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Fiora Build Guide by Idenn

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Idenn

Fiora - One Step Ahead

Idenn Last updated on March 1, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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In this guide, i will be explaining the build i use Fiora. This build focuses on Critical Chance, early lane sustain, team fight survival, and Tons of Damage.

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Pros / Cons

- Very good lane sustain.
- Makes a good solo top, ad carry bot, or jungler
- Good harass and tower dive potential

- No real farming ability (last hitting is all you really have)
- Not too many escapes or defensive abilities (riposte is on a very high cool-down and
only blocks one basic attack.
- Easily harassed until level 4 (however riposte makes a good counter to single attack
harass from ranged opponents.)

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The runes I use on Fiora are focused on medium to high early game damage along with scaling AD into late game. The attack damage Marks and Glyphs give you about 12 dmg early on along with around 9 damage scaling to lvl 18 and 10 flat armor penetration.

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These masteries focus on more early game damage along with extra armor penetration. The 9 points in defense give you a good balance of HP per level, HP, defense and magic resistance. This is all you'll really need since lifesteal is rushed in this build therefore your lane sustain is amazing.

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The item order is focused on early life steal along with critical chance. My saying is "Burst of Speed is all you'll need". None of the items build have attack speed on them, it just really isn't necessary.

If the team you're fighting is heavily Attack Damage based, focus on a wriggles instead of Executioners. Else start off with Brawlers Gloves and 2 health pots. (this applies whether you are jungling or not).

The next item you'll want is also based on the enemy team. Mercury treads for decent CC or high amounts of AP. Otherwise build Ninja Tabi. (decent CC is about 3 or more hard forms of CC. Slow is not included since you can dash at people and speed yourself back up).

Once you achieve boots, work towards Infinities Edge. You'll want the critical chance b4 you build the damage since it will give you a severe advantage in harass.

After IE, Atma's Impaler will give you even more critical chance along with a good amount of armor. The damage will come from it once you build the next item.

Frozen mallet is your next item. If someone is running from you and you activate "Burst of Speed", you'll land more hits on them if they're moving slower. Also this item's HP will make you severely tanky and synergize well with Atma's.

The final item is a Blood Thirster. This will give you even more Damage and life steal. Your ult in itself will allow you to remove all focus and heal for a large portion so you can continue fighting easily.

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Farming, Harassing, and Killing

The hardest part about Fiora is that she is limited to basic attack farming. Also, due to her lack of range, in bottom lane she is easily pushed. When the tower focuses your minions, always know that after one shot to a caster minion, attack it for the kill and after two shots to a front line minion, attack it for the kill.

Harassing is difficult to do until level 4. Once you get your full combo of skills, you'll want to activate both "Riposte" and "Burst of Speed". "Lunge" in, auto attack, "Lunge" again, auto attack, and then use "Burst of speed"'s movement buff to run away. Her passive should heal you for a lot of the counter attack, especially if they proc "Riposte" and you're able to block some damage.

When going in for the kill, use the same combination used during harassing, but finish it with your ultimate. The ult will allow you to buy time before your cool downs come back. Also remember the ult can be used as a finisher if you choose to just continue harassing them down.

During a Team Fight, always save your ultimate for when you get focused. "Blade Waltz" can not only help remove focus fire, but can also heal you for a large chunk of your health pool. However, if they are not a CC heavy team, feel free to do the killing combo above on the AD or AP carry instantly. Getting them out of the fight can completely win a fight since your life steal can keep you alive for the rest of the team fight.

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80-90% of the time, you will get the kill with a critical allowing you to keep "Burst of Speed" up keeping you at around 2 attacks per second with above a 60% critical chance and around 400 damage at full build. You will be shredding targets in no time, and maybe even pull off one of these:

Good Luck on the "Fields of Justice" Summoners!