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Ezreal Build Guide by Mikeylikesrice

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mikeylikesrice

Endurance (AD focus)

Mikeylikesrice Last updated on June 22, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Let me start by saying that I am by no means a "pro" Ezreal, or "pro" player in general. This build is how I enjoy playing my FAVORITE champion. I do very well with this build on average. After hearing different opinions on recommended Ezreal build orders, I decided to try and wing it and make one that fit me. I use this build all the time, and it works for me...

This build revolves around being able to put out just above moderate damage output, while having staying power in the lane. Mana is very important to me because I enjoy "gunslinging" with my abilities, and I especially love buffing my team / debuffing the other team with Essence Flux.


-High endurance
-Increased survivability due to constant expediting of the Arcane Shift cooldown by Spamming Q
-Increased importance in team fights due to being able to use Essence Flux frequently.


-Slightly lower DMG output compared to straight AD ezreal builds
-Champion is a skill shot champion... If you cant land a skillshot at least 75% of the time... PICK ANOTHER CHAMPION
-Cost of build requires GOOD farming

In this guide, skill references will be colored Yellow, Masteries in Light Blue, Runes in Orange and Items in Red.

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Item Choices

Early game, I focus on mana and mana regeneration so that I can stay in lane and farm longer, and more effectively (Last hitting with Mystic Shot), with change left over for harassing opponents and finishing them off. This also gives you a decent range advantage over most champions, as well as keeping you safe from harass against long ranged pests such as Caitlynn, while allowing you to farm.

After I buy Tear of the Goddess, Sheen's On-Hit effect gives me more firepower for ganking and speeding up farm, and Brutalizer (while giving me added damage) is primarily picked to speed up cooldowns.

Manamune changes the game for me completely. As I spam abilities, my mana pool gets larger and larger. As well, it increases your attack damage by 2% of your maximum mana. So not only do the effects of Manamune increase your mana, but also your attack damage. Once built I usually end up with about 2500ish (possibly more... about 3000 at max) mana when including Trinity Force. 2% of that is 50. So By the time you max out Manamune's effect (caps at 1000 bonus mana) your Mystic Shot and auto attack damage is increased by 50. This bonus grows quickly because you SHOULD be using your abilities frequently for farm and harass.

Following Manamune, head straight for Trinity FOrce... BEcause its THE TRINITY FORCE... and all of its effects really compliment AD Ezreal...

Once you get trinity force, the direction you go is entirely up to you. I choose this point in the game to adapt myself to what the enemy team is doing. By this point in the game, most teams are set in their builds.

If i see enemies building against AD, I Throw in AP as it scales great with Essence FLux and Arcane SHift. If I dont have to move away from AD, I head straight into Blood Thirster for more survivability, and then to Infinity Edge, to increase damage output.

Try and experiment with this build Post-Trinity FOrce... You'll be surprised at what you can come up with!

Edit*** If your team is cooperative in allowing you to have blue buff, you can cut out Brutalizer (sell it) for more inventory space AFTER the laning phase is over.

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Please understand that as a mage type character, YOU ARE SQUISHY! You need to make sure you position yourself behind beefier team mates! If you don't, you will probably die alot.

This build stresses proper farming. You need to stay on top of your gold production. Help your team with ganks, last hit minions with auto attacks and abilities. For this reason, i recommend taking mid when you can.

Try and take mid whenever you can... Sprinkle in Vision wards if you DO get mid. Place a vision ward in one of the bushes to either your left or your right, but prefer the side with the thinner wall (for easier escape with Arcane SHift. and stay near that bush while laning. This positioning will allow you easier shots on the opposing champion at mid, OR force them to farm toward the opposite bush, leaving their back open to possible ganks. If you spot a gank coming for you, the ward will give you enough heads up to run back to your turret, or you can always arcane shift through the wall to get back to your turret and stay safe.

If you must lane with a partner, try and see if you can score an early kill. it should be easy if you work together. Last hit minions for farm with auto attacks and use abilities to harass the opposing champions in lane. If you see an opening, don't hesitate. Take it! However maintain awareness and make sure you know where your opposing laners are at all times, before you go charging in for a kill.

Early game, you should be able to harass with Mystic Shot alot, without getting juiced too quickly. Around level 6-8, try and work with your team mates for that early blue buff (if they are willing to help you get it earlier, then go for it!). If you CAN get an early blue buff, feel free to use Arcane Shift to position yourself for easy Mystic Shot hits.

If you have to play a bit safer (if your opponent is aggressive), use your Mystic shot to last hit minions, and keep your distance from the opposing champion in lane. If they are melee, Poke at them with auto attacks while last hitting minions. If they are ranged, try and call for a gank. Unload on them with your ganking partner and you should be able to get an easy kill. Ezreal hits like a truck in the beginning stages. (More to come)

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Ability Use...

During the laning phase, try and position yourself to land Mystic Shot against opposing champions whenever possible. Also position yourself in such a way that when you use your Arcane SHift, opposing champs are the only ones close enough to be hit by the missile, or for escape. Usually, when i get the opposing carry to about 50% health, i can burst them down with Arcane shift, Mystic Shot, and Auto attacks.

After the laning phase, during the group phase, I enjoy staying near jungle walls... When roaming, and Especially during team fights. The reason for this is that if you see yourself in trouble you can Arcane SHift through forest walls to escape. If you are feelin' lucky, try skill shotting your opponents from the other side of the wall for free hits, and possibly free kills.

When ganking, I enjoy initiating with my ultimate (so they wont expect it and may not dodge it), and then following up with Ability spam. Remember, Accuracy is ALWAYS more important than speed when ganking. Once your abilities are on cooldown, if you didnt hit with your attacks, start running.

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I go 15 points into the Utility Tree, taking Perseverance, Expanded Mind, and Meditation for mana efficiency. I also upgrade Flash and Sprint (because I use them).

In the Offensive tree, I focus on Physical damage, armor penetration, and cooldown reduction.

Though this is a physical damage build, i also take Archaic Knowledge so that spells like Essence Flux and Arcane Shift do more damage, as I use them often (especially end game).

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I choose 9x Greater Mark of Desolation because the bulk of AD Ezreal's damage consists of Auto Attacks and Mystic Shot, which are physical damage.

I choose 9x Greater Seal of Replenishment which are flat Mana/5sec. I use these because they make MORE of a difference early game... When they matter... After you build Manamune, Even per-level mana regen runes become almost obsolete because 2500-3000 mana plus maybe blue buff is usually enough for me (and i spam...)

I choose 9x Greater Glyph of Focus because at 9 glyphs, you get roughly 6% cooldown reduction. It just makes reaching the 40% cooldown reduction cap a bit easier.

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Updates coming...

Please leave CONSTRUCTIVE feedback about this build...

I did this very late at night so I apologize if I didnt address all of your questions. I simply tried to address the most important ones in this first draft. Ask whatever questions you may have, and I will add this info in as often as possible.

This guide will move closer and closer to COMPLETE as i go. Thanks for understanding =D