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League of Legends Build Guide Author cheesin

Face Roll Morgana

cheesin Last updated on October 12, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This is the basic set up for a strong mid morgana.

Runes I highly suggest using this exact set up. IMO this gives a mid lane Morgana some early advantages in both damage/harass and spell vamp hp regen. At level 1 you should have around 27 AP and only goes up from there. At level 5 you should be a minion farming machine. If you have a pesky mid such as Mord or MF having the mana regen will allow you to harass defensively or to keep them at bay.

Summoner abilities such as ghost and flash give you the option or save your own *** or to move in quickly for a finishing blow/setup/gank escape.

My itemization is based on the ability to take some dmg early and staying in lane for a while(catalyst). With that you should be able to force a kill here and there giving you the ap you need from mejais. Going RoA quickly as possible after finishing mejais very important. Allows you to take a lot of dmg, stay in the full duration of your ult, and makes your a lot harder to gank. If you manage to farm boots, cata, mejais, and RoA under 30 min its almost a guaranteed win.

ALSO I am a fan of wards. If it has been quiet for a while and no ganks.. you can assume you got one coming. With Morgana's lane pushing effectiveness it is not uncommon for the enemy mid to call in a gank. Getting wards when you know you are doing well and denying them gold and xp is too smart. You will save your self some xp and not give them 300g for your precious corpse.

Play style focuses on:

    maximizing last hits early
    denying enemy xp and gold (have them at their tower as much as possible)
    harassing tower when ever in safe range
    showing little aggression till 6 (catch them by surprise at 6 and first blood)
    not going oom
    harassing within the limits of your spell vamp passive.
    using black shield effectively (avoiding stuns, dots, dmg)
    Not losing stacks on dumb roaming
    Not being overzealous when summoner abilities are down
    knowing when to be aggressive

    When a tower goes down and team fights begin. The plan is to be the highest level champion, most farmed, and dangerous.

    At level 18 on a fed and farmed Morgana, the ability to 2v5 becomes a reality. (quadra 4v2 amumu and morg dbl ult kek)

The list outlined above is very general and if your team executes well and no ****** feeds the build should take care of itself. Its Morgana ffs. exceptions to this build are easy. Lets say you got a xin destroying top lane... fed and ends up being their main carry. after RoA, go for a randuins. If they got a stacked Vlad go for abyssal scepter.

Aside from the list make sure you are looking at the map and don't miss out on any good ganks or possible team saves. With ghost, flash, your ult slow, and bind you should feel safe pushing far in mid. During team fights, time your ults well pref in tangent with ults such as amumu, galio, mf,etc.

Random tips:

When midding against MF, stand to the side almost on her half. drop aoe on a grp of minions hide in bushes, rinse and repeat.

Mord: stand to the side and do your best to not go oom, dodge ciphon, and ninja auto atks/dmg when shield is down.

Using your ult defensively is also a smart play. Slows and stuns for the get away.

Always have Tormented soil down when low hp (hp regen) almost like a caster garen.