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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Firenova Mid

Last updated on May 9, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi There,

This is just an standard guide for how to play Brand, you can always switch out some items, like if the enemy has excessive magic/physical dmg output. The items you want to switch will be either the Void Staff or the Abyssal Scepter though, since the other items are mandatory to maintain stable dmg & still have a bit health to survive some bursts.

So please, feel free to try this out, it keeps working great for me. ( i must say, my runepage isn't complete yet but i'm working on that !^^ )

If you want to ask me anything, contact me ingame @ 3girls1boy EU West.

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A lot of people will see this as a discussion point, since lots of people will rather prefer to merge several mastery tree's together and get some points in everything, or put more in utility to get some spell vamp from that, or some other point.

Anyway, I prefer to do most in Offence like i put m in this guide, so your dmg output is a bit bigger then when youre using defensive/utility masteries. Reason< DOH !! you're an AP carry, not the tank, support, or jungler .... ^^

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Well, not very much to say about it since ( to me ) it's quite obvious why to pick these, but anyway... .for the ones that doesn't know:

- 9 Marks Magic Pen << to rape an enemy's base Magic Resist, increases your dmg way more then you probably realize, but trust me & very much other players, it works!^^
- 9 Seals flat Armor << Since your AP & AP/lvl aren't good in these slots ( they give very little ) , I prefer to put them in Armor, this way you get a lot more tanky with such a little amount of Armor increase. Instead of being the squishy little Brand that tends to get his ars kicked after blowing his rotation, you might live to pop another full rotation and still claim the kills.
- 9 Glyphs AP/lvl << Is just the greatest for this slot, 3.06 AP for each slot, awesome ! This means your dmg increases a lot over the process of lvling to 18. Yet it is still arguable, just try it out, and if needed change it to your liking.
- 3 Quintessences Magic Pen << Same reson for the Marks, you can choose to get AP/Lvl here, but Pen is better in my personal opinion. If you have these runes, you can decide to drop Void Staff for an Archangels Staff. ( Archangels is better for your mp5 which is quite a pain on this champ, and with Magic Pen runes it's not a problem to miss either your Void Staff or your Abyssal, but I prefer to drop Void Staff instead of Abyssal, because Abyssal grants some Magic Resist aswell which is quite nifty since solo mid is mostly AP vs. AP )

Remember, these Runes are a choice of ME, meaning these are adjusted to my specific playstyle, which is quite offensive. If you however prefer to be more patient in taking the kills, and taking tons of farm before you finally decide to strike them down, you might wanna consider some more tanky runes, or runes with mp5.

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Well, remember these choices are based on my playstyle which is quite aggressive. If you prefer a Doran's Ring, or w/e, go ahead. It can all work as long as your playstyle works well with the items/masteries/runes.

My Items:
I start with 1x Boots of Speed & 3x Health Potions. This grants you extra movement which in turn makes you A LOT ( yes lots !!! early game this difference is quite big ) harder to kill for enemy's.
This is because you :
- Run faster then they. ( unless they have boots to :) )
- Can faster avoid AOE spell's, which are mostly directed at the ground under/next to you
- Can Better chase enemy's before they reach the turret.
We take potions with it for the few times you do get hit, also this way you can last quite a long time in lane before you have to go back for health/mana/items. ^^

First time Base:

It really depends on how much gold you got, but you aim for Catalyst first, that way you regen health & mana everytime you lvl up. This lets you harass the enemy far more with spells while you lane, and thus allows you to outzone him easily with your W & Q combination.

After that, just Buy your items ( naming Finalized items, If you can't instabuy them that's normal, just buy the sub-parts untill you can assemble it. )

The Order of items is:
- Boots of Speed + 3 Health Potions
- Catalyst the Protector ( If you go base at some point and can't afford this yet, you probably end up with a Sapphire Crystal, you really should get some Health Potions aswell then because at this point your enemy probably has the means & ability to harass you, and without Catalyst you don't have the required regeneration yet. )
- Sorcerers Shoes
- Rod of Ages
- Rabadons Deathcap
- Rylaj Crystal Scepter
- Abyssal Scepter
- Void Staff / Archangels staff ( If you get Archangel, you take your Tear of the Goddess BEFORE you finish your Abyssal Scepter, perhaps even before your Blasting Wand/Negatron cloak which are required for Abyssal )

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How to Play

Well, it's not hard to guess since you start with your W skill, not to mention it has quite a big range, you use this to harass an enemy. It also has quite some dmg which can be used for anything really.

Anyhow, when the game start you rush to your spot from which you can pull blue. ( or red when you have a jungler starting there, just go to your mid turret when there's no jungler )

When at blue, you should be in the bush, but you should stand at the riverside, which gives you vision of the river, the other bushes IN the river ( but not inside the bushes ofc ).
When you stand here you can see an enemy coming if they want to invade your blue, this is really recommendable, even though your time window to react to such threat is only 2-3 seconds, it should be enough to give your jungler a warning & have your team either clear out, or set an ambush nearby. ( when at red, you just stand at the patch of land between jungle & river, where you can either run into your jungle or to your turret when they come invade, here you also have a very tight window to respond to this threat.

At 1:55 blue spawns, meaning you can click your W on the spot @ 1:54:60.<mm:ss:ms> ( or simply at 1:55, dont lose more time or you might lose xp in lane since minions do tend to kill eachother, and sometimes the enemy champ doesn't need to pull so he might push your lane )

After that, GL & HF !:) You get your Q skill @ lvl 2, so you can stun your enemy and make ganking easier for your jungler, also the stun is great for anything, it be for chasing, escaping, or ganking other lanes.