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Flawless Kennen

Last updated on November 11, 2012
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Kennen Build

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the Heart of the Tempest - Kennen (Introduction)

Hello there dear friends! This is my first guide ever, and I decided to make it for my favcorite champion Kennen "The Master of Lightning". Why I made this guide, is that I want to share my opinion and thoughts about Kennen and well, the guide to actually have success with him.

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Why Kennen?

Kennen is a high risk, high reward AP carry that utilizes the energy system. He has great mobility and with the correct build, can do successful engages in team fights, but also high burst on single target. Kennen can also have great crowd control both to single and multiple targets with his passive. The key to success is how to use your passive. (read next chapter for more info). Kennen is the only ranged AP carry with energy system, this gives him the capacity to have great farm through out the whole game.

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Pros & Cons


+ Amazing harass

+ Great AOE/single target stun

+ Great mobility

+ Easy farmer, due to energy resource

he can stay in lane much longer

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Patch Maintenance

Varus Patch:

Well, Will of the Ancients has been nerfed. Total cost has been increased to 2500 from 2100. It did need it though, it still is a great first item on Kennen. It was way too strong for 2100, considering if you had a AP Top like Vladimir or Rumble.

It is not worth rushing it anymore. Getting Boots Lvl 2 is much better after Hectech Revolver. And then building Rylai's Crystal Scepter. After that I get my Will of the Ancients. The only time getting Will of the Ancients before Rylai's would be if you have another AP on your team.

Jayce Patch:

Attack Range now decreased to 550 from 575. This really decreased Kennen's harras potential in lane. I will be honest, Kennen needed and deserved that nerf. The harrass potential from Electrical Surge with its passive was pretty crazy. This has shaken top lane Kennen and is not that popular anymore. But in the midlane, hasn't affected him that much.

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Champion Spotlight

Watch this video, if you are new to Kennen, this gives you some basic knowledge about his attacks. SKIP TO 1:00
(I know this one is old, but gives you a hint how to manage him)