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evelyn gank build

Last updated on December 5, 2010
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evelyn is a stealth assasin which in this build basicly runs around all the time and try to get a lot kills.

this build is a lane build and i allways start out with my shadow walk so that i can run out in the bush and shout out if they have moved forward. this also make the possibilty to get an early kill with the stun effect and your exhauste spell if there is 1 or 2 in the bush and your lane mate is helping you becuase they cant see you.

i use tele/exhauste reasons? this build is meant to get a lot of kills which makes teleport and boots of morbility nice to have cus you can get around the map fast and without getting seen and the possibility that they call miss is even less if u get on low hp and use B to get back and then tele to the other end of the map and start ganking some low health oppoments whit no clue about that you are there.

i use exhauste to make sure to get kills, save my *** when i need to run and to stop hard carrys late game from pwning to much. for example is it a nice way to counter trynde.

as evelyn when you get a little higher lvl 8+ you should try to get as many golem/lizard buffs as you can cus golem is good for your mana since you are spaming your Q (hate spike) all the time. also its good to get your hands in lizard buff cus the slow effect is allways awesome when u try to gank.

Items buy order:

start off with a boots of speed, 2 potion of health and a mana potion. this makes you able to do some harrash cus u have a mana pot and also you do as evelyn have low hp and do need to go back a lot if u dont have your health pots.

after this get majei's soulstealer this item will make you unable to stop if you get a couple og kills/assist in early game.

now upgrade your boots of speed to boots of morbility this makes it possibly for you to run around the lanes when you spot some with low health.

now you should start on your trinity force and start off with a Sheen as you should be spaming your hate spike all the time sheen is really effective cus you will do 2x melee dmg every 2 second.

after sheen go for eather Zeal or phage personly i would go for the zeal cus i like the movement speed /crit / attackspeed more then the phage hp and slow effect.

now go finish your trinity force nice and good

after this your oppoments should have get some bad *** items 2 them selfs so now you wanna have som life steal to make you harder to defeat so go buy hextech revolver since you should be spaming your hate spike and ravage and you should have got a lot of stacks on mejai's you should do quiet some dmg with those abilitys and the spell vamp is good as a start off and also its cheaper then the bilgewater cutlass.

now get the bilgewater cutlas and if possible get hextech gunblade since this is a hybrid build it makes it hard to counter whit fx. thorn mail or a lot of magic resist.

after this get lich bane cus of mejai's soulstealer you should have lots of ability power so the lich bane and the sheen should now make you hit really hard melee and while u spam your hate spike which should do 150+ dmg ea around 0.6sec second you still do awesome spell dmg.

last but not least get a guinso's rageblade cus this gives you more dmg and ability power and the stack does give you more ap/ attack speed.


when i play i use ap flask early game (if i have the money and i have mejai's soulstealer but late game i start to use elexir of agility due to the attackspeed and high crit.

if you play vs a kassadin its allways nice to keep a elexir of fortitude as a life saver if he makes his ulti at a bad timeing for you.

GL & HF with the build. i use this build and its pretty good even vs tanks but it really is needed to have a okay team cus if your team dont harrash you opoments down you will most likely dont get a lot of kills and that will make it hard for u late game.

Build by Mandals


i dont care if there is spelling mistakes and there is missing some (,), (.) w/e take this build or leave it haters go home