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Fizz Build Guide by Guest

Fizz a shark master

Fizz a shark master

Updated on November 17, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Build Guide By Guest 3,077 Views 0 Comments
3,077 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Fizz Build Guide By Guest Updated on November 17, 2011
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Hi ,
I am here to introduce you Fizz a shark master. I am sorry for my english :)

Fizz is ap assasin, which means he's melee character that have all skills as magic dmg and with nice ap ration they are extremly strong.

If I have to compare him with another champions then it will be realy hard, He is more like every good skills from many champions.

He is rly fun to play and his skills help good players to control whole game.

My scores, sry for another champs I was lazy to cut it ^^Score
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Skill Sequence

For skills I am maxing Wwhich realy help you to harash enemies and easy finish minions and I max it first.

On level 2 i take Q which help you to control your position, you can use it to get closer to an enemi and take him down by your W, or you can conbinate it with your flash to get closer and use your Q to get far behind to easy kill thise which dont have flash theirselves.

On level 3 i take E very helpfull skill, I presume to say most important for fizz. You can use this spell to chase an enemy, dodge easy spells, jump though game obejct, or survive u in mass fight, but It is also good for many other things.
In late game I offen use E to farm on mobs, mostly with blue buff on me. And with rly hight ability you can combine this spell with your R which help you to easy score duble kill and more. You just need to throw your R to brush jump there with your E slow them all and wait 1 sec unit they all got eaten ^^

For ulti R There is many ways to use it. Because it have small cooldwon and have many effect, start with slow end with aoe dmg and aoe knock back, then its realy good spell for many options in game. You can use this spell for chasing an enemy but also when you are running away for your life. I offen wait before gang for my ulti, long range slow realy help me before I get to him, but sometimes i dont use ulti on start but i keep it to fight, if u are sure that enemy would flash there isnt anything better then harash him to half hp, use your R let him flash to his team mates and help u to eat duble kill ^^. This skill go though minions but then its not sure it will cath on champion but it will stuck on ground.
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For items your can see tham upper. Its realy difficoult to say what to buily because every game are different, but most offen they end the some.
I always start with doran's ring - it help you to stay on line and then harash your enemy.
if I score one two kills before going to base then I buy mejais soulstealer - it help you with ap because you are going to kill enemy more offen from now with your ulti.
Then Iam finnishing magic boot so I can move faster - its like 11min of game and game moves to gang so you will need to buy boots from 10+ min always but to 10 mins you get only ganged by jungler and taht very offen so there is no need to buy boot unit then.
Then iam going for lich bane or magic hat, it deppens on how many golds I have after gangs, if i have more then 1600 then iam going for hat to assist my soulstealer if i have around 1,2 and its ahrd to kill some1 then go for sheen and buil lich bane first.
In late game I buily hex to help me with staying on lanes without needing og going back to base for life, and i buoy guardian angel for more survavilibity.
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For runes I take those which you can find upper. I take magic penet for better control of spells, mp/5 so I wont go down with mana for start harashing enemy with my W, ability per level because it well match my late items.
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Farming is quite difficult with this champ, because he dont have good aoe and he is ability melee user he got problem with farming minions. SOmetimes you can farm easily but more offen you end on line with an alli which last hit your mobs more then your W passive or an enemy which wont let you go to minons.
But this doesn't make him weak. Fizz got realy strong spells from start so you can kill 3/4 champions on level 3 with no worries, on late game you should have many ap to easy farm on champions and with blue buff your can easy farm on minions with your E spell.
League of Legends Build Guide Author
Guest Fizz Guide
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Fizz a shark master

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