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Evelynn -

Last updated on August 31, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Time to Evelynn.

Considered by a big part of community the worst hero of League of Legends.

Evelynn comes to League of Legends like an Stealth Assassin wrapped on a fragile succubus(girl) from hell.

Evelynn has 4 attacks besides the pasive one which reduces 50% minions damage.

Ravage is an skill whick makes 320 (+1) dmg at level 5. 80/135/190/255/320. This skill is the most powerful evelynn Skill and if you are considering evelynn AP, this will be your main skill. (This guide is AD and it is considered important too).

Hate Spike is another ability which damage your closest enemy and next one by half amount, ranks are from 25 to 85 dmg to closest target and half of these for the next one. This is the farm skill of evelynn.

Shadow Walk, this is the skill because Evelynn likes or Evelynn not likes. This is the one which defines Evelynn. Evelynn is Shadow Walk and Shadow Walk is Evelynn. Cons to Evelynn says she is nothing if Oracle is on enemy team, Pros considers Oracle only an annoying part trying to avoid Evelynn success.

Malice and Spite. The Ultimate, It gives to evelynn increased Attack speed and increased movement speed. It can be only activated after any enemy champion is killed. If you hitted him 10 secs before dead this skills heals you by 25% of maximum enemy's dead champion. You can activate until 3 minutes after an enemy champion is dead, this skill has no cooldown ( considering an enemy is dead) and no mana.

Evelynn is not a farmer, and should not considered like this never. She can farm well with Hate Spike, but ganking enemies specially early game is the way she moves better. She can aid all the lanes fast or helping to gank an enemy.

Summoner spells are teleport and Clairvoyance. Teleport lets you to change lane ( mainly top from bot or viceversa) for fast ganking or defending) Top or bot to mid should be not a teleport wasted ( Except if very mandatory). You need to move fast among the lanes, and no, this is not an spell which other one should take ( it is ok if they pick this too) it is a summoner spell that you'd always consider.

Clairvoyance ¿ WTF? ¿ Why I should pick this nosense spell? If you read many guides of any champions when they exam the summoner spells for your hero, they usually says the same for Clairvoyance "It is a good spell, but you can't pick this, ask for other team mate getting this one" You are the one who should take always this spell. ¿Is it so good for Evelynn? Imho yes. Clairvoyance is the summoner spell with the lowest Cooldown. You are a ganker, a nuker and an stunner. You must try to avoid being ganked nuked and stunned. you are the one and you are the fastest one. Clairvoyance let you besides revealing map zones, to know what you will found before you get to any place.

Oracle and ****ing Oracle, Buy an oracle and Evelynn is neutralized, ups! Buy a second one and Evelynn is neutralized. How to avoid oracles: Kill the wearer ( Not always possible) Then... is Oracle the end of the hell? Not really if you know how to avoid it. First of all. Evelynn likes to wear an oracle avoiding wards. You are who prevent the battle, not the others. After this, look carefully at your enemies ( Clairvoyance is nice at this too). See who wears Oracle. Rule one: Never star a Team fight. Use Shadow walk even when Oracle. Shadow walk stuns anyway, because Shadow walk not avoid Stun. when battle has started go in battle, stun and back, if you can stay there, stay ther hitting enemies, if not, stun and back stun and back.