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Ezreal Build Guide by Deathwalkxx

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Deathwalkxx

Ezreal the Hybrid carry

Deathwalkxx Last updated on October 16, 2011
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Well straight to the point. This guide is entirely based on 5v5's. Yes ranked is included, I've only done a couple of ranks with this build so feel free to send me a tiny pic of your ranked I haven't tested this on dominion or 3v3 so best of luck if your attempting to use this guide for either. This is a flat damage and ap build, so no infinity crits. Also this is my first guide so give me some slack =X. kthx lets move on.

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AD Ezreal


-Very good carry
-Easy escape with his E and Flash
-Good harassing champion if you can hit skill shots
-Fun and versatile
-Easy 1 2 3 combo

-Super squishy usually targeted the most
-Very low mana with this build so spamming skills is not encouraged
-Isn't very affective with skill shots with enemy minions around

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Summoner Spells

Best summoner spells

This combined with his E is a great escape combo. Flash will enable you to get away if your is on cool down or you are just out of mana. Recommend this for beginner Ezreals even though you need to be level 12 to get flash.

Ignite is a good summoner skill for those distance players. A few hits with Q a barrage and then ignite is a deadly combo.

I use Exhaust because you can easily take down your enemys with this. It slows, reduces your target's damage by 70% also reduces Ability/Item damage by 35%. Very good for 1v1ing someone in a brush or something. And for escaping since they get slowed and hit a lot less then they did before.

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Worst Enemys

is one of the worst champions you can face. Careful with fighting her, she can shut you down quick.

He is another one. If you can't nuke him down. Or he is really fed then he will make your life miserable since he can counter your escape skill with his

I think everyone hates garens silence and his spin to win. Try to avoid getting close to Garen and your fine. But if he gets to close he might tear you to pieces.

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Whats unique about Ezreal

Ezreal is one of the five champions with a blink skill. There's who has . Then there's with his . Also with his Last is with her .
But Ezreal's blink is unique from all the others since it can do damage while he runs away. So when Ezreal blinks away he shoots the closest thing next to him. This is very good for microing and running away. This skill has hit affects so while your running away your shot will slow your enemy if you have a or Red lizard buff. This is essential to Ezreal's survivability and success.

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Your ultimate should be used whenever you see a pack of enemy minions. Very good for farming long distance when u need like 20+ plus gold quick. Other then this it doesn't really matter what lane you go as long as you can farm legitimately. I prefer bot with a support though. If your enemy is a close ranged champion put the pressure on, zone him and last hit your minions. If your versing a long ranged champion who is hitting you hard, sit back and last hit with your ability.

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Proof this works

Here is a ranked game with some stats. This was a 41 minute game. My ELO is 1419 right here, got +17 from this match. Score is 10/8/11 victory

A normal game with this build

Normal that lasted 30 minutes Score is 12/3/6 . Victory