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Build Guide by Gandarlf

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gandarlf

Evelynn Tango Feroz (AD PWNAGE)

Gandarlf Last updated on April 4, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This guide was made by an Argentinian, that means that my first language is Spanish, sorry if my english is not quite good.

This Evelynn is a tribute to Tango Dance, from my country.

This Evelynn focuses on dealing damage as hell, almost killing people instantly.

this build is a presonal creation, i use this build always im going AD with Eve, try it out before trolling.

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Get all Attack Speed you can with Runes, the faster you hit, the faster their life goes to zero.

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I went 22/0/8 focusing offensive DPS and mana and life regen in Utility, this will regenerate your mana faster, because in this build, mana regen is forbiden.

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You start with Dorans Blade, that health, damage and lifesteal will help you to stay in line longer without buying pots... then, you must gather 950 gold for Berserker Greavies.

Then, when you are low on mana, and cant regen, go back to base and buy vampiric scepter and pickaxe, that pickaxe will become part of our rageblade, and that scepter will be part of our lantern.

When you finish rageblade, go straigt for Infinity Edge, then the Lantern...

On the end of the game, you can go Madred's Bloodrazor to go full damage and rape some ***es, or... Black Cleaver, your choice...

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Skill Sequence

AD Evelynn doesnt need hate spike, that skill is usefull when you are going AP... but we are going AD, so forget it.

We will begin with Shadow Walk, to have a stun early game and to SCOUT bushes at the begining of the game.
then we get Ravage to get some good damage...

at lvl 3 you put another point in shadow walk to have 20 sec stealth, thats all you need in early-mid game, if you need more, you need to practice more timing.

then you go and max ravage, getting after it shadow walk and ult when possible.

Last of all, get Hate Spike, to go plus damage hitting champions or clearing lanes.

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Summoner Spells

You are an assassin, so... you need assasin spells...

my personal choice is flash/ignite combo... really usefull to get kills, and escape easily, but you can get exhaust/flash if you want...

Ghost is a good choice too... to replace Flash or use both.

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Team Work

You are the hunter of the team, you are the one who an get them when they are running away with low health.

Also, you are the second champ getting in the team fight, to taunt the croud controller or the highest DPS that must be focused, you just disable it and rape it with your damage while your team does the rest, and of course... help them when finished.

You can get gold for your team, you can solo dragon when you get rageblade... your attack speed will keep you alive with the scepter, and your damage will be enough to have it in 8-10 secs.

Mid health towers are your speciality, when they are on a teamfight far away your position, get a tower to gain more gold and attract some atention of your enemies, this will distract them and aim for you, while your team gets them from behind. you are a stealth chmpion, you can escape easily.

When enemy team gets an oracle, tell to one member of your team to focus it, then, you help him to own that bastard with the purple eye and keep going with the slaughther.

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Pros / Cons


High DPS
croud control controller (Sounds weird, but it is)


Squishy as hell
Oracle can be a pain in the ***
Twisted fate can be your worst nightmare if you are not carefull.

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Special thanks and commentaries

Special Thanks to my friends in Argentina... KhelekDraug, Nazztus and Pxhypos89.

I also want to thank my good friends of League of Revolution: Sento52, Juxxx, VillageIdiot227, ViolentScience, Wolflo, Greg The Pietard (Doctor)

All of them helped me knowing or not knowing what am i doing with Eve when i was playing.

so, here it is, i gave you the weapons... use them to own in the fields of justice, and may Demacia be with you...