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Morgana Build Guide by Guest

Fallen Angel S5: Kitevamp Supporgana

Fallen Angel S5: Kitevamp Supporgana

Updated on March 20, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Build Guide By Guest 1,831 Views 0 Comments
1,831 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Morgana Build Guide By Guest Updated on March 20, 2015
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Falling From Grace (overview)

Hopefully most people are aware that Morg has been one of the best supports in the game in all five seasons.

In Season 5 I'm convinced she's even stronger; she's the only champion that really feels like "easy mode" with a good team. And while she can literally play any position but ADC, I feel she still shines in the support role best of all - getting easily fed from assists or close-call kills, and your gold item and masteries - and being a carry in her own right even if your ADC is green.

The idea behind this build is not hard; it's a near-flat AP build with a little bit of mana regen and penetration in the runes; a caster vamp build in the runes with a lil' gold help to keep you in a position to get your first Large Rod and Sightstone; and the core is no different than countless other Morg builds; the variety here is in potentially taking Rabadon's before Zhonya's (I know - the horror! - but hear me out).

The mana regen is crucial. And Clarity is another dark horse pick; but honestly, mana is so underrated on Morg and lots of champions in general that I urge you to try it. With Clarity, Morg can cast away early, hit a few stuns and soils; then use Clarity and sit back and let your ADC eat up lots of CS while you positionally deny the ADC and opposing support their own CS.

This build tends to dominate and do a lot of damage; so the real risk from this build only comes from very good junglers or very tanky supports (Malph is a pain, for instance, but thankfully not all that popular lately in support meta as of this guide's writing).
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Their Pain Is My Strength (runes + masteries + etc.)

The runes and masteries can be tweaked, but I recommend NOT changing the 30 flat AP base on the runes or the 3% vamp from the masteries at all. Those two things combine for a nearly ridiculous level of sustain.

And make sure you have mana regen somewhere from runes, items, and masteries to keep you going.

I recommend 5 regen from runes/masteries somewhere for best effect; yes, it's a lot to put in regen, but it's worth it. And I do like Clarity on this build a lot. You can take Exhaust or Heal if you really hate Clarity that much, but I recommend you try it once; the sustain it gives is simply insane.
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The Power Of Darkness (AP item core)

There's nothing new here; Zhonya's + Rabadon has more or less always been Morg's core, in my opinion. Void Staff is a beautiful third in any case because it just makes sure your enemies are hurting like hell all the time.

I actually tend to build Rabadon's first unless my team is really ****ing the bed. A lot of players might dismiss it; but honestly, once you have Rabadon's and even one or two minor AP boosting items (Amplifying Tomes work nicely) - well, your stun/soil combo will take off a third or more of a life bar, and that's just so useful in so many situations.

If you are however teamfighting early or your team isn't up to the game, Zhonya's is probably a better first build, for your classic Soul Shackles combo. Beware however that I find that bad teams often can't even follow up on that combo; so even then sometimes I build Rabadon and minor AP boosters just for killpower. If you do go Zhon's, Sunfire Cape can really help the power of your lure combo.

Any game where you can get Rabadon's, Zhonya's, and Void early - well, you ought to be winning, and if not, you're not hitting your stuns properly. More on this later.

As a final note, you will want your Sightstone because it makes the process of kiting and hitting your stuns much, much better, and you ARE supporting after all. Be good and build it. However, I actually prefer to get a Blasting Wand and 3 Stealth Wards after the first push (or better if the lane went well), and get the SS on the second one - which hopefully netted you kills or a turret!
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Bound, Tormented And Shackled (skills use)

I have nothing to contribute to Morg's classic combos. She's not a hard champion. She has two basic combos that every Morg player MUST know: Dark Binding-Tormented Soil (Q-W) and Soul Shackles-Tormented Soul-Zhonya's (R-W-item)

Q-W is pretty straightforward. If you hit a stun on them, immediately follow it up by boiling their footsies. Every Morg player knows this and should be able to pull it off effortlessly.

R-W-statue is harder. Honestly, if all you can get off before they CC the heck out of you and you have to go golden is your Shackles, it's often still worth it IF your team is competent and in a position to follow up. But it's also the most powerful; and if you're fed, it generally actually becomes E on yourself, Flash into the enemy team, R-Q-W-statue-plus Bami's or Sunfire. The damage this can do if you hit every key properly is unbelievable, and if your team isn't able to follow up on it, find better players to play with.

A few more notes on skill use - I do take Soil first; not Binding. Why? Simply because the stun can be dodged and soil can't. You can generally knock several life bars off the enemy bot lane or deny them boatloads of CS and hit level 2 first; at which point you're in great position to have your ADC take a 20-30 CS lead while the opponents stand frustratedly behind the wave, afraid of your combo and higher health.

A final note : Even though this build takes Black Shield later rather than sooner, that's not a hard requirement. Take it at level 2 if you're up against anyone with a real CC threat. Remember that it doesn't block physical damage; but you can Shield yourself, for instance, and wander freely over into a space you usually couldn't due to CC threats; the real power of Shield is twofold - use it in a just-in-time fashion to spoil CC coming at you or the ADC, or cast it on yourself so you can walk around freely for a few seconds and ward or push the ADC or enemy support out of the lane. Most players will fall back if a Shielded dark angel is coming at them, fearing a combo. Don't be too risky; but definitely use it to deny position.

Conserve your health. This is a kiting build, not a suicide charge build. Kiting is the soul of League; but especially so with Morg. In, out, in, out, combo, hit, and don't expose yourself to danger. You are one of the longest-ranged champions in the game; use it!
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Afraid Of The Light (dangers)

I have been playing this build because it is a very safe pair of hands. There isn't much that is dangerous to it, but there are a few things.

In general, the only thing that can shut you down is a very fed, very resistant tank; but if you end up against one, you will lose your biggest power - the ability to be a positional "bully", and deny the opposing team their CS or init positions. So try hard NOT to feed any supertanks.

There are two support matchups that can counter you: Malph and Alistair, the tanky-tank supports. Malph is the biggest pain in the *** because his shield pretty much negates your binding and your W doesn't much hurt him, and his rockroll is a guaranteed hit and slow while your own stun is not. Ali is almost as bad because he tanks and heals both. If you let either of these champs feed, they WILL roll over your lane, because they can just stand there, eat your damage, and pound on you. In both cases, concentrate on the ADC if you can - because neither one can dish out a lot of damage, if you can get the ADC to fall back, your ADC can do the damage to Malph/Ali that need to be done. (Braum is a tanky-tank too, but as he is defensive he's far less scary; what you have to fear is not the tankiness but the charge aspect, I find).

Thresh and Blitz are no problem if you're playing with a good ADC who can dodge the grabs. If instead you find yourself playing with Yolo The Mighty who looks likely to give up ten kills before midgame if you don't do something, get points in Black Shield early and save them from themselves - it prevents all disables - watch for the trigger and Shield your ADC before it hits - you can use portrait-targeting if you need to, hovering over their portrait, if they're really bad, though it'll affect your other skill usage.

There are also junglers who are a pain in the ***; Shaco and Eve are problematic as they are to many matchups; so get pinks and ward the river with them if you're against either. Jarvan, Lee, and Xin can take your punishment and kill you, so don't foolishly engage if they gank in hard.

However, even against these matchups, this build won't leave you stranded. Play position and the long game well and keep their ADC from CS'ing and you can still beat any of these matches.

Most other matchups, I find, really fall over hard. This build and Morg in general ruin a lot of popular champs who depend on CC and disables - Ahri, for instance, is almost totally negated because your Shield cancels out her Charm; and a lot of other mages who depend on CC will fear you too. And your sustain gives you the edge over a ton of other champs, period. If they aren't packing any regen, your natural spellvamp and the mana regen in this build will make sure they just get whittled down over and over.
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Sister, I Have Beaten You At Last (afterword)

Kayle was more dominant than Morg for a lot of S4; in S5 Morg is finally the dominant angel sister.

The sad thing is that she IS in the top rank of bans right now, just because she's so dominant.

But if you get a chance to play her, you can roll over lanes with this build. It has so much sustain and hits really, really hard. I have taken this build mid and top both and it even holds its own as a solo build; as a support build it's nearly like having the power of an extra ADC in lane.

Good luck, angels.

"Overground, watch this space
I'm open to falling from grace" --Sneaker Pimps
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