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Ezreal Build Guide by MrWereman

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MrWereman

Ezreal eats Dominion: Like a Boss!

MrWereman Last updated on December 15, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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You'll have to excuse me if this is brief, this is my very first time posting. This is a great build I am currently running on Ezreal on Dominion. Due to Dominion's fast pace, Ezreal is an exceptional champion at both defending and attacking points if you're playing him well. Before I begin, I will tell you that if you copy this setup and are NOT good with a very quick paced, skill-shot only, champ, you might still suffer. You really need to get the flow of how Ezreal is best used and the order of his combos.

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My runes here should be pretty self explanatory. You want some extra damage and some up front armor penetration. Due to the fact the Crystal Scar gives so much mana regen anyways, and since death is not penalized as heavily, you could probably for-go the mana regen runes per level and get more attack speed for more aggressive play or magic resistance for more defensive play.

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My masteries page is SCREAMING damage. You want your improved ghost/exhaust because, HEY!, they're both on the same skill tree point! You need that ghost to get you from point to point quickly and you'll need exhaust to either defend a point or in case you bump into a tanky initiator like Xin or Rammus. Of course, all of this damage is useless unless you know how to skill shot with Ezreal. The pathing in Dominion is a little more obvious than in Summoner's Rift, so it's quite easy to figure out where your opponent is going and lead a nice Mystic Shot in there. I throw a little extra into the defense tree to give me a little toughness in extended bouts. The utility tree has nothing for you on this one, it's not worth additional mana or mana regen on Dominion, it's ALL about the damage output!

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Summoner Spells

I will take exhaust over ignite any day on Dominion and here's why, it's NOT about the kills! Pretty obvious eh? If I can get an enemy down low enough to where he has to run and heal and leave my point, I did my job. I don't NEED to chase him out and throw an ignite on him. Plus, whilst running through the center area on Dominion it is quite easy to facecheck a bush containing, OH ****S! It's Udyr! Or Xin! Or Rammus! If you have the damage, exhaust them and take the kill. If you don't, then you can always Arcane Shift your arse on over to the nearest speed boost pad and get outta there. Plus: ever get tired of being a squishy champ that just gets dived on while ON POINT? NOTHING freaks out an opponent more than when you can exhaust them ON POINT and they continue to take damage from you and the turret.

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Skill Sequence

I know I might have miffed the skill sequence a bit here, so excuse me if I don't have selecting the ultimate at the right levels. But basically you want all your skills to start off with. Grab your ultimate as often as you can (derp). What I like to do is level up Mystic Shot as quickly as possible and followed closely by Arcane Shift. The cooldown reduction on Arcane shift is PARAMOUNT to not only escaping but also to grab those last second kills on that sneaky yordle who's getting away! Max Essence flux last as this ability has the shortest range and least damage. Although it is nice to hit multiple targets at once, it doesn't compare to a full on Mystic Shot.

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I start off with a Prospector's Blade for that initial team fight up and the Windmill. I'll also take 1 of each pot. This way, If we take the point and clear some of their team I can then choose to either advance to their mid point or gank bottom if they're in need of help WITHOUT teleporting back. Next comes the attack speed boots, Brutalizer for more damage and the cooldowns. Now, Ezreal's real damage output comes from his attack speed just as much as regular damage, so items like the Light Bringer are a nice addition for some toughness and a nice proc for extra damage (if you can time it well enough!) Increase the damage still with an infinity edge and up your toughness by getting the Trinity Force. Now, many games would probably be over by now, but if both teams are REALLY fighting tooth and nail you should finish a Sanguine Blade and complete your Ghostblade.

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Unique Skills

Ezreal has a global damage dealing ult! Dealing damage can interupt a point cap! You should save your ult for that annoying as all hell player who just wants to sneak around and cap the unguarded point. Simply point and CLICK. Ashe, however, also has the ability to do this, BUT Ezreal's has the edge since it can pass through multiple enemies at once. Ashe's damage on her ult is only a small space around where it hits. However, remember that Ezreal's Mystic Shot reduces the cooldown of all abilities by 1 second if it hits, so if your ult is on cooldown, FIRE AWAY! Keep your ult available if you see your enemies are up but believe they might be sneaking, but this shouldn't stop you from throwing it at a group of enemies while you're in a team fight.

This gets them EVERYTIME. Let's just say you're doing alright, you got some kills, you have some damage items and, lucky you, you just capped the Windmill at the top center of the map. You notice that 1 of the enemy champs is coming towards your point. At this point, (assuming you're full health or near full) walk just north of the point and grab the health pack and WAIT in the bush. This works best if you're in the bush for about 10-15 seconds or so before they show up, it'll make them believe that you teleported back to base. Once said enemy champion begins to cap the point, POINT BLANK TRUESHOT BARRAGE them, followed by an immediate Arcane shift onto the point followed by Mystic Shot and Essence Flux... Typically, this will bring even the most tough champions below 1/2 or even 1/3 life and sometimes the enemy player doesn't know what hit em and won't even move just yet! Follow this up with some regular attacks which should be extra fast due to your passive being charge up during your ability barrage. Immediately clean up the enemy with either regular attacks or if they slip away a bit hit another Mystic Shot and/or Arcane Shift if it's come off its cooldown. 80% of the time it works everytime.

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Team Work

Like all good AD ranged players, you have to stick behind your tougher teammates when it comes to 3v3 and larger teamfights. If you catch a single stun, it's likely a one-way ticket back to the platform. Also know that your Essence Flux ability can be used to increase the attack speed of your allies, which is GREAT when you have a Tryn, Xin, Garen or Sion up front doing the dirty work!

And while very low on health and being pursued onto on of your points that you know will be capped right after the enemy champ kills you, DON'T MAKE IT EASY FOR THEM! Use your Arcane shift to give you some distance and back away. If they try to cap, don't teleport out! Use your Mystic Shot and buy you some time before your teammates can arrive. Or at least so you can have the point for a few more seconds and get those precious points shaved off the enemy nexus. Ezreal is a great long-range harasser, so NEVER just give up a point. As long as you still have mana you can harass and take up time!