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Evelynn Build Guide by MrDelta

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MrDelta

Evelynn - Evelegendary Guide

MrDelta Last updated on October 15, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi everyone!!!Welcome to the Evelegendary Guide...

First of all, i'd like to tell that is my first guide so, please, put it inside your sweet child mine.Anyway, i guess i can show you the path to become a legendary Evelynn and show those guys who says Evelynn sucks that she still a legend.For that, i prepared a safe AP/AD build...

Well, after all that little introductionl i'd like to invite you to join me.Come on, Time to feed.Please, have a seat, take some cookies and a bottle of mommy's milk and be prepared, cause here we go...

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Pros / Cons

Here come the Pros and the Cons of Evelynn...


Long time Stealth
Ganks like hell
Chases easily
Run away easily
Good Jungler


Enemies will mark you if you are fed
Bad farmer

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We need to talk: I know you want to start killing, but trust me, there's a lot of thing you MUST know to be a legend...

    First of all,
Evelynn needs to get fed.Try to do it quickly.With your Sheen all things will come easily.At level 3 you will be already able to kill.However, is of extremely importance that you keep some distance of OP champions.Always activate Shadow Walk before trying a kill...

Mana means life.Yeah, for Evelynn that is the pure truth.Your Hate Spike has a little cooldown, and you have to use it all the time, killing minions and killing champions, it is necessary.Find a way keep your mana high all the time.

Your ultimate is really usefull.That is for guys who builds Evelynn as DPS.Your ult, Agony's Embrace, is pretty usefull.Activating it grants you a lot of movement speed and attack speed, so you don't need to waste your gold buying ***** like Phantom Dancer.Instead of that boost of speed, Evelynn heals herself each time she kills or assists, and if that happens, Malice and Spite are refreshed.That means you can use it all the time!!!Just use it when you wish to kill someone or run away from another one...

    Nobody likes to be KSed, so
Tell your team you have to ks.Enjoying it or not, Evelynn really needs to get fed at early game, so feel free to KS all of them, ;]

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I found that Evelynn works really well with some security runes.It makes sure that our little stealth killer be safe at beggining and, consequently, doing a better match(a good start means a good ending...sometimes)...

Greater Mark of Scaling Ability Power

I know, I know...I said some security runes but garanting some Ability Power is always good.The Greater Mark of Force will garants you some pretty 16,20 Ability Power at level 18.

Greater Seal of Evasion

Aaah, now we are talking about security!!!Yeah dudes, i found that some dodge is always helpful.These cheap 9 Greater Seal of Evasion plus the mastery points spent on dodge will grant you 6.75 Dodge at level 18.Very usefull cause, REMEMBER THAT, each time you dodge an attack, you receive some additional movement speed for a time...

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

With this 13.41 additional Magic Resistance you are ALMOST ready to rock early game.It won't make you survive all the time, but when you start running with some 50hp left you will say "Thanks" to these Glyphs...

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

Aaaah...Speed!I just bought it a few time ago and i'm already using it on all my champions.Allowed with Boots of Mobility and Trinity Force you'll find yourself quick as hell...

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I know some guys would say that Evelynn works better with more points at Offense or Utility, but remember, in that build we need pre protection.Defense to Evelynn is really needed, cause our itens won't ensure Evelynn much defense...

With high dodge you can avoid damage by evading enemy attacks.With Nimbleness , all the time you dodge an attack, you RECEIVE 10% OF MOVEMENT SPEED.It makes sure you will be able to run alive from a gank or something like that...

Instead of that bonus, with Burning Embers you will receive 10 more Ability Power while your Ignite is on cooldown...

You can do some changes if you wish, but that is how i use my Masteries Points...

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Summoner Spells

Ignite vs Exhaust

I know, I know, Ignite and Exhaust are both the most usefull Spells when we are talking about killing.With the first you can finish your almost dead enemies, with the second you can avoid runners or save your *** from a surprise attack...
Chosing one of those two is really hard, but some times you need analyze all what you can do and all that you can't do...
Shadow Walk was supposed to stun the target you hit while on stealth mode.After the nerf the stuns isn't there anymore, but Evelynn got a slow of 3 seconds.Not so usefull like the stun, but really good!!!That is almost the smae effect of Exhaust, so we can eliminate that spell to use Ignite, which will damage the target on time and gives you 10 more AP while on cooldown...

Flash vs Ghost

Now we have chosen our first spell, is time to choose the second one...
Again you can choose one of two: Flash or Ghost...
Do I have to say why I always go with Flash???I Do???Well, ok...



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Starting Items

Aaah...Now the funny begins.Lets talk about items you are gonna get...
First of everything, you need to end your Sheen much quick as possible.For that, you'll start buying

Starting with Ability Power is good, cause your Hate Spike deals Magic Damage, so no questions...


You can buy it or not, but is really usefull after early ganks...

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Core Items

Hurray!!!First visit to the store after starting the match!!!Remember: you need to finish your Sheen.I will keep saying it all the time...You must remember...

Now you got your Sheen you can do kills easily and gank all the time.After casting a spell you will see power emanating from Evelynn's hands...Yeah!!!That red blur means a really powerfull ammount of extra Magic Damage.More precisely, your next basic attack has 100% chance to deal extra base damage...Well, you'll be casting Hate Spike all the time, so just wait the 2 seconds of cooldown of this passive ability and BANM!!!Strike with additional damage...

Speed!!!Ah, yeah...Speed is essential to every assasin, so is to Evelynn.With the speed from your runes and Trinity Force you will run like a hellish fairy. Boots of Mobility will open the doors to gank world.You can run to all the lanes on stealth mode to gank, or run from death, chase someone...Whatever, it is REALLY ESSENTIAL you do that item so quickly as you did your Sheen...

Now you have your Sheen's passive to rape enemies, Zeal's movement speed and Phage's passive to slow your enemies, and you don't have to waste a lot of space on your inventory, cause the best of the three most popular items of LoL are now mixed on Trinity Force.Now running doesn't takes you much time, and you still with Sheen...You can also build Lich Bane instead of Trinity Force...

Now you got engough movement speed you can start building pure damage items and for true damage you can build Guinsoo's Rageblade, which gives you passively AP and AD.However, instead of AP and AD, on each hit or ability cast Guinsoo's Rageblade grants you bonus attack speed and AP, stacking up for 8 times.This effect fades with time...Funny isn't it???

Attack Damage!!!Yeah, damage!!!When humans create a weapon that means survival and dead in just one item, that weapon's name will be The Bloodthirster.With a lot of AD and Life Steal, this item makes Evelynn so deadly as she already is.And by feeding with this tool will stack some attack damage and life steal to you.Combine it with Guinsoo's Rageblade and you will find yourself on a killing spree...

After all those deadly weapons, is time to grant yourself some additional security. Banshee's Veil is what you are looking for.With this, after surprising enemies, you'll be able to counter a negative spell, that means your target will have to waste an ability before damaging you by magic.

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Optional Items

As in all others, this build is subject to changings.This should happen according to the course of the game...

Here is some of the changings you can use...

in the place of

Yeah yeah, according to the course of the match you can change the build and do an AP Evelynn.Very usefull too, but if you wanna make that change you will also have to change The Bloodthirster for Rabadon's Deathcap...You may do those changes just if your team needs a pure AP killer champion, or if you wish to try another building...

in the place of

If you think you don't need Life Steal, you can also buy this amazing item called Infinity Edge.It does The Bloodthirster's job so good as you were using The Bloodthirster itself...

in the place of

If you still thinking you don't need Life Steal, but wanna invest some points on your AP, here is the best choice.Prepare yourself to feel the power, cause with your Lich Bane's passive you will rape all the map...
in the place of

If you got an additional amount of gold and wanna mooooooooore power you can buy Zhonya's Hourglass, which will grant some Armor and AP(remember to use it's active ability)...

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Path to Kill

Here you'll see the ways to use your skills.Remember that learning how to use Evelynn is really hard, so be patient and follow all the instructions...
Instead of doing the Skill Sequence, I created the Path to Kill.Named by me B].Anyway, the Path to Kill is a description saying how you have to use skill, try it dudes...


The enemy mid is low hp.You ping him to tell your mid mate you are gonna gank.The Path to Kill is(considering you are level 6 or more):
Shadow Walk:You need to be stealthed, so you can surprise your target
Agony's Embrace:Activate it a few time before using the next ability
Ravage:Using it will end your stealth, the target will be slowed, and you will start attacking him frenetically with Hate Spike
Sequence is: W>R>E>Q>Q>Q>Q>Q...


You are side laning.One enemy is going to the river.He didn't see you.The Path to Kill is:
Shadow Walk:If he saw you its ok.Retreat a bit and then activate your stealth.It is of extremely importance you activate it.Evelynn is an assasin, she needs to hide somewhere, so if your stealth is going down and you didn't already attacked, go to a bushe and wait till you have activated it again
Agony's Embrace:Like in the last case, you have to activate your ult bfore attacking, unless the enemy is high HP, then using your ult would be a waste of time.But if he is mid HP or low HP you can activate your ult before attacking, or wait a bit to activate after attacking(good for chases and saving)
Ravage:Now you leash him.The target is slowed and has less Magic Resistance
Hate Spike:Now is the time.All that occured on less than 5 seconds, keep skiling till kill the enemy
Sequence is: W>R>E>Q>Q>Q>Q>Q>...

Hey...Wait...The sequence is the same of CASE 1...YEAH!!!Evelynn got a lot of tircks, but her combo is alway the same.But that doesn't change things...I will show some records i made with a friende especially for that guide...

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Instead of owning everyone, Evelynn got some tricks to use...

The most usefull is agains another stealth champions, especially Teemo...

Yeah, you can make a trick agains that squirrel!!!

Works like that:
Hate Spike can be used jsut when near some enemies, if you are not near an enemy unit you can't activate it.So when you are walking through the map and see no one there but you can use tou Hate Spike, well, so something i hidden over here.Start pressing Q all the time, for your surprise you will find a hiden Teemo with less HP.That works against Akali pretty well too, and is really usefull to detect some stealth champions, like Shaco, Twitch, a Teemo or even another Evelynn...

Cool, isn't it???

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I'll be puting more pictures...

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I really glad to end that build.Isn't perfect, but may helps you...

But it wouldn't be realized without some help and systems...

Video made on:Fraps