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League of Legends Build Guide Author swpaeng00

FOLLOW THAT FIDDL...ZOMG!!! *caw caw caw*

swpaeng00 Last updated on March 18, 2011
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Hello! This will be the 2nd build that I will have published, and it is on

I LOVE PLAYING AS FIDDLESTICKS. I dominate 1 v 1 fights. I get triple, quadra, and the occasional quint kills. AND I win, and win a LOT.

I dont like jungling. I usually dont jungle for any champion unless someone wants to solo a top/bot lane.

This guide is not as good as my Rammus guide. I'm getting really lazy with all the pictures. It's annoying to type in *****. So bear with me if you dont like the fact that there's not many pretty pictures.

Also, remember. my Mobafire account is swpaeng00, but my In-Game-Name is IvanIsaacs

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Pros / Cons

-Your ultimate, Crowstorm will be a gamechanger.
-at Lv 5, you can use Drain endlessly if not interrupted
-you get kills. Lots of kills.

-Squishy early game
-mana-hungry if you dont grab some mana items
-people focus on you because you will be a major threat.

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For Marks and Quints, you want Magic Penetration.
Early game, you should do a **** load of damage with your Dark Wind and Drain.

For Seals and Glyphs, I grab Mana-regens. early game, I want to use my skills as much as I can to dish out as much damage as possible.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells are very important, in my opinion, for Fiddle.

Here's a list of the ones I take.

Teleport. I always take this no matter what for Fiddlesticks. Fiddle is very, very slow in my opinion. the way he runs makes him seem even more so.
I also want to be able to teleport to wards to set up quick ganks.
I can also teleport into the enemy base near the end of the game to finish them all off.

I also always take flash. It is great for escaping, and it's for that extra reach for your Crowstorm when you target the wrong direction. Flash is also very good early game when that pesky ashe isnt recalling and is hugging the turret. Flash towards her, use Terrify, Dark Wind, and Drain the rest of the life out of her. That'll finish her off.

Ghost is another useful spell for Fiddle. After teamfights when one or two enemy champions escaped, pop up ghost, and run towards one and terrify them. that'll give your teammates a chance to kill them, or better yet; a free kill for you.
Of course, you can use it to escape as well when you are being ganked.

A lot of people know that Fiddle is a mana-hungry champion and they grab clarity. I, in my opinion, play Fiddle the way he is supposed to be played early game. Most people use the full combo of Terrify Dark Wind and Drain. NO!! you are supposed to harass with DARK WIND ONLY!!!!. That is the main reason why people complain that fiddle is mana-hungry. ONLY USE THE FULL COMBO WHEN YOU KNOW THAT YOU WILL GET THE KILL!!!

I used to take Flash and Exhaust instead of Teleport. My reason being that I use Crowstorm, exhaust them, use dark wind, and drain. The idea was that the exhaust would slow down the target and maximize the damage done by Drain. Me, being the trigger-happy little boy that I am, just smash my keyboard. So, apparently, casting Exhaust while using Drain CANCELS OUT DRAIN! You should have seen my face one game when that damn annie escaped with 7 hp left.

I almost never use ignite for any champion. you know what ignite is for. It damages the enemy champion, and if you have Spell Vamp, (as a good fiddlestick, you should NEVER take ANY item that gives you Spell Vamp) the damage is converted into health.
Sorry. Cant give you much info for ignite.

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You know. The standards. 9/0/21
changes for people who use different summoner spells.

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Skill Sequence


Dread - This useful little passive is like having magic penetration. you deal more damage with your spells. However, it is considered a "buff" and therefore TERRIBLE for ganking. if the enemy is watchful, they will see the icon appear over their health bar and know that you are there.

Terrify - THIS WILL BE YOUR LIFESAVER IF YOU ARE RUNNING AWAY!! you will cause the enemy to move about randomly for up to 3 seconds. use it to save yourself. use it to save your teammate. use it to help your teammates chase down somebody. use it to maximize the damage done by your drain. use it to maximize the damage done by your Crowstorm. ...etc. etc.

Drain - This is the move that Fiddlesticks is most famous for. Drain is a great move for 1 v 1 fighting. Drain is your main move for jungling (although i dont like to jungle very much).
Contrary to what it says, drain has a very great range. once you begin draining somebody, they have to run very far away from you for the effects of drain to stop. very useful if you want someone to stay away from you.

Dark Wind - Early game, this SHOULD BE your ONLY source of harassment. NOT drain, but DARK WIND. it costs less than drain, and its ability to CC and clear minions is greater. Its ability to bounce and its unpredictability will guarantee that you have a good distance between you and your opponents early game.
Mid and late game, it loses much of its usefulness. you can still use it to clear minion waves, help your team push a land, and contribute a lot in teamfights by silencing many at a time.

Crowstorm - I FREEKIN LOVE THIS SKILL! Look at this from the enemy's point of view. you're pushing a lane. happy times where you're bashing away at minions. suddenly, you hear a "pop". you think nothing of it, but a moment later, your hear a dark and sinister laugh as a murder of crows deal out massive damage to you and pluck out your eyeballs while you scream in agony. Suddenly, you feel a terror strike you and you run around, not knowing what to do when a crow jumps out at you and silences you. THEN, you feel your energy being drained out of you until you're dead.
Isnt that lovely?

Now, as i mentioned before, the order of skills used should be like this:
Ganking: Crowstorm + Terrify + Dark Wind + Drain
Remember to follow the one who is terrified BEFORE you start draining for more damage done.
regular/harassing: Terrify + Dark Wind + Drain

Skill leveling sequence:
1. Dark Wind
2. Drain
3. Dark Wind
4. Drain
5. Terrify
6. Crowstorm
7. Dark Wind
8. Drain
9. Dark Wind
10. Terrify
11. Crowstorm
12. Dark Wind
13. Drain
14. Drain
15. Terrify
16. Crowstorm
17. Terrify
18. Terrify

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There's some sort of debate on whether Fiddlestick should go pure AP or whether he should have Magic Pene. As for me, and with the runes I have, i focus mainly on pure AP.

Here's how I build my Fiddle

Start off the game with a Sapphire Crystal, a health pot, and mana pot. on your FIRST TRIP BACK, whether because your died, or because you have enough gold, or because the one you're laning against is dead, you should buy (boots of speed, or ruby crystal, or sorcerer's boots, or catalyst protector). notice how i said OR, as in dont buy them separately. buy the real thing. say that you have 1400 gold. that's enough to buy a catalyst protector, or ruby crystal+boots of speed. choose CATALYST PROTECTOR!!

on your second trip back, you have a choice.
1) you are doing very well, and your current score is something like 4/1/3
2) you are NOT doing so well, and your current score is something like 1/4/2

then the next item you should get will be
1) Mejai Soulstealer. yea. you're getting your kills and working well with your team and setting up a lot of ganks. you'll reach 20 stacks in no time.
2) forget the soulstealer because you'll never get anywhere with it. Instead, start on your Deathfire Grasp, starting with the Fiendish Codex. you get AP, mana regen, and 10% CD reduction.

If you are on path 1, you should get the deathfire grasp anyways after you get soulstealer. you NEED that 15% CD reduction, AND its active.

This is where you start building up some muscles. (or brain, or whatever)

Start on your Rabadon's Deathcap. from here on out, you need pure AP.

After Deathcap, you have 2 choices.
1) Zhonya's hourglass
2) Abyssal scepter

If you have the Soulstealer, you can only get 1 of these items. so make your choice depending on the situation.

There's a tank building up Magic Rez against you? There's a certain Veigar nuking you? get the Abyssal scepter.

There's a Master Yi and you want to shut him down? get Abyssal scepter. (although it'll still be pretty hard once Yi is fed..._

if you DIDNT get the Soulstealer, you can get both.

Some other items that'll be of big use to you:

Void Staff - This little item costs only about 2300, but it gives you 70 AP AND 40% Magic Pene. This will surely help you against those tanks that are building Magic Rez against you.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity - get this if you think that you wont be needing much Magic Penetration. It really helps with its CD reduction for more Dark Wind use.

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Team Work

Teamwork is CRUCIAL for Fiddlesticks. you need to communicate with your teammates and set up as many ganks as possible. keep talking to each other. ask which lane needs a Crowstorm
you and your teammates will be fed if you keep this up. and also remember. Fiddlesticks isnt very good at taking down the Blue Golem early to mid-game. Ask your teammates to help you take them down.

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And that's pretty much it guys. If I forgot anything, just leave a comment and I'll attend to it as soon as I can.
Also, give me a good rating. :D

And that's pretty much it. Thanks for reading this guide!