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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hope95

Evelynn + AD = OP

Hope95 Last updated on April 30, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I like to play Evelynn A.D. because she has stealth , stun and ulti with attack speed and movement speed. This is somehow OP .

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Early Game

In early game is quite boring . You have just to level up and try to be alive , don't feed the enemies . At level 10 the fun begins . At that time you should have boots , and a part of trinity ( zeal and sapphire ). If they put an ward , test it with minions, if minions focus you there is an ward. Now you cand change lane or buy an ward that will see their ward and you can destroy it.In early game you will need a lot of mana so take care when you use abilities . Now with sapphire ,zeal and boots you can start the ownage.
About spell order , you must have at one moment 3 (Q) 4 (W) 2 (E). You need 2 on E do deal some damage but with a little cost and much on W for a longer stun and much on Q for low cost damage and farming.

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After level 10

Now you can start making some kills and be more dangerous. If someone uses elixir to see you , try to gank him with your team , he will lose 400 gold for nothing . If they put wards , just change lane . At lvl 10 if you see someone low HP you can try tower diving but don't forget that towers can see you , but don't be afraid , if you kill someone at turret , your ulti passive will give you some health ,so the turret will not kill you.
When you try tower diving :
- you must be almost sure you will kill the target
- (you are stealthed) , you activate ulti , and use E on target , to damage and stun it. Now you use your basic attack .

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You must have boots , trinity force and health + mana regen , you are very squishy , and you lose mana easily. Now , depending on enemies you should buy infinity edge or phantom dancer . Than you buy another phantom dancer. Now you have almost all the items you NEED VERY MUCH :
- Trinity Force
- Infinity Edge
- Phantom Dancer
With boots , TF , IE, PD x 2 and Black Cleaver or Madred's (if they have tough tanks) . You will have almost or even 100% crit chance more than 2 attack speed(with ulti 2.5 garanteed) and you will crit between 400-900 , depending on enemy armor.

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Late Game and Summoner Spells

In late game you just stay stealth and move between lanes. You can use W and very fast teleport , so you will be teleported stealthed. Ignite is useful because it gives damage in time , so if you are not sure that you can kill the target , use ignite .
Also don't forget that your ulti is refreshed very often , so you can use it only on towers or only to run. If you are ganked use ulti and stealth , you have a big chance to escape.
Take care at stealth , because you have 2 seconds after using it when you can be seen. If you take damage and then use stealth , it will not work . But if you use stealth and take take damage , it's no problem.

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Have fun!

I don't have some printscreen , but i will put as fast i will make. I have scores like :
-> 32-10
-> 24-8
-> 25-11
-> 14-2

and so on . You will will die most at ganks , and also if you try to kill someone at turret and he has some stun or something .

About runes : I take AD or Armor Penetration Marks, Mana Regen Seals . Glyphs are not very important .

Don't forget , in LATE GAME IT'S ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO NOT KILL SOMEONE . The build and champ are so good that you must have at least 5 kills in every match ( 5 kills if you are unlucky , they have a lot of tanks , and you have a noob team ).