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Not Updated For Current Season

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Shaco Build Guide by Guest

Tank Fighter Shaco Jungle [Season 6]

Tank Fighter Shaco Jungle [Season 6]

Updated on March 5, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Build Guide By Guest 2,649 Views 0 Comments
2,649 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Shaco Build Guide By Guest Updated on March 5, 2016
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Introduction - y u do dis?

Hello, my dear summoners!

You might be wondering? Why the hell would you pick this over DPS Shaco?
Well, let me answer that question for you. Ever got really behind with Shaco and become completely useless for your team? Since you're reading a guide on a tanky s Shaco build, you might already have. With this build, that won't happen because you will be a late game monster as long as the whole team isn't 20 kills behind. To balance Shaco's rediculously annoying slippery assassin playstyle, Riot had to compensate by making him very squishy. Also, when you go in with 'Deceive' (Your Q), you are pretty much forced to excecute your opponent because you have no way of escaping since you picked smite and ignite as summoner spells. Surprisingly, since the juggernaut itemis released, I noticed that those items work really well on Shaco. Titanic hydra is especially powerful. The combination of health and flat AD in one item gives you the survivability you need, but still gives you the damage required to destroy your enemies. Albeit more sustained damage than the raw burst of Full AD Shaco. And if you ever get in trouble after an ingage, the bonus health in this build will give you enough time to survive until your Q is back up so you can get the hell out of there.
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Pros and Cons

    - Early game ganks are practically the exact same as DPS Shaco.
    - You are pretty beefy.
    - You're a late game monster.
    - Really fun the play.
    - Less burst than DPS Shaco.
    - Less counter-ganking potential because you gotta stack your SOTA (your keystone).
    - You're building health, no resistances. [Weaker against fed opponents]

Overall, to me, the pros outweigh the cons. I always pick this over DPS Shaco.
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Like I mentioned in the introduction, AD+Health items work really well on Shaco.
Here is an explanation of my recommended build.

Cinderhulk - Makes you receive practically 0 damage from jungle camps, improves clears, makes you tanky and improves your clear speed to stack 'Strenght Of The Ages'

Boots of Swiftness - Makes you move faster for ganks/chasing/escaping.

Titanic Hydra - Very good and core items. Makes your basic attacks scale with HP and gives you AD. Since you're building a combinations of health and AD, you're gonna do a lot of damage. The active also gives you some nice burst damage too.

Black Cleaver - This item makes chasing your opponent down very easy. The combination of its passive movement speed and your boots of swiftness + Your e passive slow will make sure your enemy will have to burn their escapes or CC.

Steraks Gage - Gives you some breathing room to escape if you get bursted down. A lot of people will be surprised when its passive pops.

Frozen Mallet - Gives quite a lot of HP and some AD (your favorite stats) and the passive will make it impossible for your opponent to escape from you, even with your E is on cooldown.
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Tank Shaco is a very fun and unique build that will surprise your enemy how beefy you are. They will also be quite confused by your build (but that's our little secret).

Am I saying tank Shaco is OP? Not in the slightest, it's just an alternative for those who like Shaco as a champion but don't like his glass cannon playstyle but still want to deal tons of damage.

Is it better than DPS Shaco? To me, yes it is. You only miss out on burst, but still do a lot of damage. This build is also less punishing if you're behind.

Should I use this build in ranked? Not sure. Depends how comfortable you are with him as a champion and what kind of plays you can make. If you are already a good DPS Shaco player, you may or may not enjoy this build. But be sure to try it a couple of times in normal games before bringing this into ranked.

That's it for now guys. If this build gains popularity somehow, I might update this guide and give it a more proffesional layout, since I personally think this one looks kind of terrible. But I didn't want to spend ages on my first ever guide. So I hope this helps anyway.

See you on the rift,
Ghertomp [EUW]
League of Legends Build Guide Author
Guest Shaco Guide
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Fighter Shaco Jungle [Season 6]

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