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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Enough Lies! This Is How Jungle Udyr Actually Works: (S3)

Last updated on December 18, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Udyr is the most versatile champion in the game.

Keep that in mind when reading this guide, because that very idea contradicts everything a guide will tell you which usually to do "this" and "this" in "this order".

My argument for this build is not based on the authority that I'm a high elo player, or some sort of claim that because I main this champion I deserve to teach everyone how to play him. I will present my opinions, which for all intents and purposes are true and you will base its validity on how well I will convince you.

Be a sheep and follow this build if I happen to be a high elo Udyr main.
Dismiss if I don't happen to be a high elo Udyr main.

Read the build and judge it for yourself, but hopefully you try it in game before judging.

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Skill Sequence = There is none.

Follow my advice until level 4:

(Feel free to grab bear at 3 for early ganks.)

Then you will pick skills you judge are essential for the game you are in.

This is the part where I prove to you that Udyr is the most versatile champion in the game.

But first...

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Summoner Spells.

All junglers should have:Udyr is a boss in the jungle, but does not have enough sustain to not need its damage. Besides: faster jungler clear and dragon/baron control is hard to come by from any other summoner spells.

Why instead of ?

Udyr is a very simple champion conceptually. He is a strong auto attacker with a movement speed boost. He is your quintessential bruiser, His utmost strength comes from two things: Being able to maul your face in melee range no matter how he builds. Being able to chase you to the ends of the earth if he gapcloses successfully.

Flash on Udyr is used for two things and two things only. To gap-close, and to escape. Very limiting. Whereas for example Lee can use flash to set up a dragon so their ADC fly into your team, and Maokai can lengthen the effective range of on an ennemy, a hard CC (coupled with TREE SMASH) that often guarantees kills. Both abilities usually spell an enemy death.

Gap closing with Udyr means a 1 second stun. It's a low reward endeavor on a whopping 300 seconds cooldown. Therefore is better for gap closing.

The ability to react to ganks, catch up with enemies in a long case, flying to key objectives on the map is something that only ghost can provide while still retaining the gap-closing and escaping capabilities on a much shorter cooldown.

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Start with a dorans blade.

My build is based on the bare essential of what UDYR needs. UDYR is incredibly item dependent and which items you choose will dictate his playstyle. What he essentially needs is health, armor and magic resist, and damage. He does not need health regen or mana regen (Turtle) so no wimpy spirit stone. He does not need to clear any better because he is UDYR. (No Wriggles Either). And don't even think about getting a philosophers...

We are playing on UDYR's strength. Putting a point in PHEONIX will help you clear at a very good speed as to avoid jungler items with unnecessary stats. while you still have the potential to decimate laners in ganks with TIGER.

Dorans is the perfect couple by starting with tiger. The damage and health regain on-hit synergizes perfectly with the free attack speed.

Dorans is incredibly cost efficient and has the stats UDYR needs.

Feel free to grab a second dorans for some early game snowball.

After you build your second Dorans (if needed) you will build: , oh sorry I meant .

Phage is essential on UDYR because he often has trouble sticking to people. When ganking, a one second stun every 6 seconds often isn't enough in the face of innate flash abilities, flash abilities, and pesky supports with knockups and stuns. You want to keep the luckless bastard from moving.

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Midgame Madness.

Now you either build yourinto a . or a .

Basically if your team is ahead you build a trinity and if they're behind you build a mallet. The reasoning for that is if you're ahead the overall damage from your team is too worrisome to just focus you. Not to mention that you probably have more crash to spend if you're ahead. If you're behind it's probably because your team needs a tank, and which better candidate than you?

Really though, if your team has strong initiations and you are not getting focused for some unfathomable reason then get Trinity. Otherwise go with mallet.

You will still do tons of damage either way, especially if you took both TIGER and PHEONIX like I told you and are stacking them on top of each other when mauling someone.

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The Rest

Afterwards you will have to judge what you need. But keeping with the theme of not getting useless stats your choices are usually limited to:
Here are items that you think you need with UDYR but really dont or shouldn't get:

The reasons I don't like these items is that your spending extra bucks on utility stats like cooldown or mana when you should only really be getting defensive stats and damage. Support items aren't the greatest because a front line bruiser draws more agro than say an Alistar, who is only really in teamfights for his utility and otherwise ignored. These "Alistar" items generally items give less defense and more utility. As a bruiser your job is to do damage. To draw aggro by outputting a high amount of threat.

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You're abilities aren't things you can are your abilities.

UDYR is a heavy-hitting-fast-reacting-assassin-peeling-teemo-chasing(and can be faster provided there's no shrooms)-damage-soaking-control-and-farm-counter-jungler-extravaganza. The simplicity of a permanently fast, hard-hitting bruiser with a spam-able stun makes UDYR extremely versatile.

UDYR's spammable skills aren't skills per say, but free stats that you have to activate and that scales with putting points into them when leveling up.

Essentially an ideal UDYR permanently has the stats his abilities are providing him if he is using them at the right moments.

On that note, if you need to be tanky put more points in TURTLE, if you need better chasing potential put some points in BEAR. Don't pigeon hole yourself into leveling PHEONIX first if you are the only damage soak on your team come midgame. Put some ******* points in TIGER when you're jungling, it is essential for ganking, even if PHOENIX is better for the clearing part of jungling.

You should not have to use PHOENIX for burst single target damage and TIGER for minion clearing. THIS IS WHY YOU HAVE BOTH.

UDYR's strength and weaknesses will vary each game depending on how you level him.