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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Feral Phoenix - Utility Jungle Carry

Last updated on April 15, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Pros / Cons

+ Scarily fast
+ Can sustain once turtle is leveled enough to chase through a lot
+ Clears like a beast
+ Stack that FF like a champ
+ Deals significant damage
+ Can get in and get out quickly thanks to utility / MS runes
+ Can farm your way to relevance mid/late game
+ Exceptional split pusher

- Weaker early game compared to Tiger
- Kitable by champs with heavy CC
- Lacks true burst
- Not as strong as others until Wriggles becomes FF
- Did I say kiteable by heavy Cc?

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So this is my first guide, it will be short and offers an idea for a Udyr jungle. Currently, with the recent Feral Flare release I think I'm 11 1 with this build. A penta, a quatra, and a few triples built in there. Currently Gold 3 in SoloQ

The overall idea is to utilize CDR to help you sustain your way through a fight with turtle rotations, while also dishing damage with the AS for phoenix procs / on hit procs from wits + FF. Also, add in the additional 20% LS and heal from spirit and you have great sustain + turtle.

If you are smart with your farm, and take the first 2 blues, by 40 minutes you should easily have 50 stacks of FF. This is a serious load to deal with as an enemy.

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Phoenix all the way. You can build tiger if you want, but that'll be a different itemization and build experience. Probably substitute BOTRK instead of wits on that one I think.

Udyr levels are pretty self explanatory. As Phoenix Utility you'll definitely want turtle as your second fully leveled ability. Bear following as you have invested heavily into MS.

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You have to judge based on your performance what your 3rd item will be: wits, spirit, or frozen. I would probably recommend Glacial shroud at least if you aren't rushing Wits just because it adds to your survivability which you'll need for diving early.

Other than that it really depends on what you and your team needs vs their comp. If they don't have a lot of CC then go for Ninjas as appropriate.

I like getting thorn as a final item if they have 3 aa based champs. if not, I'll probably get sunfire. Randuins works as well, but with this build you will deal serious mid/late game damage, and sunfire adds to that.

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Ghost > Flash IMHO for this build. Synergy is a sweet thing. A few kills may escape you early on because of it, but in those later team fights, this is the true clean up potential with Ghost.

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Generally speaking, start whatever buff your Bot lane can support (Red or Blue). You'll appreciate the extra damage.

If you are starting red, clear with phoenix, but dont use the last one to kill small minions.
1 turtle + 1 phoenix at wolves
1 turtle + 2 phoenix Blue - then you'll be OOM but have the blue buff.

Dont overuse turtle for wolves or you'll take too long on blue. Just pot up.

From there, farm and gank! Be efficient with your ganks, always try to path towards a camp on your way to the next gank, and be conscious of mana conservation for the pre-6 clears.

Before you back for second buffs you should have 1350 gold, enough for wriggles. Get it. I prioritize it over boots because of the clear times, extra AS, and assistance with unlocking FF sooner <- a big buff to your early and mid game damage.

With Blue Buff and a red pot you can solo dragon at level 7 most likely. Just don't be greedy.

I often will start with a sight trinket now so that I can counter jungle easier. Always looking for opportunities to steal their buffs, paying attention to where their jungle started and the timer for his big camp respawns.