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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gustaphar

Evelynn the Mistress of Ganking Arts

Gustaphar Last updated on December 7, 2010
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Great for scouting golem camps, lizards, dragon and Nashor
People tend to mistake you for an AP champion
Potentially one of the best supports

Easy to counter with Oracle
Slow champion

This is a build I've started using lately, and it turned out to be quite effective against all sorts of opponents.
However, you do want to avoid laning against tanks, and cc champions, since it would be easy to counter your Shadow Walk and Ravage burst.

Consider laning with another cc Champion, ie. Pantheon (Specially Pantheon since he has a high early game dmg output)
I've laned with a Pantheon most of the time, and combined with Aegis of Zeonia you'll have a great ganking squad for pushing the lane far behind on lvls.

You really want to get that Sheen fast, since this is where you will get the most out of the AD build.
When you get the Sheen, you must rush Serk Greaves and perhaps a Elixir of Fortitude(I normally don't use the Elixir, but the extra hp might come in handy at some occations)

Ok, so now you have Sheen and Berserker's Greaves, now you should start helping out your teammates by ganking(Remember Sword of the Occult, you'll earn tons of assists with this build, so rush the Occult before moving on to Phage on the Trinity Force) always be the last to strike, since you're a fragile champion you might want your Pantheon to use Aegis of Zeonia before you Shadow Walk and Ravage the target.
This will leave your target severely wounded and either you or Pantheon (or any other ranged champ/ranged ability) will be able to take out the target)

The reason why you want to go AD is because you're not as weak as the AP version, and people(at least from what I've experienced) then starts stacking Magic Resist. which just makes it easier to pin them down

Depending on the opposite team, you might wanna go for The Black Cleaver rather than Bloodthirster, If you're mainly against heavy armor champions (which shouldn't be the case, but lets face it, **** happens now and then) go for the The Black Cleaver, if not, Bloodthirster is the real deal.
Though you don't need the extra dmg, showing off is always fun, if you're targeted all the time, try cónsidering another tactic for fights, or simply buy more Elixir of Fortitude

For team battles:
You should always stay behind the visible champions, try to focus their best carry by Shadow Walk - Ravage along with a Exhaust if needed. (It's extremely important that you do not focus any tank, at any point, during teamfights, since you're playing Evelynn, people already hate you, making yourself an easy target while wasting power at the tank is just making the opponents game a lot easier)

This is still a build in progress, so I welcome all the feedback I can get.
I loved playing the AP Evelynn, but this build made it a whole lot funnier since I no longer get oneshotted by Veigar
This is how your games should look like if you play your Evelynn right, note that you will not always get all the kills, but you'll participate in every fight, and that will earn you some stacks

Play smart, use your wits, and you shouldn't be killed too often.

*Edit - You don't have to use the CDR runes, I used them along with my AP build, but I'm thinking of changing them for something more useful, like Utility, since you don't need CDR when you're rolling AD

- Gustaphar