also provides all alive allies with an empowered recall , bonus attack damage and ability power. Note that death removes the buff from yourself.

When taking Baron make sure to have proper vision control over the objective and the enemy jungle. Ideally, the best situations to take Baron is when you picked off the enemy jungler, the enemy team is across the map and after winning team-fights and you're team is healthy enough to take it.

"I will grant this place the privilege of being conquered by me."
  • Enemy Jungler is Dead. If the enemy jungler gets picked off it's a good time to look to take Baron as they will not be able to potentially Smite steal the dragon.
  • The enemy is across the map. If the enemy team is across the map, and your team is close by looking to take the Rift Herald or Baron will be a good option as it'll be easily taken.
  • The enemy is Dead. If the enemy is dead and you have enough health/damage to take Baron before the enemy team has a chance to respawn, take it.

There are many different types of Turrets within League of Legends, you have Outer turrets, Inner turrets (also known as Tier Two Turrets), Inhibitor turrets, and Nexus Turrets. Did I mention this section is about Turrets? No? Okay.

The Tier One or Outer turrets are the only turrets in Summoners Rift that have Turret Platings. Turret Platings are the lines of defensive added to slow down the game and avoid early snowballing. There are five turret platings that are removed if not broken after fourteen minutes, each plating destroyed grants nearby allies 120 gold divided per ally.

An Inhibitor is a small objective (each lane has an Inhibitor) guarded by an Inhibitor Turret. Once destroyed, Super Minions will spawn in the respective lane the Inhibitor was destroyed in. If all Inhibitors are destroyed they will spawn two super minions rather than one. Once destroyed, they will respawn after five minutes. Beware of potential backdoors as it'll be extremely easy to once an Inhibitor is down.

"Some wait their turn, and some take what they deserve."
  • You have Baron/Rift Herald If you've obtained the Baron Nashor buff or have Eye of the Herald you can look to potentially take a tower or many depending on the situation
  • The enemy is dead. As with all objectives, it's best to take a turret if the enemy is dead and there isn't an objective such as Baron or Elder Dragon to take.
  • The enemy team is weak If the enemy team has a number disadvantage or champions with poor waveclear.

Combos are an extremely important aspect of a champion's mastery and the Empress of the 8-bit jungle is no expectation. As mentioned previously, Qiyana has a very high skill cap and if you plan to be successful as the Empress, you must learn the most crucial combos to get the maximum value out of her kit and ultimately set yourself up for success.

Below you will learn the most important combos to master, however, these are not her only combos as the other ones are not always practical.

"I'm through being an NPC! From now on, I make the decisions."

The standard Skirmishing/Farming Combo. This combo is for early game and will play into the combos you'll learn about below. Switching to unique elements will reset your passive's bonus damage. For example, begin with the riverelement, then swap to either the terrain element or grass element depending on what you need.

An important combo to master is your initial engage/ganking combo. An interesting mechanic to Qiyana is casting Edge of Ixtal during the animation of Audacity will cause it to auto-aim on the target. Essentially implying that it's aimbot meaning that using the riverelement on the target will be a guaranteed root and slow that can't be dodged by flashing/dashing.

The full gank combo starts with Audacity into Edge of Ixtal empowered with the waterelement to root and slow, Terrashape into the terrain element, auto-attack then immediately Edge of Ixtal to get the bonus damage against the target below 50% health. The reason you want to auto-attack before finishing with the last ability is to ensure your target is below the threshhold for the bonus damage from the wallelement.

The intial ultimate combo leads into the most important combo of Qiyana's kit. The combo is as follows; Audacity, Edge of Ixtal with the river element casted during the animation of Audacity to root your target(s), into Supreme Display of Talent for the knockup, stun and damage.

The full optimal combo is one of Qiyana's most important combos to master to get the most amount of value out of the champion's kit. This is a full rotation of spells for the maximum amount of damage as quick as possible. It goes as follows; Audacity into Edge of Ixtal with river element, followed by Supreme Display of Talent, Terrashape the terrain element, auto attack then Edge of Ixtal for the bonus damage from the element.

The double grass combo will serve as your survivability combo during team fights, as you can poke and kite around while remaining untargetable. This combo makes Qiyana extremely difficult to kill as it will hard to lock her down. Another reason to use this combo is to stall for time to allow your allies to arrive in unfavorable situations. (ex: 1v2 fights/poor match-up)

The Instant Ultimate combo introduces a mechanic called "Input Buffering" where you want to Supreme Display of Talent Flash. It makes it extremely difficult to react to as it'll come out quicker than the opposite of Flash + Ult. You can also Flash to reposition your ultimate to hit where it normally wouldn't of in certain angles. This mechanic can also be applied to Audacity to cast the ability instantly when in range.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading my Qiyana jungle guide! I hope I was able to teach you something regardless if you're a new player or a seasoned veteran of the Empress of Elements. If you are curious to find where certain art or articles featured here are from, click the image or linked text to be sent directly to it. If something is not credited please let me know :). If you liked my guide let me know by leaving a like and a comment.

If there's anything I might have missed or any information is possibly outdated, leave me a comment and I'll correct it as soon as possible. If you didn't like anything in the guide, let me know and we'll discuss it as I read all my comments and try to reply to all of them.

A special thanks to all those who supported me throughout this journey of writing this guide and to those who took time out of their lives to give their opinions and thoughts.

Now on to some important credits; Chromuro who helped make this all possible by working with me constantly throughout my guides on the code you see literally everywhere, Jovy who created the beautiful banners as well as found the text font, Emi and LadyOfClockwork who both heavily inspired the visual appearance of my guide, and Hopper who originally coded the "Build Path" section.

The following people helped me learn Qiyana in general and in the jungle through their content; Skill Capped's Jungle Qiyana Guide, Szochs - Korean Challenger Qiyana jungle main, Qiyanu a Qiyana main (mainly mid), and ChallengerReplays.


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