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Enzos Caitlin Mid Super Carry

Last updated on October 14, 2011
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Enzotic's Caitlin Build for Mid

Pretty Straight forward.

Do not buy boots if your in mid...

basically your going for items in this order:

1. Hexidrinker first.
(Long sword first item - then when you have farmed up around 1800 go get the Null mantle and the receipe + another Long sword... "Hopefully your level 5 still")
- Usually if your last hitting and harassing alot you will be able to take mid tower as you enter level 6 and also get a kill from your "Ace in the hole lvl 6". However my tactic is not to harass the mid Tower at all as the enemy will not leave top and bot to help mid if the tower is still at max HP. + you will be able to push the 2 mid towers in 1 run at level 9 if you follow this right.

2. Sword of the occult.
(Farm up another 954 and B2B straight away then TELE to either top or bot if enemy has less than 75% HP and harass and hopefully gank the 2 of them with final blows for the +4 stack bonus - then go back to mid and keep last hit.)
-at this stage you should be around lvl 8. and hopefully on 4+ kills and at least 2 Assists. If your pro like me your Creep Kills will be on around 140+. This is an important time to farm and last hit every single creep in mid your enemy will be too scared to take you on solo, and you can harass him with "Piltover and your Traps". (I place my Traps in a Triangle 2 up and 1 down. as in 1 on either side of the enemy in mid just out of range of there tower and 1 pretty much dead centre of the map. and Stand just behind the middle trap to attack.)

3. BloodThirster
(1650 for the BF sword + 450 for Vamp Scepter + 900 for receipe "3000 total" You really dont need to do anything at this stage, just keep farming mid and when you get 2100 B2B get the sword and Vamp Scepter, then tele to top or bot and harass and aim to get the +4 Bonus for your stack again. Also no 1 is in there correct lanes by this time, lvl 12 and your pretty much owning you can stand still and attack an enemy thats rushing towards you fire "Q" place a trap right infront of where your standing pop your net off on him he will hit the trap you will be further away from him hit a "Q" on him again auto attacking him the whole time. place another Trap pretty much where he was when you first attacked him (RETREAT PATH) then finish him off with either an "Ace in the Hole" if abit Tanky or just auto him with a "Q" if needed. Then Tell your team mates to piss off out of the lane and Farm up 2140 = "900 for Receipe + 1140 to buy a Stinger"

4.Nashors Tooth
(should be level 14ish now around 230 Creep kills and on at least 10 kills and 6+ assists)
Buy the rest of the Nashors Tooth 1745 and start to build another BloodThirster. ( You can buy the BF sword instead of the Tooth if somehow your a ****** and you died and lost your stacks or your just **** and cant get any kills (if this is the case just sell your sword of the occult and buy the other Bloodthirster ASAP. and go get your Red Buff and Blue Buff and literally just go top kill 2 waves farm down through there jungle, into Mid kill a wave goto Dragon and kill him for the team +150 and goto Bot which if your on a Negative KDR will definetly be at your base tower and a big wave will be ripe for the last hitting.)

5. Bloodthirster
(IF your still playing now and your lvl 18 and you have less than 200 creep kills then your **** and your team is carrying you. you didnt harass the hero in mid and you didnt kite him and avoid getting ganked but you can still save the game.)
Finish off the Bloodthirster you started to build Ill assume you got just the Stinger and the BF sword now so you will need another 1350 to finish Bloodthirster #2 off. hopefully you listened to me and farmed from top to mid to bot so you should be close to base to buy it. and should have like 2500 hold if thats the case START TO BUILD ANOTHER BLOODTHIRSTER... go for the "Vamp Scepter 450" if you dont have enough to buy the BF sword at this stage in the game you need as much Life steal as possible so you can Tank/Wipe/Clear the SUPER CREEPS you have let the enemy gain. But its all good Yell at your team to push up 1 lane and you stay in base and defend agains all 3 lanes of creeps in your base. so hopefully you have your team 4 toons in mid against enemy team 3-5 toons (1 or 2 will be trying to push top or bot) and you can just sit there and clear/wipe the enemy creeps in your base. do that for 2 minutes you will have enough to finish off the "Nashors Tooth receipe 1745" and get working on item # 6...
6. Bloodthirster
If its not GG buy now then chances are your Carrying like a champ lvl 18, with 15+ Kills and assists, and all 20 stacks on your "sword of the occult". you should have a hexdrinker, sword of occult, 2x bloodthirsters, and at least a Stinger(or Nashors Tooth) by now. 300+ creep kills and sitting on around 19k Gold for the game. Now You want to get your final Blood Thirster. ( At end game with this build you DPS like a ***********er and auto crit for 800-1200 damage oh yeah and 3 hit enemys and can tank/ defend 1-2 lanes of Super creeps in your base, and take 2+ enemy toons at once.
- I would usually sell off the Hexidrinker at this stage and get myself a "Phantom Dancer/Zeal" just for the extra Attack speed and Critical Strike. Now go ****ing End it mate...

To let you know I try to stick to this Guide every time I play Caitlin. If im in a matchmaking game un ranked - and Harass and Last hit and dont letmyself get ganked and die more than 2-3 times. I will have an end game Victory with a Score :

20/1/8 - 315 Creeps

38/3/10 - 361 creeps

51/0/1 - 468 Creeps (me and my mates played at my place and we didnt attack the enemy towers and just harassed them at there tower and I pretty much last hit every ****ing creep - game went for too long but 77mins)

11/8/14 - 240 Creeps (died alot early game)

8/14/26 - 305 Creeps (I died 12 times before i got a kill but i stacked the bloodthirsters up and I was involved on about 70% of all the enemys deaths - Total score was 43/42 so yeah.

and a bunch of






And have fun any questions email me:

or add me to skype: enzoticsolutions