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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Ezreal - The Real Hybrid

Last updated on May 4, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Ezreal - The Pro%?#¤% Explorer

This is a guide for the Hybrid Ezreal with the intentions of being AD but it mostly goes through AP to pick up some good items and balance things out until Late-game. Ezreal being a Tier 4 Champion and based all on Skill shots can be very difficult to play but it pays off once you have gotten used to him and know what you’re doing, keep in mind that he can be one of the best champions in the right hands and one of the worst in bad hands. If you have a hard time on skill shots I do not recommend this champion, but you could always practice.

Buy- Meki Pendant
Buy- 2x Health Potions

Summoner Abilities?
1a Flash - This has some obvious reasons, double up
1b Cleanse - Against CC and Debuffs, it's very useful indeed
2b Teleport - You'll get faster back into the game, and Tower Defense
2b Ignite - I don't really recommend it but if you are aggresive then go ahead
3x Clairvoyance - Adds map control and checks bushes and miss calls.

-Great AP scaling
-Decent range with skills
-Unstoppable Force Late-game

-Squishy all Game
-Requires Skill
-Fable like

Early Game:

Start off with Meki Pendant and 2x Health Potions for early game, you could go Sapphire Crystal but we need Chalice of Harmony before we get sheen and we do better early game with Meki Pendant. When picking a lane you should go either top or bottom but if you are the only reliable carry on the team I would go middle and try to do my best. The first thing you should think about is who you should kill first, take the one with the lowest Armor, health or survivability and harass with mystic shot and auto-attack him all the time or the other one if he is being damn careful. Remember that mystic shot is blocked by minions so try to position yourself to harass them better, but at this stage I suggest moving instead of Arcane shift to maintain your mana for other situations where you are being ambushed or ganked. Sometimes you find face champions with lifesteal, healing or some form of shield to block damage, if it’s lifesteal you are screwed, if it’s heal you can wait for them to go oom, if it’s some form of shield you will have to harass them beyond that early on. Either way you will have to keep on harassing and of course don’t forget to last hit minions with auto attacks and mystic shots as well. You should recall when you have around 900 gold and buy Chalice, Boots of Speed and 1x Health Potion. You will want to lane with Tanks and Crowd Controllers, and you should avoid laning with Stealthers and Scrubs. Even though Ezreal is capable of babysitting carries that is not his main job, you need to keep your enemies at bay by harassing and not act like Soraka but healing your ally when you have Chalice of Harmony is something you should always take into consideration.

Buy- Chalice of Harmony
Buy- Boots of Speed
Buy- Sheen
Buy- Mercury's Treads

Mid Game:

With Chalice of Harmony, Sheen and a pair of reliable boots you should be able to keep up your mana pool, harass better with mystic shot and avoid getting ganked or take any focus fire. These three things are important with Ezreal as you need to be careful when playing him, if your enemy got any form of slow, immobilize or a stun that lasts over 2 seconds I would stay with my teammates and try to take down the towers or gank when defending or switching lanes. When you are going for the kill you should be spamming Mystic shot and Essence flux while getting a better position with Arcane Shift and finish of with a few auto attacks and Trueshot Barrage. You should also abuse your passive when you are farming and destroying towers by spamming Mystic Shot and if you have a teammate be sure to shot Essence Flux to increase his attack speed, procing both sheen and Rising Spellforce. Don't forget to grab a Golem Buff early on ot be able to constantly spam your abilties, Lizard Buffs can also be used to improve your killing potential.

Buy- The Brutalizer
Buy- Youmuu's Ghostblade
Buy- Phage

Late Game:

Now that most of you are level 14-18 you will all be sticking together, You are meant to keep your distance while healing, nuking and adding up DPS on a ganked target. Usually I grab a golem buff and spam Essence flux and Mystic shots with a few Arcane shift in those sticky situations, you can also open or finish with Trueshot Barrage. With the golem buff you will never go oom as long as you have it so it's a must! When you are farming up you will need to spam Mystic Shot and Arcane Shift while using Essence flux at allies and enemies, by doing this you can cooldown your ultimate and quickly get 5 stacks in your passive. By doing this you will increases your attackspeed which increases the damage from Mystic Shot, also as you know that when mystic shot is spammed it will reduce all your cooldowns eg. your Ultimate. If you like taking risks like I do then you can push towers and go for kills by sniping them down and then turn all into an Escape Artist when they got the upper hand by double flashing and then run ftw, if there is no way out you can always try to Teleport your way out if it’s available in a bush. However if they got Ashe on the team and another stunner, slower or anyone with snare you will need to be more careful and always check out the map for enemies. If you want to win the game you just need to Heal, Nuke and Initiate when they are all low and add up DPS with the usual to Ace and Destroy towers.

Buy- Trinity Force
Choose one of the three:
Buy- Last Whisper
Buy- Wit's End
Buy- Sword of the Divine
Choose one of the three:
Buy- The Black Cleaver
Buy- Infinity Edge
Buy- The Bloodthirster
EDIT: Sell Chalice of Harmony for Nashor's Tooth
"Just some In-game tips, don't worry about the losing streak you will be on"
"You will own when you know the build and how to use your skills"

Things to watch for:
Crowd Control, it's your worst enemy

"Comment and Rate if you like, also some feedback and questions are much appreciated"
Special Thanks to: HeAt, DEWO, Little Mofo and especially AnalSamurai for his Constructive Critique