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Fiora Build Guide by Guest

Fiora Jungle Guide. Others Try, I succeed.

Fiora Jungle Guide. Others Try, I succeed.

Updated on March 4, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Build Guide By Guest 4,606 Views 0 Comments
4,606 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Fiora Build Guide By Guest Updated on March 4, 2012
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This is a short guide to go along with the video I made. She is a fairly straight forward champ that I think people are not playing properly and fully understanding. Most people are building her and playing her like a standard ranged AD carry, ad runes and all and I don't feel that is correct, I will go over why and what I feel is right.
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People are stacking AD runes putting you at 91 starting AD with riposte and that is just not needed. The reason with AD carries you get AD runes is for last hitting and scaling with moves. Her early game gank damage and scaling with this build is MUCH better with armor pen

Reds - 9 Armor Pen
Quints - 3 Armor Pen
Seals - 9 Armor
Blues - 9 MR Flat, or scaling. Others have done some math suggesting a combo of both is best.
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Vampirism (lifesteal) over the damage for better sustain in jungle. the extra 1% more damage is really minimal compared to 3% of that damage healing you. She deals really high damage already.

No lethality because I do not go crit build. I feel the champs that can afford the slots to do that are much safer to play, such as ranged champs and she won't be able to build glass cannon.
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Start with -
Vampire scepter, if you go a build that requires pots look at it as every pot is that much less gold you have. 5 pots? 175 less gold, or basically one kill assist or 10 creeps early game. Getting the edge early is important.

Finish Wriggles or go straight for BT

Finish boots -
Either movespeed 3 or Mercury, depending on team comp. Yes, movespeed 3 in games that we are doing well I have had great success with these. They arn't just for singed anymore. Most of the time you will go mercury though. Her damage is burst based so I don't feel attack speed boots help

At this point depending on how well you are doing either get your first defensive item such as Frozen Mallet or go straight for Madreds.

I am generally a min max player, so with lifesteal builds I go straight lifsteal ArP crit etc, however she scales so well with madreds I don't feel a min max build is the best. Until some theory crafter proves otherwise I will stick with this.

-Blood Thirster
-Situational defensive item, QSS, GA, etc.
Sell wriggles for armor pen, such as cleaver.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author
Guest Fiora Guide
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Fiora Jungle Guide. Others Try, I succeed.

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