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Lee Sin Build Guide by Adentoros

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Adentoros

Find Your Center Rudimentary Lee Sin 6.24 Jungle/Mid/Top

Adentoros Last updated on January 5, 2017
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Hello I am Adentoros and this is my guide to playing Lee Sin. This guide is only to teach you the most rudimentary basics to playing Lee Sin. The mid and top builds are for you to test out when you have achieved higher mastery on Lee Sin. Refer to other guides (ex: Jungleborn ) for an in depth view on Lee Sin.

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Your items will mostly depend on your team (pick cinderhulk of you have only 1 tank.) Trackers knife is a good choice for slightly higher skilled Lee Sins who can easily ward hop.

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General Playstyle

Lee Sin is very strong in the early game, and can kill most junglers in a one versus one. In teamfights he is either the frontline, or sticking slightly behind them for peel whilst setting up to q to an enemy. His ultimate does the normal damage plus the initial targets maximum health to any enemies hit with the initial target. This means that ulting a tank into 1 or 2 enemies can be just as good of an initiation as an Insec, so don't get hung up on Insecs.

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Q to someone, ward hop behind them, and ult them into your team. You can skip using q if you are already near them, then q them to get out.

Flash Insec: Ult someone, and whilst the ult animation is going flash to the opposite direction of them you want them to go. This stops them from outplaying you (most of the time) by going to the other side of you when they realize they're about to be Inseced.

Smite Minion Q: You can make your Q go through minions by smiling a minion that is in the way. Most of the time your target won't even attempt to dodge.

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Your jungle path should be krugs; raptors; red; scuttle/gank; blue/gank; take wolves, raptors and blue/red buffs whenever they're up.

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I will be updating this guide every patch to ensure new players always have an easy route to learning Lee Sin basics.

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I hope this guide helped you learn how to play Lee Sin. You can check out my other guides by clicking on my icon.