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Nocturne Build Guide by Tkraven

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tkraven

Era of Nocturne Jungling

Tkraven Last updated on October 3, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, this is my first guide on mobafire. I've been maining mostly junglers but Nocturne in particular is one of my favourite champions because late game he can blow up most carries such as ashe or tristana.

This guild will focus on what items to build in which situations, how to jungle and position nocturne in a teamfight. I hope you like my guide :)

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One of the best jungling/farming passives atm because it deals AoE dammage to enemies around him and heals him EVERY 10seconds minusing a second each time you attack

This is your bread and butter for jungling/escaping and pursing enemies. Mid/Late game when this is maxed you can spam this.
This ability is one of the best for blocking incoming abilities. Have a karthus trying to take you down? or blitzcrank trying to grab you to the turret? Fear not because this spell BLOCKS them :)
Great ability for ganking if you can keep your target within this for the duration they will be feared so you can take down the squishes that try to outrun you or to fear away an enemy from killing you.
One of if not most amazing ultimates in the game. This allows you to block any vision allies have with each other and so you can separate them to take them down one by one.

Summoner Spells
I will use:
most games. The smite is an essential spell to avoid dragon/baron steals. The second summoner is situational. Flash is most commonly used as it can go through walls and is perfect if the enemy jungler catches you in their jungle.

These Summoners that can be used:
-Ghost (Alternative to Flash but less forgiving so if you put yourself in a bad position you cant change it in an instant.)
-Exhaust (If your team has no exhaust)

The Rest of the Summoners spells really are not needed on a Nocturne.

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Marks: Armor Pen for obvious reasons - to destroy any armor they have
Seals: Attack Speed or Flat Armor are both useful but armor is for players more new to Nocturne
Glyphs: Magic Resist against all the AP bursters.
Quintessences: Attack Speed for faster Jungling and more ganking :D

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Jungling Routes:

There are 2 ways to start Nocturne with:

-Cloth and 5 health pots (starting at blue with a leash)
-Vampiric Scepter (Starting at Wolves)

All Credits go to Stonewall008. This is probably the fastest route for Nocturne and people wanting to learn different jungler routes should check him out.
Generally Nocturne will not gank until lvl 6 so try to rush to level 6 unless a gank is wide open.

Red: Should be warded but not essential
Black: You can ward but not reocmmended xD

Ward with your wriggles each time its off cooldown and buy wards every time you go back to base so you have clear vision of where they are and dont end up facechecking a 1v5.

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This build is the one i use most of the time, my core build would probably be Berserker Greaves, Wrrigle's Lantern and Phantom Dancer. From there i build the remaining items to what my team/enemy team is building.

Core is used by Noc because:
-Wriggles Proc and Life steal helps Noc alot in the jungle

-Phantom offers everything Nocturne needs to gank i.e MS,AS and Crit Chance

-Greaves are for the little bit more AS

If your team lacks a tankish initiation

Atma's Impaler and Warmog's are great items on any jungler and can make them more beefier and replaces Banshee's Veil and Trinity Force

If you team lacks Heavy AD/DPS Consider:

The Black Cleaver is good for Armor Pen and Bloodthirster increases your lifesteal but you will have to replace trinity force and banshee's Veil which can be dangerous without the extra health BV has

If my team has Heavy DPS:

Starks helps your AD carries such as Tristana and Ashe gain HP as they deal out huge sustained damage.

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Team Fights:

In team fights Nocturne should WAIT until all the CC is blown and then ult onto squishes to blow them up quickly before escaping.

As Nocturne your role is to DESTROY their AD carry as soon as possible so they have no DPS/Sustained damage. When in a team fight wait... then Ultimate in and put your e on the carry. Always make sure u get your e onto them even if you miss your q because the fear is invaluable. Follow up with a w to make sure no abilities hit you then auto attack until they die.
Something like this:

This is Basiclly how you gank as well but pre-6 if you intend to jump in with q then follow up with e and w.

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Nocturne is a great jungler. Enemies will never know when you reach level 6 so you can gank and grab a certain kill hanging around mid/bot whenever you feel like it. A good nocturne will always be able to take the enemy by surprise, show up at unexpected moments and cause havoc among the enemy team!