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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dezerith

Epic Life Steal/Physical Damage/Semi-Tank Nasus Build

Dezerith Last updated on August 21, 2010
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Nasus is an underrated champion. He is incredibly versatile and can be played well with lots of different builds. This is the one which has been working very nicely for me recently - it's a DPS/Lifesteal (and later a semi-tank) build. At level 18 Nasus passive gives him an additional 20% lifesteal which, combined with Malady and Bloodthirster, boosts his total lifesteal to almost 50%. If you choose to play Nasus you have to concentrate on stacking your Siphoning Strike minion kills. This will help Nasus considerably when you're 1v1ing someone like Master Yi. The ability to take a big chunk of the enemies health in one hit is extremely useful.

Nasus' Spirit Fire must be leveled up as fast as possible. This AoE is one of the largest radius AoE's in the game and is an excellent mob slayer - it will kill a single wave with one use. Using Spirit Fire in combination with Wither, Nasus' slowing ability, will help you wittle down you're enemies health before you go in for the finisher. Wither is one of the longest lasting slow spells in the game - at level 18 Wither slows their movement and attack speed by 32% and reducing it further by 4 / 8 / 12 / 16 / 20% each second for 5 seconds. This makes it an effective spell for chasing and escaping.

Nasus' ultimate is great when faced with a group of enemies and can be used as a last ditch attempt at escaping since it increases your movement speed and health. This is where the semi-tank part comes in - once you get warmog's armour, Fury of the Sands can be used very effectively when taking down towers with enemy champions around or backdooring them.

As for the Summoner Spells - either can be swapped for cleanse, but ghost can help out a lot in chasing/escaping, and when used in combination with ignite can help you finish off that would-be superlucky enemy champion.

Items. Doran's Blade for the health, damage and lifesteal. An excellent startout item for Nasus. Next you want to get a vampire sceptre and boots as quick as possible. I usually go for Boots of Swiftness purely because running really fast is awesome. Next you want to save up for BF sword and upgrade it for Bloodthirster. This is where it gets good. Nasus will be able to help out in ganks and win 1v1s pretty easily. You'll definitely end up with more assists than kills, but Nasus is all about support - an occasional kill or two is just a bonus. Next you want to get Malady. The attack speed is nice and the lifesteal makes Nasus even awesomer. If you're low on health, run into the jungle, kill some monsters and you'll come back out with full health. You'll feel like you have Sion's ultimate on constantly. Next just get Phantom Dancer for the awesome crit and some extra attack speed. You'll be hitting critical for about 50% of the time by now. If the game's still going, get Warmog's Armour and start to semi-tank yourself. And if it's STILL going, swap out Doran's Blade for Thornmail or Sunfire Cape. You will be unstoppable.

Any criticism/thoughts/comments, leave them below.