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Ezreal Build Guide by Nonu42

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nonu42

Ezreal [Is the Deal]

Nonu42 Last updated on July 3, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Chapter 1

Ezreal is a very nice champion if he goes mid or even if he goes lane with a support or tank.

1vs1 Ezreal is like invencible with the build i use but to use ezreal you need to move fast and with this build you'll have to gank alot to get to the 20stacks once you get the 20 stacks you're like invencible with him.

About the magic resist runes you will them alot those i've stated above have been helping me for a long time so i suggest you to buy it too they're not so expencive afterall :D and they will help y

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Runes like you can check above the runes you can use are those i've putted because ezreal spends alot of mana so i suggest buying those mana runes it will help you alot because in game if you want ezreal to make many kills etc you wont buy mana items for him apart from trinity force ofc.

About the Armor pen runes its always usefull to have them because you take some extra damage on the beggining of the game so its always usefull the same goes for the quintences ofcorse.

About the magic resist runes you will them alot those i've stated above have been helping me for a long time so i suggest you to buy it too they're not so expencive afterall :D and they will help you against a vladimir or Karthus etc..

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Skill Sequence

Skill sequence is very important most of the people i watch playing with ezreal they like to put the q first then the w and then e this is totally wrong because the "w" its for people that want Ezreal as Ability Power which i dont advice much.So if you want a good AD ezreal do like i have there you first get you're q and e to level 5 (ofc if appears to evol the special you do so ) and let the w for the last.

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Summoner Spells

I always use Ghost and Ignite because ghost is every usefull if the guy is trying to run away and you can always use your "e" attack to tp next to him and it will be much easier to catch him ignite is just to finish the job and make sure the other guy dies.

But ofcorse you can always use for example Flash and Ignite its very effective to for running because ez will escape from enemies very fast and without leaving trace xD

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Pros / Cons

Well the Pros is that Ezreal has a lot of damage to give he can deal lots of damage and hes fast dealing that damage.
The only Cons e find on ezreal is his health he has a very low health so you need to becarefull with him because if he gets ganked by the 5 other champions you're doomed :S

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Team Work

Ezreal is not a guy that i can say that is good for team work because he has no how can i explain he has no ability or something that helps the team apart from his special that can be very usefull in teamfights.

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Unique Skills

Well ezreal skills are very powerfull each one of them takes lots of damage and special his ultimate that can help like i said in teamfights and so on.

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Farming with Ezreal only starts when he has like 10/15 stacks and Bloodstrigher because at the beggining he doesnt farm much if you want to farm good with him at the beggining you need to make ezreal AP instead of AD but anyways, once you reach 15 stacks or 10 you can start ganking and going into the jungle to farm abit but ezreal is not a champion that farms alot like for example Warwick or Amumu for example.

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Well i've had many victories and i almost made a pentakill wit ezreal try this build with him and you will see that Ezreal is the Deal.

Sorry for the bad english its my first post here so i hope you enjoy it :D