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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Fiora ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Last updated on March 5, 2012
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Fiora, an introduction.

As the youngest child of the noble House Laurent, Fiora always considered herself destined for greatness. The Laurents had dominated the dueling culture of Demacia's aristocracy for centuries, and Fiora's father was regarded as one of the finest swordsmen the nation had ever seen. Inspired by his tales of glory, Fiora began training as soon as she could wield a blade and quickly showed greater talent than any of her siblings. As she grew older, her self-confidence and rigid discipline only widened the gulf of expertise between Fiora and her peers. Her fellow duelists perceived her confidence as arrogance, but none could defeat her in combat, and each new victory only heightened her lofty self-esteem. Even so, Fiora never allowed herself to become complacent in her training, and she drove herself ever harder to become a worthy successor to her father's legacy.

Her devotion turned out to be misplaced. On the eve of an arranged duel, Fiora's father was caught slipping a slow paralysis poison into his opponent's drink. Following the incident, many of his past opponents came forward with their own accusations: envenomed weapons, bribery, blackmail, and more. In an instant, he had destroyed his family's honorable reputation. Fiora was outraged. Not only had her hero betrayed her ideals, but also Demacia's dueling elite now doubted her own ability. She desperately wanted to wipe the stain from her family's history but, even more, she wanted the world to acknowledge her mastery. She found her solution in the one arena where she could fight the world's strongest warriors without being accused of dishonesty - the League of Legends.

"Fiora's ego would be insufferable if it wasn't so... justified."
Jarvan IV

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Why I am creating this guide.

This guide is my tribute to any fans of Fiora, who want to not only become better, but have a basis for how to build this champion. Currently, I am writing this one week after her release. So naturally, I have tried out many different builds. The following is my opinion on the best item route to follow when building her.

I am creating this guide, in the hopes that many people will view it and come away with a broader perspective on how to play Fiora. Possibly even other champs, given the same play style. I have seen too many people not properly use her abilities, build the wrong gear for her, not taking advantage of what level she has specific abilities at for the amount of gold she will likely have, etc.

I am in NO MEANS the best player in this game and there is far too much I need to learn, so before you down vote this guide, let me know your own experiences and I will do my best to edit.

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Runes are fairly standard for a solo top, but i think it is important to note. That the armor are flat runes used for surviving/sustain/positive trades early game, the magic runes are lvl/18 runes for the highest affect in late game. And the armor pen allows you to eat through MOST peoples base throughout the game.

*It should go without saying, if you are absolutely crushing and people stack armor (such as thorn-mail) you should consider Last Whisper - Best used with over 150 armor rating. Don't wait to the end of the game, when you lose, to think back that it would have been beneficial to get some armor pen when you were countered by 70% dmg reduction O.o

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Pros / Cons

Some Bullet Points to Fiora


    High Dps Burst
    Disgusting Innate Attack Damage
    Gap Closer (short range)
    Ultimate Applies On Hit Effect
    Highly Maneuverable
    Dat ***

    No CC
    Difficult (not impossible) vs range
    Squishy early game
    No "Real" Escape

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Skill Sequence

I see a lot of people doing weird build sequence, such as starting with lunge.. or E. I don't quite understand, but whateva. Always start with your riposte first. It is essential for not only reducing incoming damage, but coming out ahead in trades.

Taking Lunge as a priority is bad - Not enough damage to come out ahead in trades.
Taking Burst of Speed - Should only be done if jungling, for the much needed speed; however, i STILL take riposte over burst of speed in the jungle, because it affects large minions and golems. I'll have to run some customs with a timer, but i find maxing Riposte first provides higher sustain in jungle and top.

Always, allow the other champion to initiate on you. This is where timing comes in to play. Your priority should ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS be farming. If they come in to poke you, make sure you're 100% positive they are coming at you and not creep.

*Lane Phase* Enemy Champ Engaging You - Riposte (as they are about to hit you), Auto attack, Burst of speed, Auto attack, Lunge > Lunge, Auto attack -- From here, you can either back off and continue to farm or if they are really low, continue with an Ult or more auto attacks.

Always save your ult if it is not necessary to lock down a kill.

*Lane Phase* Getting Ganked - if you have enough hit points, you need to either decide: FIGHT OR FLIGHT!

Fight: Riposte > Burst of Speed > Lunge > Lunge on the SQUISHER, Lower level target. As they attempt to CC, Pop your ulti. Then continue basic combo again. Blade Waltz makes you COMPLETELY unaffected by all abilities.

Flight: Burst of Speed > Lunge (towards closest enemy unit [creep/champion] near your tower) > Riposte. Using riposte last, is essential to keep your run speed and reflect any type of slow they may try to cast on you that may be an On-Hit effect.

You Engage Enemy for Harass - Lunge > Burst of Speed > Lunge > Riposte*
Only use riposte if they are not immediately running away from you to counter them. If they are running from you, just head back to creep and farm.


With a Tank - If you have a tank, your job is to allow the fight to start, then target the ad carry or ap carry. If the ENEMY ad carry is better fed then your own or has better CC or AE, always grab them first and shut them down. Same is to be said for their AP carry. Make the decision on whom is best carrying their team and take them out first. *HINT* They are usually the one behind everyone else, raping your entire team and taking zero damage!

Always allow some sort of AOE or CC to go off in a team fight before jumping in. If you run in head first you will more than likely die a horrible... horrible death.

Without a Tank - You are now the Tank! HOORAY! You get to show the enemy team why they should not be ******** with Fiora. After a short initiation, most likely by whomever has CC on your team (or if no CC, the person with the farthest poke), you will FIRST use your riposte, then lunge on to their weakest champion. IF YOU ARE NOT TARGETED FIRST, continue to use Burst of Speed and Lunge whenever they are up to take out their weakest champs. IF YOU ARE TARGETED FIRST, Use Blade Waltz to quickly avoid CC and take out a sizeable chunk of their health bars, while they frantically try to target the others on your team. Once out of Blade Waltz, select the lowest hit point carry and target them down. Always order AD Carry > AP Carry > Support > Tank.

Tower Diving the Cowards - Lunge > Burst of Speed > Lunge > Riposte (will not affect tower hits) > Blade Waltz if at this point they are at about 25-35%. Follow this, with the shortest distance AWAY from the tower in a safe direction. Too many times have I seen a Fiora Blade Waltz under a tower, with the enemy champion running back towards their base, then Fiora will run BACK through the enemy turret towards middle. Taking 2-4 excess turret hits and dying. Tower Diving is non essential and takes a great risk (usually for little reward). Do this ONLY when you understand where you are at in the game with damage mitigation.

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Team Work

Ask for your jungler to assist you if you are under constant attack from the enemy jungler, forcing you to become underfarmed. BE READY to assist your jungler when he comes to help you with a gank. Otherwise, he will opt out on future opportunities.

Place wards at ENEMY Blue/Red and Baron. Depending on which side you are defending. This will not only help counter ganks, but can give you MUCH needed map awareness on incoming ganks and setting up buff steals, etc.

You are MOST LIKELY, one of the highest DPS on your team. Matched with your added defenses, it is imperative you assist your mid lane, jungler or other team members with team fights or small group fights when necessary. Never run in to a fight you know will be lost, but always try to aid your team. Sometimes, simply showing your face is enough to scare off the enemy team.

*FARM FARM FARM - about 12 creep are worth the same as a champion kill. Don't overextend looking for that kill you may or may not achieve, when you can clear two creep waves and get that gold. If you die, you will be extremely far behind putting your team at risk for a loss.