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League of Legends Build Guide Author ostezeki

Ezreal , the human deathstorm

ostezeki Last updated on October 17, 2010
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(I will not be using any pictures in this build, or any of my builds for that matter, because they're obnoxious. sorry in advance)

if there are any builds you would like to see, i am open for suggestions. i've played every champion the game has to offer, and am relatively good with each one. (not saying i'm amazing with them all, don't rage please)
if you have a champ you want to see, or with a certain build that people don't play, lemme know.

HOKAY, so...

Since the patch update somewhere mid September, EZ got some nasty nerfs. Even myself, at first, was very upset. Turns out, Riot didn't make EZ a ****py champ, they simply prevented him from being ridiculously unstoppable. With the release of the 'Manamune', EZ would have torn the place apart without some viable nerfs to keep him in check. And it a point.

This build is an Attack Damage/Armor Penetration build that i have been using....well, since EZ came out (minus the new items). The idea here, is to maximize the availability and damage output of your "Mystic Shot" ability (his 'Q' ability.)

There are a few things you need to know when using this build.

---First, you need to be able to skillshot. --for those who are familiar with Ezreal or other trickshot characters, skip to the next section-- Ezreal's Q, W, and R abilities are all 'trickshot' abilities, which means they do NOT automatically hit your target like most champions' targeted spells do. Instead, they travel in a straight line from Ezreal in the direction, affecting the first approiate target they come in contact with. This can be, for some, a very difficult trick to master, and is essential for this build, and Ezreal in general.

---Second, it is exceedingly helpful to last hit like a madman. Fueling your income as fast as possible to get your Brutalizer and Manamune as quickly as possible. Most people go for the Manamune as their first main item, but i've found that this leaves EZ fairly weak by the time he gets it, and he doesn't have appropriate damage output. Acquiring the Brutalizer first, allows for earlier damage, armor penetration, and cooldown reduction, all of which are amazing. Honestly, if played right, the game will be in your hands, and over, by the time your Manamune is full.

---Third, as with every game you will play, you need to scout out your enemy team, and especially who is in your lane and the closest lane to you. This build certainly CAN be used for soloing the middle lane, but i have a separate build for that which works much better (coming soon). If the opposing team has a good amount of stuns or slows, you may want to adjust your build to accommodate a Quicksilver Sash soon after your Manamune.

PROS AND CONS (for those who like them being posted.)

-Naturally balanced, a good amount of all stats each level.
-Escape method (via Arcane Shift)
-Versatile hero (can be built as a AD or AP carry, or a support.)
-continuous, obnoxious HIGH damage output, whether AP or AD based.
-Passively increased Attack Speed, so no items are needed for that.
-Grrrreat range.

CONS (sadly):
-Base movement speed leaves something to be desired
-Natural glass cannon (Low health, low armor, low magic resist naturally).
-Fairly mana-dependent.
-Trickshot hero (he's hard to learn to play well)
-No available stuns, slows, taunts, tosses, roots, silences or any other utility.

Focus on Specific Abilities

your passive ability. it activates (procs) whenever and enemy is negatively affected by one of your abilities, other than Rising spell force. Each time it procs, Ezreal is granted an additional 15% attack speed, stackable up to 5 times. This is superduper when puttin some whoopin on a tower, or when an enemy is focused on someone other than you. The idea, to maximize from this ability, is to take note of the time limit on the stacks, and prevent them from running out. Each time you hit an enemy minion or champion, the 6 second timer resets, and you recieve an additional stack. Seeing as how you have decent mana regen, and low cooldowns, you should be able to keep the stacks at 5 for the majority of the time you are laning, without running out of mana.(NOTE: both Essence Flux and Trueshot Barrage can hit multiple targets at once, and this will stack Rising Spell Force that same amount, up to 5.)

THIS IS YOUR BREAD AND BUTTER! Mystic Shot is not only much more powerful than your basic attack, but the cooldown on it is low at all levels. The range was recently reduced, but is still long enough to get the job done. On hit, it reduces the cooldowns of all your other abilities on cooldowm by one second. Along with being able to cast this approximately every 4 seconds grants you HEAVY cooldown reduction with your Brutalizer, 'Glyph of Focus' runes, and your 'sorcery' and 'intelligence' masteries. Use Mystic shot to last hit minions, to keep your Rising Spell Force up, and to harass and kill the **** out of your enemies. Nuff said.

A lot of people swear by AP Ezreal, or by a hybrid AP/AD, using Spell Flux as their main damage. I'm not going to say they're wrong, because they're not. it works for them to whatever extent, and that's awesome. However, seeing as how it can't hit minions, has a shorter range, almost twice the cooldown time, and doesn't cool down any of your other abilities (like Trueshot Barrage and Arcane Shift, which they swear by as well), i see it as a fairly weak output for consistant damage. Also, Mystic Shot has a direct 1:1 attack damage ratio, whereas Essence Flux has somewhere close to a 1:.68 ratio, and Arcane Shift has a 1:.75 ratio. Meaning, that if you have 51 attack damage, Mystic Shot will deal (at level 1) its base 35 damage, plus your FULL attack damage (51) totaling to 86. If you go the AP route, and add an Amplifying Tome item at level 1, granting 20 AP, the Essence Flux will deal its base 80 damage, plus only 12 out of your 20 Ability Power. So, yes: at level 1, Essence Flux would deal 6 more damage, but takes almost 10 seconds to cast again, whereas Mystic shot cools down at just over 5 seconds. 86dam every 5 seconds, or 92dam every 10? you do the math.

--Arcane Shift:
So, even though i run an AD Ezreal, Arcane Shift is my favorite ability. The escapism available every 15 secs or so is just wonderful, plus, it doubles as a powerful offensive tool. Use it to keep distance between you and a chasing melee champ, while pounding on him with your Mystic Shot. Or, use it to change positions in team fights when you see a straggler at low hp. Overall, it has a veritable clowncar of uses, and never ceases to be amazing. Things to keep in mind, though: it can be very costly; the mana it costs before your Manamune is finished is detrimental to you if used too often. This build gives enough mana regen to keep you full 24/7 while spamming Mystic Shot all the time. Continued use of Arcane Shift will deplete that like nobody's business. Also, Arcane Shift is your ONLY escape tool, so if someone is paying attention to you, they can mark that you have 15 seconds between casts and attack you after you waste it. Then you're pretty much doomed...

--Trueshot Barrage:
Yumyumyum... this is your doom stick, ban hammer, bag full of death: whatever you want to call it. It does pretty good base damage, which is necessary, seeing as how you won't be getting any AP. At level 1 of the ability, it does 350 damage in a straight line aaaaaaalllll the way across the map. Trueshot Barrage does not end until it hits the edge of the map, and will hit every single unit in its path. With a 1 second casting delay, it's a fairly difficult to hit a moving target across the map, but is useful and easy enough to just toss down a lane. The thing i see as the more difficult trick to master, is checking Hp levels on the fly. If you're going to use Trueshot Barrage to rack up kills, you need to not only line up a perfect shot, but have perfect timing AND correctly estimate whether it will kill the target(s). This is all about practice, really. There is just no way i can describe how else to be skilled with your ultimate. Just get out there and kick some ***!!!


---My build spells and why---

Cleanse and Claravoyance:Cleanse is a wonderful addition to your lack of defense. Its ability to get you out of roots, stuns slows and the like goes very well with Arcane Shift; simply hit 'D' then 'E' and you're usually home free. (hey, that rhymes). That's pretty much it for Cleanse; it's quite self explanatory.

Ahh, but Clairvoyance... the black sheep of the summoner spells... (actually, that would really be rally, but rally is completely worthless unless you're IP grinding). Clairvoyance is widely overlooked as useless, because you can simply use wards to watch problem areas. While this is true, and wards are awesome, Clairvoyance allows you do do it for free, once a minute, from ANYWHERE on the map, without having to put yourself in danger. It is particularly amazing with Ezreal's ultimate. Say you're fighting with a Kassadin against a Katarina and a Shen in the jungle, and Kassadin gets Shen down very low, but dies to Katarina's ultimate, making fog of war pop up and shroud them out of view, and too far away from you to chase them. Well, ****. No kills for you, right? Wrong. You COULD just toss Trueshot Barrage in the general direction, hoping for a kill, but chances are, it won't happen. OR, you could toss your Clairvoyance where you think they were headed, and even if you don't see Shen, your chances increase of guessing correctly due to eliminating escape routes they didn't take. Alternatively, if you're in your base, and your friends die in the middle lane, but say that they got people SOOOO close, you simply light up the area with Clairvoyance, and send a Barrage packing; no guesswork necessary.

---Other good spells for AD Ezreal (if you don't like mine)---

Exhaust: can be very useful for shutting down carrys late game, or saving yourself or an ally early game. Aside from that, not super useful for this build.

Clarity: I actually used to use this every time i went out as Ezreal, because it's handy to be able to stay offensive after a big, mana-draining chase. your Trueshot Barrage and Arcane Shift are costly, and drain you fast; your mild mana regen can't keep up with that.

---Not so good spells for AD Ezreal---

Ghost: You have all the escape you'll need hardwired into your character, you don't need this at all. Just learn when to be conservative

Flash: No. you already have exactly this, but with damage, and a shorter cooldown by 2 minutes. I love flash, but not for EZ.

Ignite: Eh... i like Ignite only if you're AP-based, which this build is not. No thanks. You have enough power as is.

Rally: Just absolutely wothless. Period.

Fortify: is fun, but is useful more for a tank, so they can spec down the defense tree to get the Fortify talent. Not for EZ, thanks.

Heal: I'll admit, Heal has saved my butt hundreds of times, but you're not a tank, and you're not melee. EZ is ranged, and with a fairly long range at that. You should take minimal damage, and shouldn't need heal.

Smite: is mostly for jungling or champs like Gangplank who farm for cash. You don't need it, you have Mystic Shot!


Marks and Quints of Desolation: are absolutely necessary for making your Mystic Shot hit as hard as humanly possible. Most champs at level 1 have 35-ish armor, and most tanks have somewhere close to 50.

Seal of Replenishment: A good chunk of mana regen is necessary, and this is just the right amount to keep you at or above 80% mana throughout the laning phase while spamming Mystic Shot like crazy.

Glyph of focus: I've played with alot of different glyphs here, and only replenishment and focus are worth the IP, in my opinion. Seeing as how you cannot know what you are up against before the game starts, this offers some usefulness regardless of your opponents. If you tend to use Arcane Shift alot, switch over to Replenishment glyphs for added Mana regen.

Quintessence of Swiftness: This is just for kicks; it's personal taste. If you want a little more armor pen, go with that. More mana regen, cooldown reduction, gold per 10? cool. Whatever you want. personally, if i have my boots of swiftness, and so does an opponent, i like to be able to have that slight boost to make the difference.


This is where things get a bit tricky. I've played around alot with different builds, offense, defense, and utility, mixes of two, and mixes of all three. This is what i like the best for AD Ezreal, and i'll tell you why.

For starters, people ask me why i don't take the last two talents in Utility. (actually, no one asks me this, but i figure they will when i post this) The thing is, both the summoner spells i use have very low cooldowns, and don't need the reduction. i go far enough to get the cooldown reduction for Ezreal, and the speed boost, for the same reason i mentioned above, and that's it. Then, we hop over to Offense, where i grab MORE cooldown reduction, (totaling a 9% reduction JUST FROM MASTERIES) a small about of ability power, and some armor penetration. The increased gold and mana regen in Utility help, too.


The neat things i like about this build are noted in the -Stats box-
Your armor penetration is high enough to hit most champs for true damage from level 1 to level 8, and almost true damage again around level 13 when you hopefully buy your Last Whisper.

You also have a deliciously high 16% cooldown reduction at level one, that scales to 26% when you get your Brutalizer. That's all the cooldown you'll ever need.

Seeing as how you START with just over 40 armor pen at level one, and then scale from there, you can often nix the Brutalizer until later, or remove it entirely for a Sword of the Occult (if you're doing particularly well). If your fighting particularly fragile champs, and you decide to you nix the Brutalizer, just finish your Manamune early, and go forth from there.