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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dark Ace

Evelynn: The AP monster

Dark Ace Last updated on January 7, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Evelynn is a great champion, people just don't recognize her as much..., therefore i have to decided to (hopefully) do her honor by making this build, it's my first build though, so guys go easy on me :)

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The runes I picked are carefully chosen, they represent each of eve's statistics and enhance them, because this is an AP build, i have decided to take AP Quintessences
The marks are for your mana pool, but late game you won't need it as much, which is why i chose to use instant marks, rather than the ones that build up.
The glyphs enhance my AP, since the AP needs to get larger as you move on to late game, i chose progressive glyphs
The seals give me a bigger health pool, because late game (and mid game) AP eve needs it bad, so i took progressive runes here as well.

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My masteries are also carefully handpicked to suit eve as best as possible, i maxed out the offense tree (21 points) because of the great AP enhancements it contains and its final mastery, whilst i have put only 1 point in my defense tree, because the heal boost powers up my heal summoner spell, and i have put 8 points in utitity, which reduces the death timer and increases health and mana

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My items are, as in many builds, the most important part of the build (<cptn obvious speaking :) ), they are what MAKE eve 'AP eve'. I start off with an amplifying tome to increase base AP, so eve may be able to get a first blood or at least a kill or two early game, and increase the AP with sheen, followed by lich bane, after that the order virtually explains itself, sorcerer's shoes are very important for ganking no to forget its magic penetration, which is often forgotten.

NOTE: If things are going REALLY WELL, you might just consider switching rod of ages for a mejai's soulstealer.

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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence is pretty basic:First i level all 3 skills to level 1, so I have them available, then I try to max out hate spike first, because that skill you HAVE to spam during fights, otherwise you're useless, and after that you max out shadow walk, followed by ravage, which basically serves as an initiator skill, if you're fed/lucky/really good you'll never have to use ravage in the same fight you initiated with it. ;)

Alternatively you can switch between hate spike and shadow walk each level, thus maxing them out nearly at the same time, this will make it easier for you to switch lane seeing as your shadow walk lasts longer

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Summoner Spells

The summoner spells are (again captain obvious ->) very important, i picked heal because it is absolutely VITAL early game, without it you're basically a feeder, you never will get fed, and thus you are useless for the rest of the game.
Exhaust serves as a slow, so you can keep on spamming hate spike on him and perhaps even shadow walk + ravage (or a normal melee attack) to stun your opponent completely again.

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Early Game

Here's how to play AP eve early game:
First you buy amplifying tome and a health potion, note that AP eve CAN NOT SOLO A LANE, wether it's mid or top/bottom (in case of a jungler), you'll end up feeding them anyways, not be able to buy more AP items, and fail ultimately :(.
When you're in a lane with a teammate, however, you become useful as you level. Basically, until level 3 you're useless, but at level 3 the fun starts ^^, here's the early game skill oombo:
1. Shadow walk (if you have sheen/lich bane you will benefit severely from its bonus)
2. Ravage (preferably from behind a character)
3. SPAM HATE SPIKE: this is very crucial and what makes AP eve work as she does, since you have no melee power, you have to spam hate spike :D

Note: When you're in top/bottom with a teammate, always let him/her take the brunt of the force, you can try initiating but if your teammate is a tank/dps champion definately let him/her initiate combat.

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Mid Game

Alright so you've learned your ultimate, which is very handy when you're losing a fight, in eve's case you can use your ulti + shadow walk to sneak out of a losing battle unseen, or stick around stealthed, maybe if you join in again the tables can turn, but when it is a losing battle, don't hesitate to activate malice and spite! It's your ticket out of there, with a reasonable duration and speed increase you can get out of there in no time (unless stunned or exhausted, in which case... good luck! :P)
Also a neat feature to eves ulti is that she can activate it while in stealth, without breaking stealth, that makes you able to gank an opponent who is fleeing, and execute this combo:
1. Shadow walk
2. Malice and spite
3. Normal attack (preferably since this stuns your enemy and executes the lich bane bonus immediately)
4. Ravage (This reactivates lich bane bonus)
5. Spam hate spike whilst attacking (Due to the hate spike spam lich bane will be continuously triggered)

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Late Game

So late game, huh? For this part i actually have two guides: one where you're fed and one where you're not :P, follow either one below:
1. So you're fed?
Good job! The fun is just getting started now! You have a ton of AP and are unstoppable, even high HP pool champs like Cho'Gath or Vladimir have to fear you now!

2. So you've been beaten all game long?
Too bad, otherwise you would've had a great time, and I know this sounds selfish, but when there's a kill to steal, steal it! It's the only way you're gonna be of any value to your team, also, when your team is pushing, go parallel with them but jungle a bit, always be on the move killing SOMETHING! Kill minions with hate spike (2 times hate spike should kill them now)

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Pros / Cons

-A champion/minion shredding monster
-Unstoppable when fed
-One of the best killstealers out there
-Great ganker
-A 'Sudden Death' champ
-A 'Safe' build (no mejai's to lose your AP when killed)

-VERY weak early game
-Fragile until rylai's
-Almost useless early and mid game when enemy has oracle/ward

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Farming becomes easier with the levels in AP eves case, just spam minions with hate spike, you can just take on entire waves alone. And also you can start jungling pretty easy mid and late game, the buffs are very handy for eve (especially the mana buff!!!) and you can solo dragon mid game already; mid game you DO need the help of malice and spite though, otherwise your lich bane won't have as much effect.

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Last minute tips

-When eve is in a tight spot and your HP is going down, but you can defeat a champion: then DO IT!!! With malice and spite activated the kill will grant you almost 1/3 of your health back, thus being able to successfully escape from/take on another champion

-You can switch Rod of Ages (or mejai's soulstealer if you've switched) for sorcerer's shoes if you want more AP earlier, this is handy when the enemy champs either have slow base movement speed or haven't invested in speed items (yet).

-When being ganked by an opponent always immediately shadow walk, don't hesitate, it's always your first skill! You can later turn back to check wether it was just one champ or maybe more, and if you're feeling up to it you can THEN initiate a battle.

-When killing baron with your team or if you've just had a team fight or a regular fight, after one ALWAYS shadow walk, it's you 'insurance', so to speak, should a teammate from the other team come to help his fallen friend you're invisible and can escape/fight him as well.