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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ScorpioRage

Ezreal: The Skillshot Master

ScorpioRage Last updated on August 30, 2010
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Ezreal, The Prodigal Explorer

This is a semi-hybrid Ezreal build which has proven to work very well for anyone that I've advised to use.

You're job is a mixed one as Ezreal. You'll be able to solo mid, gank, chase, push, farm, harass, quickly kill turrets, and most importantly, easily steal Baron kill. In order to do much of this though you're going to need to have a successful early-mid game.

1. You are very versatile.
2. Skill shots have a larger range than most targeted abilities allowing you to effectively harass without being harassed.
3. Because of Mysic Shot, and Nashor's Tooth, you have a highly damaging, low mana cost, spam-able skill shot.
4. You can escape some sticky situations with easy using Arcane Shift.
Ex. Being able to port out of Amumu's ultimate, porting away from characters with snares, Ryze, Morgana, etc., to escape their wrath.
5. Your ultimate can make people "Nerd Rage" in more than one way.
  a. You can kill fleeing, low health enemies.
  b. You can kill enemies teleporting to shooting at their spawn.
  c. You can steal Baron kill giving your team a huge advantage.

1. You are squishy early/mid game.
2. If spamming abilities, you will eat through your mana in a very timely fashion.
3. Skill shots are just that, abilities that require skill to use effectively.

Core-Item Build:

Okay, this item build was concocted knowing a few things. 1. Ezreal tends to have mana problems early game especially when trying to harass. 2. Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker. Same can be said with AP and AD for Ezreal, so who said you had to chose just one? 3. Because Ezreal has the definite ability to kill and escape a snowballing item only makes sense.

Breakdown: Grabbing a Meki Pendant along with 1 of each potion will give you quite a bit of staying/harassing power no matter if you take mid or not, though you should always try to get mid, but as always there are some champions better suited to it.

Try to stay in your lane until you have minimum 1,719 gold. This a lots you just enough money to get Boots +1 and Sword of the Occult. You can stay until you have between 2289 - 2569 gold. This lets you get Either Berserker's Greaves or Mercury Treads. NOTE: Choosing which shoes you get is vital. You have to ask yourself, is their team is mostly made up of melee champions and/or champions without stuns/slows/snares/etc.? If yes definitely go for Berserker's Greaves. Also ask yourself, am I good with Ezreal? Can I hold my own and make effective use of Arcane Shift to save my skin? If yes, also go for Berserker's Greaves. If you answer no to both then you should get Mercury Treads without question.

Next comes turning your Meki Pendant into Nashor's Tooth. This item gives you mana regen, nice. Attack speed, nice. Ability power, okay. And a whopping 25% cooldown reduction, Awesome. (With masteries, runes, and this item you have a 36.1% CD reduction)

At this point in the game you are likely to be ganking, getting ganked, chasing, etc. So that is why Phage is next and it fills such a nice roll. Giving you survivability which is desperately needed, and with your attack speed, it gives a rather reliable slow, great for chasing down fleeing champions and as a bonus you get some attack damage. Best part? Mystic shot, with it's ridiculous range, applies on hit effects, meaning you can slow your victim with one of your abilities.

After Phage you get B.F. Sword x2. Why don't you turn them into anything yet? Because they are the most cost effective items for raw AD. These buff up your Mysic Shot and auto attack considerably. If the game lasts this long you need them for team fights and tearing through towers/inhibitors/anything that gets in your way.

If you make it this far you can upgrade your B.F. Swords. Generally Bloodthirsters are the best way to go for the best damage/lifesteal out there, but if there is an enemy tank that just won't die a Black Cleaver is always good.

Finally turn Phage into a Frozen Mallet for no other reason than there isn't anything else to upgrade in your inventory.

If you're at this point and the game is still not over, buy all the elixirs as Ezreal will benefit from them all and they activate upon purchase now.

Summoner Spells:

Flash - Combined with Arcane Shift this allows you to literally appear out of no where as well as giving you an escape option
Teleport - With nearly every character in 5v5's is seems teleport is a requirement because of the shear size of the map.
Cleanse - Being a squishy carry stuns, slows, snares and other forms of CC are your natural bane because they pretty much seal your fate and you'll be spending some time looking at a gray screen. Cleanse can cure this problem.

Exhaust - It's good and can be devastating especially since you lack a early game form of CC. But alas, it can easily be cleansed which lowers it's effectiveness to near zero.
Ignite - It's good as always, can increase damage output and net you a last hit from a low health fleeing champion.
Ghost - Having another escape can be good. Popping Arcane Shift and ghost away before anyone can catch you is a sound escape skill.
Clairvoyance - Nice for checking Baron and MIA's but other than that is has few uses.
Clarity - If you don't have Mana per 5 runes, or you don't get Meki Pendant first, you'll want this for the increased mana.

No not Touch:


Rising Spell Force (Passive) - This ability is great and scales well with AD. With max stacks it gives 75% attack speed, refreshed every time one of your abilities hit. This makes it easy to demolish towers or tear through minion buildups.

Mystic Shot - Your bread and butter skill. Even with the nerfs bringing the attack scaling down to 100% of ability power this skill is still incredible. Dealing physical damage, and hitting for upwards of 500-600 damage end game. The kicker is that this spell proc's on hit effects.

Essence Flux - This abilty does very good damage without any help which is why you pick up two levels in it early, use this to harass champions smart enough to stay behind units at all times. Because of it's stand alone damage this can be done quite easily.

Arcane Shift - This is your escape/repositioning skill. It's very useful for escaping, blinking through walls, the forest, etc. But it is also very handy in repositioning yourself to better hit an enemy champion. Always fun to use this, and wreck them with your other ability then "/all Where are your minions now!?"

Trueshot Barrage - Great skill. It has a relatively low cooldown, reduced even more when you are hitting units with Mystic shot. One of it's major uses is to max out your passive's stacks with one ability making sure you go into a fight with as high of attack speed as you can get.

How to Play:

Early Game: Grab your Meki Pendant and potions and get to your lane. You should always try to get mid unless you have a character with a global skill that they can utilize relatively quickly. Karthus and Twisted Fate are two examples of this. After minions spawn you stay away from the attack minions, only moving up to get in a last hit. You don't want to push early because you're just setting yourself up to get ganked. But you definitely want to be taking every opportunity to hit your lane competition with a Mystic Shot, Essence Flux and auto attacks. If you're laning against a character with a teleport like yours, Katarina w/ Shunpo for example, harassing is going to be a but harder but still possible. If you can get them to about 1/3 of their health by level 5 or 6 you can attempt to Arcane Shift + Mystic Shot + Essence Flux to kill them. By this time you should have your gold to get boots and Sword of the Occult.

Mid Game: You should be running around the map ganking enemy champions and helping lanes push towers. Please remember, you are not an initiator, and are squishy. If you are going to gank have faith that you can kill them quickly otherwise the tides can be quickly turned on you.

Late Game:
Don't initiate team fights, when killing towers you can use your ultimate to boost your attack speed greatly to help destroy them that much faster. Try to target squishies first in team fights by flashing/blinking around the other characters.

Any comments are appreciated.