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Fluffy! Not Fat. Period.

Last updated on June 2, 2012
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Fluffy NOT FAT! 2

Gragras, most people underestimate him for being a fatty-*** but no he will freaking sit on you until your guts explode. You DO NOT CALL HIM FAT!
Enjoy the guide
PS. Sit on Twisted Fate for me please :3 he luvs to be sat on.

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This build will teach you the art of SitJitsu.
So Listen.

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Pros / Cons

Heals Himself
Good Damage
No need for Potions Mid-Game to Late-Game
Fluffy and cute
Insulted for being a fat boii

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Unique Skills

Gragras' Passive will be very helpful Mid-Game to Late-Game and you will have more of a SC
(Survival Chance). Everytime you use a skill you regenerate health/heal this stacks with the runes i was talking about earlier in the higher section ^.
Using this healing ability, W(Not really healing just Mana Pot, Doesn't really heal its his passive). It is very helpful so you dont need to go B much and can save lots of money. Also you wont get underlevel

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Start Out with Dorans Ring it provides mana regen, and health going up to that tanky/beastly type. Get 2 If nessicary, Cheap way to get health and mana. Get some health pots depends if you really want them or if you can live off of ur passive/Drunken Rage
Move onto Force of Nature
This item is VERY helpful to gragas due to the health regen and movement speed >.> wat? hes slow dont judge meanie.
Warmogs will make him tankier
you may choose between warmogs or rylai's rod because both make him tankier,
Shurleyas Provide a quick escape/chase and more health
And a lil ap for graggy last 2 items (Archangels & Rabadons)

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Goodluck me and gragas are going to the bar ^-^