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Fiorian Crush

Last updated on July 23, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys,
this is my build for Fiora. As you can see by the items and the runes I´ve chosen for her, she is going to be full AD carry. I tested this build for a very long time and so its really proofed that this build works.

I will be happy if you first read the guide and then comment on it, then just skip it right after you´ve seen the items and vote it down.

P.S.: My english isn´t that good so when you find a mistake I did, please PM me.

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Pros / Cons

1 Her "w"-skill Riposte gives her a high AD boost caused by his passive.
2 When you build like i posted, you will have an amaizing lifesteal.
3 You can do solo dragon at level 9 or 10.
4 Solo baron is also possible after you got Infinity Edge.
5 You can easyly burst every character also high tanks like Malphite or Volibear.
6 Great surviability in teamfights caused by your Blade Waltz and the lifesteal.
7 When she is fed, she is one of the best champions in League of Legends.

1 You will get focused.
2 Easy CC downburst when you have wrong position in teamfights.
3 To succeed on a lane you need a special supporter.
In fact you are mostly just able to play successfull with premades.
4 Lasthitting in the beginning can get hard caused by the fact that you are meelee and not
ranged AD carry.
5 Pretty easy countered with hard CC.

Well as you see there are many pro´s but the con´s balance it somehow.
So you will need some training with this build to get a real game carry and a
good comunication with your lane partner is needed.

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Runes, Masteries and the skill sequence

This part is really tricky and I mean all: the Runes, the Masteries and the Skill sequence.
About the Runes.

The desolation mark´s as essentially for this build, cause in the pretty early and mid game these mark´s will increase your damage so much that you can get a real burst character without many items. The reason why my desicion on these runes got against the mark´s of strenght is caused by the Riposte. The passive of this skill grants you (depending on skill level) 15- 35 additional attack damage, so rune runes just will give you some more, but you will deal more damage over the whole game, if you take the desolation mark´s.

Well this desicion is quite clear I think. In the early and early mid game, these runes give you more sustian at the botlane and make you staying longer. In my opinion there is no other choice you can make.

These runes I had chosen for the same reason like the seals of resilience. They give you more sustian, cause your defense is better. I really have to say that I wasn´t able to count how often these runes saved my ***, cause i go away with about 20 health or something like this. So they are worth it.

The quintessences. Mobility is always good and these extra speed will give you indirectly some sustian, cause you better can avoid some small AoE skills and skillshots every AD carry and other enemies have. Furthermore they will allow you to sell your boots in the end to get the 6th "usefull" item for your build.
An other vailable chioce are the greater vampirism quints, but i think Fiora benefits more of the extra movement boost. The boost will often help you to get away from enemies following you.


I´ve chosen a 21/6/3 witch is quite unnormal, but let me explain why.
I think as AD carry the 21 are clear, but why i made the desicion to get a 6/3 than a 0/9 or 9/0?
This will be answered now:
As carry you will be very often focused, even in the early game and Fiora as her self is very squishy with her build when she get´s the CC-Focus, so as I started with the Runes I want to give her the best surviability combined with insane damage output. Even the laning is hard in the beginning cause you aren´t ranged, that leads to the must that you have most vailable defense you can get without decreasing your damage. And believe me 6 armor and magic resist can change alot in pre-level 6 game, so the points are right placed.
The focus you get is even my explanation for the 3 points i spended to "Good Hands". These 10% less time spend death save you some lasthits if you get killed while decrasing the ammount of experience you lose against the opponent, so the leveladvantage he or she can get isn´t that high anymore.

Skill sequence

I think this part is quite clear. To max your "w" first is required cause this skill give you the advantage above the enemy AD carry, in fact that you have highest attack damage boost in the game, exept Sion. Furthermore the active of the spells can block an enemy basic attack witch in fact means that this can save your life, cause you are running with low health to a turret and block the winning autohit or it can harras the enemy at least a bit, so when he want to harras you a bit with autohits you can not only avoid the damage, no, you can deal him damage and mirror the harras.
It also can be used to help you for getting the dragon or the blue or red buff.

After you maxed your "w" its your desicion to either skill "q" and "e" or to max the "e".
In my opinion its better to max the "e" first, cause you will benefit more of this that maxing your "q" as I use the "q" just to reach an enemy or to hunt him down when he or she wants to escape.

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Vailable laning partners

Well this, your position in teamfights and your communication with your laning partner deside if your winning or losing the game or at least your lane. Everything must work together properly if you want to win and have skilled enemies (witch I supposed them to be like this).

1# Shen

As everybody knows Shen is one of the best champs in League of Legends and mostly banned in ranked games. But now let me say, why he is the best laning partner for her.
He absolutly fits, cause his taunt is multiple and quite long. Also a Shen that is building AP tank gives you a big shield with his ultimate "Stand United", and a support that gives you kills but dies like paper isn´t usefull. Therefore i prefer a Shen that is building like

2# Leona

Well the thing I´m searing for when I´m chosing my laning partner is that this partner don´t die like paper when he is saving me and of course that he can save me from everything when I´m getting focused and/or maybe be lowlife. As Shen is mostly banned or solo top when not banned Leona is a great choice. When builded right she can get extremly tanky while having a good damage output. Also she has good CC, when placed right she has 2 stuns witch can either save your *** or get you some easy kills caused by your damage burst.

Other partners:

Well logically there are some other vailable partners like Rammus, Volibear or Amumu, but in my opinion anybody can give you that saveness witch Leona and of course Shen are giving you.

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Items and Summoner Spells


Well I just don´t want talk really about this topic, cause I think my desicions are clear and comprehensible. With the 2 Bloodthristers, the 2 Phantom Dancers and the Infinity Edge I maximise the damage output whilst giving Fiora as much sustain as possible with lifesteal.
The only thing you can discuss about is to change the Last Whisper for a Guardian Angel or something like that. But I think a Guardian Angel inst that usefull cause when you get hitted down they will focus you with their CC and burst you again. so the revive isn´t usefull.
With the full build you will be able to deal about 1,2 - 1,5k crit on a champion ( of course tanks don´t take that high damage). So the burst is high enought to get the carries down before they can really hurt you and your team.

Summoner Spells

It´s the same thing like with the items. I don´t want to talk about this so much, cause in nearly every guide you have the pro´s and con´s listed when taking an other summoner spell as the one´s I´d chosen for Fiora. And at least I think if you had played about 200 games you should know how the summoner spells work and what they´re changes are about.

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Teamfights, fights, your position and your options in them.


Well I think your position and your task to fullfill is quite clear.
When your tank engages the teamfight you have stay in the background. Burst the carries and then go for the jungler. In the end get the tank and the support down.
You are the AD carry so it´s upon you to win the fight, especially with that high burst you have.
When the tank has high CC and hasn´t that high armor it can be a possibilty to burst down the tank first to ensure that your teammates can use their CC for the enemy carries.


Well upon solofights you can be sure of getting nearly everything down. Just run when you know that the enemy/enemies has/have hard CC (stuns, silences and bumps) and you are not sure if you can burst him down, cause then your stacks on your bloodthirsters are more worth than a kill. But I think its clear.

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All in all you got an overview about Fiora and I hope that you liked to read my guide and may try my build and hopefully be successful with it. Please rate my guide and tell me what I can do better next time. Also I will answer every question you have about this guide.