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Fawkes (Balanced Team)

Last updated on September 10, 2010
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Team line is as Follows

Malphite and Anivia take top
Ezreal Mid
Olaf and Gangplank Bottom


Firstly you must act as a Shield for anivia as she as a squishy char, also at mid/end game to act as an unkillable royal pain in the ***
Early game in your lane you must slow enemies to assist Anivia with nukes... also help her kill them (but i shouldnt need to tell you that)

-Switch Ninja tabby for Mercenaries Treds if team is Mage Heavy
-Get Force of Nature before Thormail if team is Mage Heavy
-If team is balanced run the build above
-If team is melee Heavy take out Force of Nature for Black Cleaver


-1 Due to Anivia being one of the best Nuker in the game you can successfully nuke/Harras other champions and level 2! Coordinate with your teams Malphite to coordinate attacks
-2 Mid/End game rack up as many kills as possible soo your over fed... If you dont know what that is just stop reading this now...

-You shouldnt change your item sequence


-1 Your gonna be in the mid lane. This means your gonna want to get a couple of kills on the other person at mid with you
-2 try to get mid tower to go help with ganks

- The only things you should worry about is your boot choice for Example
-Berserkers Greaves is the most recommended by me
-Buy mercenaries if your under too much magic pressure
-Buy Ninja tabi if your under too much Melee Pressure


-Your role is to get survive to end game with as little deaths as possible as well as assisting with kills

-Change Ninja Tabi to Berserker if your against some noobs
-Change Ninja Tabi to Mercenaries if there is too much Magic Pressure


-Your roles are basically the same as Gankplanks, Dont die, and coordinate with Gankplank for kills

-Get Force of Nature before Randuins if there is too much Mage pressure
-Switch Mercenaries Treds to Ninja Tabi if there is too much Melee pressure
-Switch Mercenaries Treds to Berserker Greaves If you are confident with your abilities to get kills without dieing


-1 Gankplank needs to communicate with the team alot of placement of his ultimate it can be the difference between Feeding or Being Fed
-2 Ezreal is in the same boat as Gankplank good use of his ultimate can rack up alot of kills for him
-3 As soon as mid game starts Anivia needs to help specific areas that are under too much pressure, her Nukes can come in very handy
-4 Olaf should always Target enemy tanks
-5 Malphite needs to take pressure off the rest of the team by