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Last updated on February 20, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey, so guess you may be wondering what Morgana is even doing in 3v3. Well I'll tell you, she's extremely powerful in Twisted Treeline and extremely underplayed. Both of these are reasons to play her and use this guide. The first is obvious, the second more subtle. When the general "agrees" on a champ being sub-par, or just stops playing them because of nerfs (which is what happened with Morg), they go into essential "hibernation", waiting until someone who likes obscure champs picks them up and discovers unlocked or overlooked potential.

That's what I've done with Morgana in 3v3. I'll agree that for 5v5, she is NOT optimal. Her lane phase can be anywhere from good to atrocious and her ult isn't as strong as it used to be with Cleanse being more popular. With bruisers becoming WAY too strong in S3, her spellshield is also on the meh side.

These are all true negatives, but these don't apply on TT. Here, the lanes are tight, snares rule, and her ult is probably the highest damage ability a team can have.

She's got cc, anti AP capability, aoe damage and great farming, and the perfect ult for snagging the Ace via 1v2 situations. She's essentially the cleanup crew in a fight, and she's great for setting up the kills.

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Why play Morg in TT over other utility APs?

Zyra: I've played both, and honestly Zyra has "better" utility but she only has 2 damage spells (her ult and her Q). She's good for catching someone in lane or in jungle, but the snare is slower than morg's and deals almost negligible damage, where as Morg has 90% ap ratio and a longer range. In short, Morg can catch a target AND kill them, Zyra has trouble closing the deal,and I don't have time for champs who can't get the job done themselves.

Lux: I honestly don't know who's better here. Their Q's are very similar with the exception that lux can hit 2 targets without the same damage ratio. Lux ult can definitely be stronger in certain situations but again I'd definitely take the utility and chance for 2x damage from Morg. Both have shields, but Morg's can block cc, which is insanely relevant.

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Things to keep in mind

You really need the Blackthorn Skin. I dont know why, but for some reason, Morg's blackthorn skin makes her Q much more responsive than her other skins. The graphics just work better. It almost feels like the snare ball moves faster, I swear.

Remember your passive. if you are hesitating whether to run back to base or stay and hep your team mates in a fight but your HP is low, use your W on minions to recoup and get back in there. You're worth more snaring and hanging back than you are back and out of the fight completely. Think of it this way: When you're not in the fight, you might as well be dead.

Your spellshield is useless after you've been hit with the cc, it doesn't break it, so when you know enemies are around, be ready to pop the shield or even throw it up to initiate so they cant counter cc for 5 sec.

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I love this champion, she's been my favorite for a while but I only recently figured out how strong she is in TT. I don;t want to say she's optimal vs EVERYTHING because I know I'll get flamed, but she really doesn't have any terrible match ups except Jax, and he poops on just about everything.
Seriously, if I can 1v1 a fed Jayce as Morg on TT I can handle just about anything, and I can do that no problem.
You can too. I hope this guide helps, I know it's not very exciting or flashy but I'm new to making these. I hope you try her out in TT and you like this guide. Please feel free to comment and rate.