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Ezreal Build Guide by soklope

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author soklope

Ezreal 5v5 domination

soklope Last updated on August 13, 2011
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How i play Ezreal. and some tips

i play Ez as an AD champ cus i thinks its the most effective.
i normaly go for mid but if u wanna lane whit someon its best if its a pre-mate cus ez is very weak. strong on long combat but in close he only have 1 spell to get away (Arcane Shift)
but enyways wen playing Ezreal its best to have just a little AP not full AD.
Hes Ultimate is most increased by AP so u will need to get just a little of that as u see in the build.

Wen u play him make sure that u allways hit ur enemy so ur CD will go lower evry time u hit whit Mystic-Shot (that will make it easy´r for u in close combat if u can shoot ur spells all the time)

In team fight´s allways find a place were u can cast ur spells un-intterubtet F.eks behind a wall or ofc BEHIND ur team.
U can go watch Ezreal champion spotlight u might find some usefull tips there (you can ofc find it on youtube).
Wen ganking u should try hit whit all ur spells bafore entering battle F.eks from a brush or behind a wall and fire ur ultimate bafore facing ur enemy... unless u want to last-hit ur target in combat.
This is how i play him and i hope it will work for u too.
B.T.W. plz dont dislike if u havent tryed it ingame.... ofc if u try it and u dont like it its okay to dislike..


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I play whit flat Dmg runes and armor pentration runes

Armor penetration runes in RED runes
Physical dmg runes in YELLOW
Physical runes for BLUE
and 2 Physical dmg for Quint and 1 armor petration

it will make ur Mystic Shot do more dmg early on, and make ur ultimate have a bigger chance to last hit ppl like wen u try to snipe them

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My runes are 23/0/7 i pick´d my runes as i did cus i want my Mystic Shot to do as much DMG as possible and my Utility masteries are for mid i need as much HP and MP regen as possible whitout needing to buy mana regen or health regen items at start.
And ofc u dont wanna be dead to long wanna laning in mid so get "God´s hands too"

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my items is bassed on doing very high dmg wen u fire ur mystic shot and ult.

Sheen will make ur mystic shot do more dmg cus of its passive.

Manamune wont make u go out of mana that quick in Team fights and on top af that it gives u good AD

Hextech Gunblade will give u a massive amount of healing in team fights wen using Essence Flux and ur mystic shot will heal even more cus of ur Sheen will make it do more dmg and u will ofc heal more..

the rest of the items is most likely for dmg and armor pentration like Tha Black Cleaver

If u wanna u can try buying Archengel´s Staff instead of Blood Thirster that will give u a huge amount of AP and it will also get u more AD cus of ur Manamune.. but i like to play the build as shown..

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Skill Sequence

My skills are ofc bassed on getting Mystic Shot as high as possible, as soon u can upgrade it u should if u try this build, it have a short CD and does a huge amount of DMG early on.

In lvl 2 u get Arcane Shift wen u will see that it will come in handy wen low lvl, besides u will allrdy have a flash as summoner spell whitch will give u what i like to call ."doubble flash" well rescue u alot wen fleeing and it will also make it a lot easyer to tower dive wen u can flash in and out.

U wont rly need Essence Flux wen going AD at start but no need to max Arcane Shift as-well so U pretty much deside that urself, i allways get it just incase ill need it sometime.

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Summoner Spells

Well the Summoner Spells will not be for a typic mid build u normely get Teleport wen playing mid (well some ppl does)

But wen playing Ezreal i dont think u need it normaly u dont return to base before lvl 6-7 unless u go FB or somthing.. but wen u have ur Ultimate u can just shoot it from base and kill the minons and maybe hurt the Champ u lane against wen they are at ur tower, that will give u some time to get to ur tower (its nromaly best to RC wen u opponent does it then there is no prop, minions will move slow enought so u can get to ur tower before they reach it.

Flash: Well ez allrdy have a flash but i think its good to have 2 of them.. like for tower-diving its easy to get in and out that way.

Exhaust: Exhaust is allways good to have wen playing mid even if its a AD or AP or playing against it slows and reduce ur opponent dmg out-put and it will make it easyer for u to get FB and Gank ppl.

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Well this is pretty much how i play Ez it normaly kicks *** :)

i hope it will work for you guys

Cya and BTW this is my first Guide i made so i might wrote to much.. prop..