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Ezreal Build Guide by o0ralos0o

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author o0ralos0o

Ezreal - The True Barrager

o0ralos0o Last updated on July 13, 2011
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Ezreal - The True Barrager - Introduction

Alright so Ezreal is quite known for being a difficult champion to make but having multiple ways of being built. It's great to see the variety of AP Ezreals and AD Ezreals or even hybrids but this guide is really only going to cover AD Ezreal with a twist.

I fell in love with Ezreal before I bought him just by the way his abilities sound and honestly, I haven't really found another champion I like more than him. I've use many of the AD guides on this website and even the one on RiotGamesInc's channel where Phreak is showing him off in the champion spotlight. I'm still evolving my build so please feel free to add or remove things as you play.

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Pros / Cons

Some pros/cons about Ezreal in general...


  • Great mid
  • A lot of burst power
  • Strong and spammable Q
  • Powerful throughout the game (if you manage to not die)
  • Arcane shift is incredibly helpful
  • Has a strong debuff for enemy team and nice buff for his fellow dps

  • Terrible against Crowd Control
  • Can be focused on... a lot...
  • squishy squishy squishy
  • if you die a lot you're kind of useless...>.> i have fix!
  • slow movement speed
  • you have to be able to know how to use skill shots fairly well
  • not beginner friendly
  • can be item dependent end game

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Skill Sequence

So right away you want to max out your mystic shot. Why? having 115 damage PLUS your total AD can have you at a 400 damage power shot with a 2 second delay mid game.

Essence Flux unfortunately waste too much mana but you don't want to double up on arcane shift since you'll mostly use it for it's flash and it needs the cooldown rate from the leveling. Use when ally champ is near for gank or enemy champ is challenging you

Do not double up on it at level 4. You will burn too much mana for spamming it and regret it. I have plenty of times

after level 11 max arcane shift and move onto essence flux while grabbing TS again at level 16

Secret Weapon in arsenal. Use with caution ;)
It does a nice 300 damage at just level 6 but once it hits 11, with items, you can make it slam other champions with 700 damage.

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Alright so I haven't had much time to play with these BUT!!! I will give some advice.

Straight up:

Armor Penetration. all the way
Greater Mark of Desolation x9

Greater Quintessence of Desolation x3

Glyphs and Seals... I find it to be useful to just go pure mana regen or mana regen and cooldown
Greater Seal of Replenishment x9

Greater Glyph of Replenishment x9 or Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction x9

reason being? Cooldown is your best friend but Ezreal has terrible and i mean terrible mana regeneration. It helps you get to level 11 much faster as mid

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This is where this guide gets interesting. I've built Ezreal MANY ways.

Starting Item
with that 475 gold.

When I first started playing
+ x2

Meki Pendant allows for a lot of flexibility in lane.
Let's you spam your skills and stay confident that you'll have enough mystic shots to end someone.
From here you can build two things which will be covered after trinity force.

What I progressed to

Wow was all i had to say about picking this baby up the first time.
Really let's you farm nicely against harassers and sometimes you can out damage champions if you stack your passive high enough and just auto attack them with a few mystic shots.
Really neat and builds into bloodthirster mid game. Saves you gold on that :D! explained after trinity force

What I start with now

100 extra health comes really in handy
Adds more punch to your mystic shot
The little life steal helps
I was hesistant at first to get this since it takes all of your gold at the start but now i'm fearless at using it. Sold mid to late game for some extra gold and slot.



Don't care. i'll explain it later. Just know that in the end, 25% attack speed is amazing with 50% on your passive ;)

Cooldown reduction is AMAZING on Ezreal. I've gotten it down to being able to spam mystic shot in under a second!!!
These boots give much need to his ult which can be a pain at times since i personally spam it as much as possible.
It's not my bread and butter for choice but definitely a really neat set of boots

Trinity Force!!!!!

ALWAYS! ALWAYS! ALWAYS! build trinity force through sheen and either the rest or one of the other pieces. ALWAYS!

it's usually the third or fourth item i get now-a-days but it's important to build with and have

Mystic shot gains power from using sheen's buff!!!
And all around it's a item that was practically hand crafted by the gods themselves for Ezreal just because of all the effects.


Sokay... Now for the more detailed portion. Blue is more of a spammable approach with meki pendent while orange is the vampiric scepter and purple is my current build. I'll start with blue and move down. Enjoy

Once you pick up enough gold you have a couple of options with meki's pendent being that it builds into more than just tear of goddess

This item needs to be RUSHED ASAP!
the longer you have it, the more skills you can spam, the stronger you get. simple as that
I noticed that i'd get a decent amount of power out of it and being able to stay in lane because i hardly ran out of mana.
didn't really need any pots after that
this item is more efficient if your not in mid lane

I've used it a few times and found out a few neat things
Completely eliminates the need for manamune since you'll be returned your mana quickly
although it gives no added physical support, it's great to have defensively for the 30 magic resist and again, allows you to spam which is the whole point of going meki pendent

After you pick one of those items above. pick your boots, grab your sheen/tforce and move onto something strong

Life Stealer

With this you probably want an early BloodThirster to have the stacks right away or build some attack speed. Yes... attack speed... get over it.

Allows you to be a little bit of a hybrid so more Ult damage
Added attack speed means better life steal!

Great support ability with free ward
Gives you defense and attack, can't complain
Added life steal is a bonus
But!! Makes bloodthirster 3000 again ;)

greaves becoming handy in this build more than CD boots. from here pick strong items like bloodthirster and/or clever

Current build

Since doran's blade doesn't build into anything i don't worry about it
It's life steal is too low to take advantage of
building weapons with straight damage help... a lot!!!
i also tend to build all three or at least the last one with on the list with one other one.

Ah my precious. love this thing
10% cooldown helps right? 15 armor penetration alongside your 25 armor penetration helps too
25 attack power for a little something? kinda 1337 in my opinion ;)
Just a great weapon to get to hold out and get more money with.
I end up selling it later on.
Don't upgrade it, the active on ghostblade isn't beneficial to Ezreal, a ranged champion

Alright so i've been known to use this, frequently
110 damage is phenomenal for 1369 gold. just play smart
this substitutes my need for a strong weapon mid game, letting me focus on tforce quicker or something else

When you pick Sword of the Occult, you are to assume the position of ganker. No exceptions
Every assist, even buffing your team, gives you a stack or +5 AD
Every kill let's you kill more. just remember to not be afraid to go back and heal


me: othabic i****ivfu :D

patience. i'll explain why later...
the 10% cooldown is a big boost guys, especially along brutalizer and lucidity boots
just don't build this before a damage item unless you're bold and didnt take boots yet

boots are up to you again. i'd prefer greaves since they're cheaper and they're in my opinion more useful when you already have CDR (cool down reduction) weapons

Strong items

Probably my first pick when it comes to power
Great life steal ability and 100 damage is pretty sweet on ezreal
Don't be afraid to stay back and farm minions or jungle a little at this point in game
I actually stack two of these every now and then. especially if our team has been pushed into our base. just auto attack minions and kill champions with 200 attack and 50% lifesteal
Almost always pick one of these up !

Hybrid time? hell yeah
spell vamp, life steal, AP & AD with a nice nuke of 300 damage that slows... nice!
i would build this almost immediately when i was spamming and using manamune since it adds a good chunk to all your skills instead of just mystic shot and trueshot barrage
take a nice chunk of health before you start attacking with it's active ability!

if the team is building armor, pick up the clever
along side brutalizer u get a nice 85 armor penetration with 3 stacks and your runes.
the added attack speed is great too ;)

is the enemy team full of people with over 1.5k hp?
are you tired of dealing the exact same damage to anyone else but just not enough to hurt them proportionally?
Well get this puppy and watch them get slayed and remember... i love attack speed :D!

add some umpff to your other abilities.
come to the hybrid side. where you do just more damage as a burster :D
it's nice with a giant 50% attack speed boost and 25% CDR ;)
I use this almost anytime now. just amazing

AGAIN.... atkspd, i know.... i'll explain it later

Defense Items???

I personally don't like to add any defense to my ezreal.


Because he's more of a burst attacker and shouldn't really be ganked period.

BUT!! i have used items and if you really want to use something try these

quick to get since it's cheap
perfect for CC with it's active like cleanse

Shurelya's Reverie
i like this one
active is practically ghost
330 health with health regen and mana regen

Great support for teammates
+520 health isn't bad right?

All in all the tanks favorite debuffing support item
cripples with extra slow and 75 armor. decent for ezreal right?

Again, i do not believe Ezreal is really well suited to carry anything defensive...
He may be squishy and you'll be taking that away from him but i find an extra 60 AD makes a nice difference

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Summoner Spells

What to use:
Amazing for epic chases
have an enemy near death but your arcane shift has betrayed you by being cooled? self explained
what's better than to find a giant gank squad and flash over a hill then flash again with E?1

If you harass strong and early, you're almost always guaranteed that they will run
STOP THEM. hit them with ignite at about 1/3 hp and chase them. get first blood for once
control their life steal!
control their summoner heal!
suck their health down with it!

just all around useful... really it is...
Again, Ezreal is bad vs CC...
get rid of the slow and stun and gg :)!

Everyone's death warrant.
If you just can't seem to catch up to someone or a dps is being a pain in the ***. screw em up!

Get into the fight quicker! helps a lot since ezreal is slow...

Another way to catch up and run away. just last a little longer!

What not to use:
Everything else....

Heal & Clarity are okay but you want to be able to escape more than to just tank and push through.....

Get it?

Guide Top


If you read this and don't know what's going on exactly. I'm terribly sorry for you're lack of interest in my guide haha.

Moving on...

Attack speed is really underestimated on Ezreal. Everyone thinks that because of his passive he doesn't need it.
I come from a Lineage 2 background playing Moonlight Sentinel and believe me, just cause your the fastest doesn't mean you should let others get quicker than you

The benefits of getting more attack speed.
-you become an assault rifle
-items that deal additional damage with every hit (a.k.a. madred's bloodrazor Madred's Bloodrazor) will have better efficiency if you can deal more damage over a short period of time
-fake people out. most players do not expect a champion with fast attack speed and with ranged champions, it's hard to tell at times
-it stacks with your passive. +50% attack speed at 5 passive stacks + 50% from nashor's tooth +25% from greaves and then another 55 from black clever? damn...
-steal your teammates kills! you'll be out damaging them in dps. just auto attack their foe, help them out, get the kill :D!
-10 * 65 is better than 5 * 80... in other words even if you do less damage, if you can hit them quicker and quicker, you'll end up with better outputs and towers abide by this rule religiously

So before i get heat or flames. just realize what you may or may not miss out on. i mean it's still just as viable not to use attack speed. but why round yourself out instead of focusing on your strength?

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In conclusion... Ezreal is a god in the right hands but he's so versatile, if you put time into him you'll find a way to make him your own.

I advocate using attack speed coming from the fact that i just love the fact of landing so many hits on them before they can target me. And don't say 1.6 attack speed is the same as 2.4.... cause it's not...

Some tips as well.
-Set up SmartCasting for Q W and E. You don't want to second think your movements since you can spam all your skills
-Be aware of your surroundings, make sure you're not being lead into a gank or find a nice easy exit
-Ezreal's auto attack is very nice and he can farm minions fairly well. Better with attack speed ;)
-NEVER be afraid of porting back to spawn for health. Remember that death's on LoL are terrible and just because of 1 death you can lose the entire game depending on how much gold you give them and all other circumstances
-Sniping with Trueshot. Just keep trying it until you get the hang of it. Eventually you'll grow to use it and land it more frequently. Just takes time.
-Hybrid Ezreal doesn't mean he sucks. it means he does more damage over all his attacks
-Respect the attack speed boost
-Cool down reduction is your best friend sometimes ;)

--- as for the fix that i included above. if you find yourself dying a lot, just farm minions. defend the base if you've been pushed back and once you start getting your items you'll be fine. Ezreal is pretty item dependent end game but he's worth it