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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Evelynn, The Nuke Queen

Last updated on June 10, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is a very basic guide. Im not telling you how to play, how to win etc. Just some item build that I came up with, if your high elo, chances are you prolly know what to do with this build, if your low elo, than practice up, dont take guides literally, they are just guidelines.

This guide was inspired by DiamondProx of M5, I saw him using Elder Lizard on Eve, and thought why not take it to the next level.

***Anyone wants to pretty up the guide or has some advice, let me know. Im just putting the information out there.

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When jungleing, since your weak early, your prone to the enemy jungler camping your red to get a first blood and smite steal on red. To avoid this simply walk past Wraiths around by Dragon pit (inside your jungle) through the red bush, to make sure you are safe. Keeping your lvl 2 point free, incase that enemy jungler starts to destroy you, you can just Exhaust W and run away. (Hopefully your Mid/bot/top lane have good map awareness and will come help you kill them, dont get your hopes up tho.

Eves passive can serve as a ghetto Pink ward detector. If the enemy has pinked, and has vision of you, while not in your circle, you now know that there is a pink ward there, and you did your job of scaring the enemy team.

If an enemy bought a orcale, dont fret, Gank as if you don't have stealth, and mabby call in a 3rd person to kill them, congrats you not only got a kill for your team, and stopped the enemy from farming for a while, but you also set them back 400 gold on that oracle. With a snowball champ like this it will be hard for them to come back.

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Start Machete 5 Pots. Rushing Lizard for the extra burn, coupled with red buff, it helps with clearing and ganking. Than rushing Boots of Mobility, you didnt need them before because of your W, but now as the enemies are getting faster, its really usefull, especially for map control.

Botrk your first Core, The Nuke, slow and atk spd is great, this is when you start to become scary. Next Item should be DFG, this is where you get REALLY scary, 3 Nukes, and totall Destruction.

At this point I like to get a BT, because Teamfights are happening, and you need some more sustain to stay alive. Going AD and Lifesteal over AP and Spell vamp, because of Botrk and your Atk Spd Steroids.

Now you have a choice for your 5th item. At this point you pretty much Melt anyone, and you need to analyze what you need most. Do you need more Movement speed and a bit more dmg? go Tri Force, gives you a slow too. Do you need more Dmg? get Liandries, Do you consistantly fall to low health, try out Guinsoos. I dont typically get a defense item on her since she is an assasin, and 1nce you nuke down the main targets you can usually get away. Maw is great if you are getting nuked by there APC

My 2 fav Items for last is deff Liandries and TriForce tho.

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Early Game: Jungleing & Ganking

Pre 3.8 Patch, typicall Jungle route, Wolves, Blue (smiteless, life steal and pots are enough) Red, Wraiths, you should have atleast half HP, and be level 3, so you can gank. You want to gank lanes that are pushed, remember AD eve is weak early game, so they will probably just flash away from you unless your laner has hard CC. get back to jungle, a small camp or 2, than just start ganking like crazy. Evelynn is stealth so unless they are wasting money on pinks (which than you just enter through lane into bush) than you can pretty much level up off of ganks.

Post 3.8 Patch, simply Blue, Wolves Red Gank, or even Blue red gank, since you will still be level 3. The main goal is to reach level 3 ASAP and gank, to start the snowballing as early as possible.

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Mid/Late Game

Try to catch your opponents out of position, see that Darius solo farming top, just WREQQQQQQQQQQQ Botrk/DFG Exhaust him, he'll drop fast. Than using your W to get back to your team so you now can do a good 4v5 Team fight. If you can't catch them out of position, just stay behind the enemy team before a team fight, and wait for your team to initate. 1nce this happens, Nuke the sht outta there ADC/APC who ever is carrying the team.

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General Thoughts

Evelynn has great nuke potential with this build, not a stat wasted. You do lose some AP dmg going for heavier AD, with your skills, but not much. Her skills scale with AP by .45, and AD for .40, so your missing .05. Her Ultimate scaled 1% of current health for every 100 AP, so with 500 AP, your gonna do 30% of current health as opposed to 25%. The reason your building more AD, is due Botrk & Elder Lizard, you are already gaining a decent amount of AD, Atk spd, and life steal, + your E & W steroids on atk spd, it really starts to outweigh the AP dmg.

The nice thing about this build over Pure AP eve, is instead of having your 30% Current HP nuke ulti and 1 15% Max health nuke (DFG), you now have a 26% Current HP nuke with ulti, 2 15% Max HP nuke with Botrk and DFG, your E acts like a nuke with the atk spd steroid and initial damage, so you basically have 4 nukes at the cost of 4% current health, and .05 ap ratio.

You cant really build against this with itemization, since its all HP % Nukes, building HP/Armor/MR just cant stop the nukes.

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Pros / Cons

Strong Mid to late Game
Epic Nukes
Hard to build against
Can carry with a good tanky initiator
Force enemy team to waste money on Oracles and pinks, Easily putting your team at a gold Adv.
Map control, She is so fast, you can just be everywhere
Your team loves you because of the non stop ganks


Weak Early game
Snowballs (mess up early you will be hard pressed to come back)
Doesnt fit all team comps
Meaning, you need kills, so you will be taking them away from your laners. Needs Tanky top and utility mid.

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Smite is a Must for jungleing.

Your second spell can be Flash, Exhaust, Ghost or Ignite. Personally I prefer Exhaust, with the extra point in The Offense tree, that missing 10 MR Armor, and the slow, is just what Eve needs since she lacks hard CC. Flash is ok, but isn't needed since your W Resets on a kill or assist, so W in, kill, W out. Ignite is good, but Exhaust just seems to be better. Ghost isn't bad since it synergizes with your MS and play style, but not really needed.