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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Eve of the Assassin

Last updated on October 30, 2011
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First guide I've ever done, but here goes. I use this build for Evelynn every time and generally dominate all 1v1 situations and provide excellent chasing capabilities. As a side note, this should be used more as a general guideline; everyone has a little different playing style and should adjust their build to their style. I designed this guide to give you the best chance of being effective even if you've never played Evelynn before.

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Basically LoL is designed to give "Auto-Attack Hero's" the best fighting capabilities. So, the runes will be based around dropping as heavy attack damage as possible against your opponents without sacrificing your Ability Power, as that is very important for Evelynn to have as well.

To start, we put down some armor piercing "Greater Mark of Desolation" (very important) for increased damage against tanks, as you'll find yourself ganking the slow tanks alot. Next would be your dodge. As a squishy character, you'll definitely need to survive jumping into bad situations, or basically any engagement in which you're outnumbered. So next we'll stack some dodge with "Greater Seal of Evasion."

The next rune is kind of a toss-up. I prefer cooldown reduction because it allows you to spam "Hate Spike" even harder, but that's just me. Also, with our build, we have increased leveling capabilities, so it's best to choose "Greater Glyph of Celerity" because it gives more in the long run, and Evelynn is most effective late game anyways.

Last is "Greater Quintessence of Evasion" for more survivability. Honestly you can use almost whatever you want with the quintessences because they're all pretty much going to help Evelynn in some way.

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Evelynn is a great ganking hero, but also requires alot of mana regeneration. The movement speed doesn't hurt either. I don't quite know what to add to this section, so I'll just add that this just happens to be the build I use. It's effective... yeah.

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Skill Sequence

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. The sequence above means that if you're laning with a bad player you should definitely hang back. You WILL be weak early game. Basically you're going to have to feel out the individual strength of the other players. If you see that you've got a squishy caster that likes to hangout a little far from his laning buddy you can harass him easily and then dive into the bushes if you get in trouble. The key to this is SURVIVE. No matter what you must live, you are not a saver.

Always engage a fight/ single opponent stealthed... you'll die if you don't. And begin un-stealth using Ravage. The damage plus Armor/ Magic Resist Reduction is really nice to have.

Next, the most important skill that Evelynn has is "Hate Spike." When that bad-boy hits level 5 it adds an extra 200 DPS to you. In every engagement with anyone you will spam your Q key 'til your little finger falls off. Also, try not to use this skill On/Around creeps. It burns mana very fast.

Once you're able to gauge your effectiveness on the individual enemy players start using "Malice and Spite" only when you're guaranteed a kill/assist OR you really need it to help a teammate or GET AWAY. Again, it's very important you don't die, but not as important as getting a kill. One for One kills/deaths are OK every once in a while. (Try not to do it too often if you can avoid it.)

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Team Work

Your job is to single out the squishiest enemy OR most distracted enemy and focus them to death. Try to engage in the rear of the enemy pack utilizing your stealth, then hit the enemy that's farthest from the pack simultaneously with your teammates. Once that one's down, disengage and repeat. You'll be very effective and helpful if you just try to singly people out. You're at a great disadvantage in group battles.

Also, try to assist your friends in laning. If you've noticed, some people will run past their tower when they are at extreme low HP. That's where you can pick up alot of kills that might otherwise get away. Run to the backside of the tower (out of its vision range) while you're stealthed and pick off the enemies fleeing the press of your friends.

Finally, (and some people will say this is terrible advice), don't be afraid to tower dive if someone is at really low HP. If you can one-shot them, and are not at low HP yourself, you do have a small amount of time in which you are not immediately detected by the tower. Utilizing your higher movement speed, you can, again, pick up alot of kills that otherwise might have gotten away.

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Well, enjoy the guide. Again, first ever, so yeah. Just remember, everyone has their own playing style so use this as a guideline, especially if you're a veteran player. As my final word I'll just say that this is a game, so have fun no matter what you're doing. GLHF my fellow LoL'ers =D