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Fiddlesticks: Harbringer of Baron Solo (By OshikuruDemon)

Last updated on July 24, 2013
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Diana Build

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Hello guys, and I have seen some very cool Fiddlesticks guides since I started. But by far, I like mine the best, because it allows Fiddlesticks to have a bit of flexibility, and a very powerful W. Here we can delve into the depths of Fiddlestick's straw body, and find that true potential of destruction.

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I went 20-9-1 masteries on Fiddlesticks because he does incredible damage, but isn't that tanky. My build fixes that very easily. The offense allows his abilities to shred enemies down while the defense keeps him alive (helping his W). Then the utility, it's just a bit of extra Mana, nothing really special here.

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Skill Sequence

I picked this sequence because I thought that Fiddlesticks was OP just with his Drain, but the fact that a high-level Drain allows him to solo DRAGON at level 7 is just INSANE! On a Summoners Rift match, I went Fiddles and used this build to test it out. It turns out that I just dominated the jungle monsters along with a few good kills. THEN, I turned my attention to the Baron Nashor. I called in Diana and Kha'Zix to help me out, but they died around 9k health. Then, I just Drained Baron Nashor like HELL and he was decimated. I didn't even use Crowstorm.

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Pros / Cons

Pro's Cons
- Very squishy and without his W
- Fiddlesticks OP Dragon and Baron solo can be destroyed easily.
- His W sustains him like hell - Magic Resist will just nuke him
- His R destroys the enemy and his W along - Many people know how to play
with it will just decimate and destroy the enemy. Fiddlesticks
- He is very very good at soloing squishy -Not the best ganker

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Creeping / Jungling

During the Laning Phase, Fiddlesticks is very unique. He can solo the Golem or Red buff easily, as long as you have your W ready. I would go: Blue Buff, Wolves, Wraiths, Red buff, Golems, Gank Top, Gank Mid, Gank Bot, repeat as needed.


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