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League of Legends Build Guide Author Drizzy

Ez Your so Pro!!!!!!

Drizzy Last updated on February 12, 2011
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Hey People dont vote on this without trying it trust when you try this build you will see how beast it is in away its different then other builds but hey different is better =) just try it dont vote down cause it doesnt look like other builds =)This is my FIRST build that I have ever put on Moba Fire so hope its useful to many players cause i have found this build very useful to me.Well let me begin by saying this is a AD/AP build for EZ cause i have found that both AD an AP are very strong builds for him so i figured lets get the best of both worlds.So enough with this intro lets begin....

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Pros / Cons


Perfect for any lane
Great in any part of the game
Very fun player
Good farmer


Very Slow
Skill shots are pretty tough to land at first but once u get the hang of it its all cake work from there.
Targeted in team fights since everyone wants his "DANCE KING CROWN"

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My Runes i feel are mainly to help the early game a bit cause u will get picked on early since your squishy so these runes help so u can spam your spells like crazy to help you scare someone away with your early game AD.

With REDS I like to go with Greater Mark of Desolation to get some Armor Penetration.greater mark of desolation
With YELLOWS I like to go with Greater Seal of Focus for some Cooldowns.
With BLUES I like to also go with some Cooldowns so i go with Greater Glyph of Focus.
An with Quints i go with Greater Quints of Replenishment . greater quintessence of replenishment

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I start with the Meki Pendant an 1 HP Pot an 1 Mana Pot

Whenever i have 800 or more Gold i quickly go back to get Boots of Speed an a Vampiric Scepter

My next trip back will be when i have 1200 Gold thats when u will need to buy Tear of the Goddess an Ionian Boots of Lucidity

After that its a trip to get your Manamune an that is when you have 1105 gold

When you have 1110 Gold you make a trip back to get Giants Belt this item should help ur squishiness

Next item you will make a trip back for is the Phage that will be when you have 1315 Gold

Next will be when you have 825 Gold you will return to complete your Frozen Mallet

It Mite be a surprise idk to me it is but I hardly ever make it to my next items but these are the items i go for after these first 4 items I go for Hextech revolver whenever i get 1200 Gold an then after that i go for Bilgewater Cutlass which will cost about 1375 gold since i already have the Vampiric Scepter when i get enough money which is 600 Gold i complete the Hextech Gunblade

These last 2 items U can get them in any order that you would like i usually go for The BloodThirster 1st cause it helps my Mystic Shot out even more as if more damage on that was needed by now =)

I go for Rabadon's DeathCap last to help out all my other abilities especially my ult for team fights

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Early Game

Well lets start off with grabbing a Meki Pendant an a health pot an mana pot an choose a lane I personally like laning with someone especially an aggresive player since that usually takes the pressure off me an opens up Kills an Assist for me Early on whether your mid or top or bot use your Mystic Shot to its advantage with its great range you can pick off one hit minions with out getting hurt by enemy champions.One thing you must always do with EZ well actually with anyone keep track of enemy champs on your map cause its so easy to gank you even with your Arcane Shift as an escape maneuver.Well once you have got enough gold to buy your Boots an your Scepter return to base I usually do it immediately when I get the money for it cause these items give you an early game upper hand which can make for some easy kills for you.Once I get to lvl 6 is when the fun comes in I always find it easy to gank with EZ so wherever you feel your team needs help then dont be scared to go help just pick your targets wisely.Just use Ghost an then Hit ur target with Exhaust then start spamming away with ur Mystic Shot an of course throw in a Essence Flux to add a bit of damage if you feel ur target is getting away or minions in the way of ur Mystic Shot use Arcane Shift to get the right angle to keep spamming your target lets hope it doesnt get that sloppy though.If your target gets away which hardly happens to me use that Ult an watch your Opponents rage.if this works the way it should in no time you should have the money for your Tear of the Goddess an Ionian boots of lucidity then say hello to Mid Game.

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Mid Game

Well Mid game is mainly you running all over the map just take the smart routes to whichever lane your gonna go help dont take a route that will get you into trouble cause at this time of the game EZ will probally get destroyed 1v1 so try an pick your routes correctly.So rite about now you should be getting assist an kills like crazy you should be getting so much money for your next 2 items which will be the ManaMune an the Giant's Belt .Always when you have the team its always a great idea to get the Blue Buff just cause the Cooldown reduction it gives you is amazing.By now you most likely will be targeted in team fights first but dont let that stop you from doing what your doing. what separates the good EZ from the Great EZ is knowing where to be during a team fight never an i mean never never ever ever be caught in the middle of the team fight or you will be dead so fast like it will amaze you how fast you die.So always be the last champ on ur team to arrive at the fight i mean doest mean u wont be involved cause when you see the fight begin launch that ult of yours into the middle of the mayhem an then waltz on in an start harassing with your Mystic Shot an always save your Arcane Shift just in case things get sloppy an dont go as expected cause this will be your escape maneuver.So after a couple of team fights you will have more then enough money to get the Frozen Mallet an here comes that late game.

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Late Game

So Late Game to me is more of Mid Game just with a lot less of enemies escaping since you have that Frozen Mallet which will make enemies never even think of running cause there is no point. Remember always when possible get that Blue Buff because that will make you be able to use your Mystic Shot at an incredible rate spamming it just gets that much funner just make sure like i said never wander off alone always stay with your team cause by late game its that time when everyone is sticking together so u mite catch one guy alone in your jungle don't think hes alone though his team will most likely be around the corner an then you go bye-bye an if your not in team fights late game you will most likely lose thats how much of a difference that EZ makes especially if u have those DPS characters your Essence Flux helps them with an incredible Attack Speed Boost . By this time of the game you should be close to ending it already just stick with your team an you will have that sweet victory an bragging rights an many compliments flying at you.But if games go longer then expected always grab Hextech Gunblade to up ur Mystic Shot n Ult damage output an this should be enough power to end it.

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Well thats it for my first build hope it helps you EZ players out don't mind the comments anything that you think can help just let me know although i find this build to help me very good so if it doesnt work for you guess your not much of an EZ player =) Well Enjoy!!!! AN hey dont hate on the build until you try it I bet most people wont even try it try it out an it will prove you wrong if at first glance you think it sucks =)