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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Fiora, the ultimate sword master.

Last updated on April 3, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Well, this is my first guide, it won't be so in depth, Fiora is my favorite champion. I loved her since I saw her release date and unlocked her first day of release. I regret nothing. She's just perfect, the best carry around that does nice early-game damage and push, is medium at mid game and perfect at end-game. She can break down towers with herreally fast. The second time you activate the skill on the same tower it should be down.

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Items + Skills.

It's the only champion that I start withinstead of a + 3x . That because of her helping her. Activate the skill once and you'll be like after one pot when it ends if you hit all the duration of it. A isn't necessary because of her DOUBLE BLINK! That's so much cheaty... You can use your twice so boots aren't really that necessary. When you are ready for a confrontation open , using it on neutral monsters is a waste of mana. Beware not to spam it, it's not necessary unless the enemy champion is hitting you.


Against creeps;DO NOT use them on creeps unless you have blue buff(which you shouldn't get unless noone in your team really needs it, which is very unlikely). Fiora usually recalls when she wants to or when she's out of mana. Use your when you wanna heal and when you are completely sure it won't go wasted.

Against enemies;Start off with a , after the she will hit once, open your third ability, after that, reactivate the ability and hit once again. Use all of the potential of , Now if;

[*] He's low on health chase the enemy the gives you the speed to do so.

[*] You're low on health or you see it's not going in your advantage, after it grants you 4 stacks of your passive(a lot of HP regen) back off as the grants you bonus speed too, and if stacked 3 times it overpasses Enhanced Movement 2.

[*] If you are equal on health and he activates an ability that burns the ground for AoE or buffs himself or any other ability that doesn't CC you, activate your to deal massive damage, follow him completely(beware,he can use this in his advantage), and avoid being damaged completely(DoTs excluded). It also applies on hit effecta so if you use it when you have your and your it will do some massive life steal too.

[*] If you wanna tower dive be sure to activate to avoid all tower hits.

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Runes are designed to get the full of of them. Glyphs give off more attack speed than attack damage, sois the best. The rest are AD except the seals that are 9 as the AD ones are per level(not worth it IMO).

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Summoner Spells

Main ones;
; can be used to escape, to blink anywhere, to chase, to confuse and has many other functions, it's the best summoner spell out there.

; can counter any Heal, can lock your kill, can do medium-low damage. I usually play Flash-Ignite.

;Worth it if you are lower than level 12, otherwise someone else in your team should take it, not the AD carry.

;Not worth it, play it only for fun.

; No. You aren't the one who should take it.

; Not really worth it, you have double blink...

; You already have a lot of movement speed as you have Enhanced Movement 2 plus a or 2 if you manage to end the build, so it's a NO.

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You just shouldn't as she's a perfect lane-champion, plus you will be lower-level than the rest of the team as her jungling speed isn't the optimal.


Last hit normally, she's a squish early game, do not take a couple of hits for a bunch of creeps.

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Fiora is the one of the best AD carries, she has a perfect ulti, granting her invulnerability plus she can't be targeted, she has two blinks, a Movement and Attack speed buff, high base stats, a good passive against other champions and medium Survivability. If you end up slowed against two opponents with nothing to do, you're done so make sure you take one of them with you. Your life steal is pretty damn high too, use it on your advantage. You can 1v2 easily if you complete the build with your ultimate ability being your best weapon.