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Escape Artist Singed

Last updated on May 24, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey folks. Rahnahsa here, telling you about the great things you can do with Singed.

See, I play mine as a tank, but only in the sense of absorbing a hit or two, then being gone, and with any luck, leading the weakened enemi(es) right to the hungry jaws of your team! Movement speed is the stat I go for most, and damn it feels good bein a speed demon.


Okay, so, we see our runes are set up for late game poison death-dealing, mana control, and movement speed. Easy peezy.

Masteries are set up 21 in Defense for early game tanking without getting tanking items, and the mana control in your Utility tree.

Ghost and Cleanse are our spells. Why, you might ask? Well, Ghost can help you chase, run away, and, early games, it makes gassing creeps a breeze. From level 1, you can start popping Ghost and Poison Trail and running through waves, spreading death. This is how, this is how, this is how we farm!

Cleanse, I think, is the number one spell for any tank. Especially for Singed - if you're not moving, you're not spreading your poison.

We are spec'd into both spells in the Masteries.


We start the game with a Sapphire and two health pots, and a point in your Poison Trail. Some may start with Fling for the first blood, but nah. I can kill all those creeps and put pressure on the tower by level 2 with a decent dps next to me. I can also solo mid, if need be. ;)

We rush for Tear of the Goddess immediately. Once you have this item, your mana problems are over. Toggling poison on or off doesn't count as a cast, mind you, but all other actions bump your mana by 4, and thus, due to Singed's lovely passive, also gives him 1 more hp, to a max of 1000 mana (and 250 more hp).

The Boots of Swiftness come next. Maybe.. maybe!.. if every enemy champ has a stun, we might go with Merc Treads. But in all other cases, BoS is the way to go.

Then, you build that little ol' Tear into an Archangel's Staff. This means that for your mana now buffs both your AP AND HP. Brilliant!

Thus we have.. THE CORE. Archangel's Staff and Boots of Swiftness.

Then, we have the other 4 items. Depending on situation, you'll want different ones for your third item.

If you're dying a lot due to physical damage, the Frozen Heart. This will put you more into the realm of traditional tanking, with no MS buff, but the extra mana (and thus HP and AP), CD reduc, AR, and debuff aura are no joke.

If you're dying due to magic, get the Force of Nature! HP regen, magic resist, and, oh yes, more movement speed. Love it!

If you just need more DPS, get the Trinity Force, with focus on the Phage (for the slowdown), then Zeal (movement speed, yay!), and then Sheen component last. The all-around stat buffs will just make you that much better. Then, move onto a Phantom Dancer, focusing on that second Zeal first.


Level 1-5

Start spreading your gases into creeps wave, take a shot or two from the enemy champs, whatever, just push them back and put pressure on them. Once you've pushed them back to their tower, hide in the bushes in wait. When your creeps all die and theirs advance, run in the way, then away, and trail death behind you. The creeps should all be dead by the time you get to the middle river. You may dry up on mana if you get happy with the Flingin' and the Gooin', but play smart and slow till you have 580 gold. Recall and get your Tear of the Goddess. Run back in and use your abilities. Use them hard and fast. Get all three skills in the first three levels, then Poison Trail is priority number one. You should hopefully have your Boots of Swiftness by level 6, because...

Level 6-12
At level 6, we get Insanity Potion, aka the Superman Button. All of your stats boots, and a good Fling, gassing and maybe a 1-2 punch, and an enemy champ is done. If you can draw multiple enemy champs along behind you, you can easily get multiple kills. I've ace'd Treeline many a time with my boy Singed. At this point, rush for your Archangel's Staff. Once your have the AP boost from this (around 100 AP at level 9, I believe, which translated to 100 more damage on Fling, and 30 more dps on your Poison. This means you run past a creep wave, and they all die in your wake. 200 gold or so per wave. You are a farm monster.

You now must take stock of the situation, and see what your team needs. If it needs a tank, Frozen Heart and/or Force of Nature. If it needs more damage, get the Trinity Force and the Phantom Dancer.

Anytime Insanity Potion is up, find a team fight. Find a tower to tear down. Find something to hurt and maim and destroy. It makes you a better person.

Level 12-18

Push lanes. Push them hard. You run past a creep wave and they die. An enemy champ comes to stop you, run away and watch him die if he tried to follow. The funniest thing in the world is running away for a good 10-15 seconds and having them allllllmost get you, then you turn around for the Fling, and the KO.

In team fight, because you are the fastest thing on the field, you are the initiator. Also, the kidnapper. Pop Ghost and/or Insanity Potion, and run in quick and pull little Fiddles out of their mob and he dies. Make sure your team knows to focus your target, and team fights are a breeze. Second funniest thing in the world is being in the middle a gank, with you as the victim, and Insanity Potion and Poison Trail is active, and after you die, 2-3 enemy champs fall over dead as they run away from the scene of the crime.

By the end of the game, either way it's going, you can devastate whole teams, defend your base from super creep waves single-handedly, and push three different lanes into the enemy base, practically at once.

Thus you have Singed, the fastest damn thing in the game.

But remember kiddies, you'll never be as badass as me.
- Rahnahsa