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Fiora Build Guide by TmillZ

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TmillZ

Fencing with Fiora

TmillZ Last updated on March 5, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello! I am the TmillZ, and I am bringing you a guide to one of my favorite champions so far, Fiora. Fiora is a duelist champion that thrives off of picking off low health enemies in team fights and winning duels like nobodies business! In this guide, I will tell you tips and tricks so you can have your enemies at their knees!

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Who is Fiora?

Fiora, my friends, is a MELEE CARRY. She is NOT an assassin, so do NOT try to build her like one. Her Burst of Speed gives makes her very aa reliant, and her Lunge helps you get those attacks in. Riposte is a steroid and an "I win" button for any 1v1 encounters, due to its relatively short cooldown. her ultimate, Blade Waltz, is an awesome skill that makes you untargetable for the duration, while procing any on hit effects you have, such as lifesteal or armor reduction from a Black Cleaver. In this guide I will show you how to make the most of these skills.

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Runes for Fiora are standard carry runes, and are very similar to runes used by Master Yi. We take armor pen marks, armor seals, magic resist per level glyphs, and armor pen quints to maximize our dps by allowing us to stay in the fight longer while dishing out heavy damage.

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We go for the extra crit damage despite the useless deadliness mastery, and take the lifesteal mastery since Fiora benefits a lot from lifesteal. Some points are taken in defense to help you live longer in battle.

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Skill Build

Ah yes. Fiora's skills.

We take Burst of Speed for our first 2 points. Burst of speed should be maxed the fastest, since it adds a LOT of dps to our attacks, and refreshes if we get kills, or cools down by half its base amount when we get an assist. As you can imagine, doing well in a fight with this skill can help us maximize our total dps.

A point of Lunge is taken with our initial 3 skill points, but it is maxed last. Lunge is a great skill, allowing us an instant gap closer that we can use TWICE, but that's all its good for. It has ad ratios, but remember, we are not an assassin, and use auto attacks more than we use our abilities. Try to lunge to minions near enemies, or to enemies in order to reach a squishy member of the team. Great for setting up good Blade Waltzes.

Now we talk about Riposte. Riposte is our basic attack damage steroid, which means it has great synergy with our whole kit. When you activate Riposte, you block all damage from the next basic enemy attack and reflect a set amount of damage. This is a GREAT skill in 1v1s, where you can activate it possibly multiple times, allowing you to win most fights.

Finally we discuss Fiora's ultimate, Blade Waltz. This little devil of a skill allows us to do massive damage in team fights or to single targets. Fiora strikes five times, becoming untargetable but not invulnerable. You can die to ignite and cannot dislodge projectiles. It can, however, give you a burst heal with lifesteal that may very well save your life. It is also good for baiting enemies into your tower.

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Item Build

Prospectors Blade and Boots for damage and speed. Simple.
We get a vamp scepter before Greaves so we can 1v1 better. Executioners can be skipped, but it is a good boost if you need it. Infinity Edge is ESSENTIAL to us, since we benefit from lifesteal. Crits = big lifesteal. It also boosts or overall dps, and we crit a lot with our Burst of Speed.
Sanguine Blade for damage and lifesteal, can get to almost max stacks instantly with Burst of Speed.
Guardian Angel boosts your survivability and also gives you a nice passive. Last Whisper helps with those tanky sons of *****es. You can swap the buying order with these, depending on your situation.

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-You must be courteous to your enemies. Say glhf at the beginning of matches, do not insult them with taunts such as "noobs," or "kids."
-Always target the squishy first. You are very fit for this job.
-Make sure to dance while you cap. It keeps everyone happy.
-Compliment teammates whenever they do really awesome stuff, or get kills early on.
-Quote Juggernaut with every ult you preform.
-"May I cut in?"
-"Fancy beating you here."
-"Looks like it's just you. And me."
-Be polite
-Be effeciant
-Have a plan to kill everyone you meet!

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Thanks for reading my guide! Critique is welcome, and any suggestions would be appreciated. Now go out there and beat the crud out of anyone you please!