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Fiora - That annoying solotop

Last updated on March 1, 2012
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Hi everyone, this is my first guide so any positive feedback is appreciated!
DISCLAIMER! THIS IS NOT A STANDARD SOLOTOP BUILD, don't complain on "Uh n00b Y U no has trinity force?" or that your survivability is ****, it is, that's how this build works.
I've played fiora for only a few normal games now but I find that with this build, you will start killing you opponent in top lane as soon as you're lvl 6! Lets get started!

( English is not my native language so sorry if i'm misspelling or using bad grammar :/ )

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I go with the runes I use with all AD carry's. flat armor penetration on both marks and quintessences to keep damage high throughout the game, flat armor seals to counter the other solotop you face and magic per level glyphs to keep those nasty AP carrys at bay.
This is how i prefer to build but AD marks will work to.

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I go with 21-0-9 because i want the full damage output you get from the offence tree, and 9 in support for movement speed and shorter cooldown on flash. The bonus time you gain if you would die is also nice, paired a shorter cast on recall gets you back to your lane faster.
You can go 9-21-0 or 0-21-9, but if you do that you should build offtank as as i stated before, this ain't no offtank build.

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Okey now that i've faced both Jarvans and Fioras and rumbles in my lane, i found that instead of starting with Cloth Armor and health pots you get a better sustain through lifesteal, and also get your first bloodthirster quicker.
- Why do you get those cooldown reduction boots? Dont we want berserker greaves or mercury treads? Well you can do that, but berserker greaves gives you more damage, mercury treads gives you defence. Cooldown reduction gives you both, your cooldowns are pretty long, atleast our ulti, and your ulti is your best burst, and survivability skill, I'll explain later. You get your E quicker wich gives you movement speed, for fleeing, and attackspeed, for killing, your Q (wich actually saved my life when getting to those wraiths and then flashing over the wall) for fleeing and chasing. And your W to save you against that damn Nasus who tries to kill you with his stacked atack.

You may also notice that i dont get any attackspeed, except for black cleaver, that is because your E gives you 120% attackspeed. Because of that you benefit more from pure attack damage.
Build a Warmog followoed by an Atmas in most games, if you feel like going more glasscannon, buy an infinity edge and maybe an phantom dancer? I dont really like that because you want to survive a little bit longer in teamfights. You're a melee.
Spend your slot money on whatever you want, i've never got this far, I just put a Bloodthirster there because that's what I think I'd choose if the game kept going for that long.

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Q: Your main charge and escape ability! Use i to chase or flee, get this one first and use it to last hit caster minions, then run back, later use these only to chase or flee.

W: Use this to parry your enemies attacks, Nasus Q for example. Turn it on when fleeing to survive 1 more strike/spell from your enemy.

E: This is your main damage ability, its thanks to this bonus you don't need attackspeed and can build pure AD. you can also use this to run faster (chase or flee)

R(ulti): This is what makes you a big pain in the a**. Use it to last hit your enemies (30% of their health) or to destroy your enemies in teamfights. I got in this situation when I met a Jarvan top lane, and a jungling Fiora came to gank me. Jarvan locked me in his arena, and Fiora used her E to kill me. I used my ulti to wait for the arena to disappear, turned on my W and used Q to the minions behind me. Escaping with ease!

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Early game 1-5

Let your enemy push to you turret, this is where you want to be. Last hit minions and never ever land a single auto attack that doesn't kill. Except if you need to get your health back through lifesteal.
Don't really bother with the other champion, use your Q to charge a minion and then run back. Don't try to harass or anything, you can do it but your pretty squishy and will most likely just lose more health then your enemy on doing it.

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Mid game 6-13

Now lets start killing, at LvL 6, get your health up, charge your enemy and when you're up close use your E. Hit him as much as you can, use your Q to run after him/her/it, when he/she/it gets to close to their turret, use your ulti, and finish of with an ignite, unless your facing a champion that heals, then you should use your ignite when just before your ulti.
you should have gotten the kill.
If your jungler can help, ask him to! That will definitly secure a kill.

Keep on dominating your lane and i can promise you, if you use E when attacking the enemy tower, your will take it to half its health on just 1 duration. You're a really good pusher!

Also, your first stop will be around here because this is when you get 2000 gold, go to base and buy a B.F Sword and Boots of Speed. after this just keep on purchasing items as you please and sart killing them in teamfights, ulti theeir squishy since you hit your target twice, after that just press E and finish everyone of, if your about to die, use your W and Q to a minion/monster and start runnin' like a little chicken.

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Late game 14-18

Just keep on killing them, their armor is useless against all your armor penetration and you start to really hit them hard.

Try pushing lanes when your ulti is on cooldown. you can kill 2 towers with 1-2 minion waves if you don't get interrupted, wich is kinda nice.

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This is my build, please give me some feedback and upvote if you like it!

Hope I helped you out ^^