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For ma friends in Bronze

Last updated on September 2, 2014
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In a 1v1...

If you start the fight:

E => R => W => Walk behind them => Q => MASH THE REST

If the enemy starts the fight:

R => E => QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ => W When they are running away.

If you are being chased:

R => Constantly Q => Constantly E. When you have your passive, try to land it in. If they are getting low, fight them with your Ult up



Getting a gank:

Same as 1v1

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If you are both Melee, you should be winning. The only exception is if all their damage is from close range (Darius, Renekton) but you should be getting Cloth Armor 5 Pots against them. When they come up to farm, harass them with your Q. If you are being zoned and can't farm, try to use your E to farm AND harass the enemy.

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Enemy Champions

Counterpicks and tips:

Galio: He gets stronger by building Magic Resist, which is key in countering you. Instead of Rylai's, get Abyssal.

Renekton: Just an OP Champion. Never start a fight with him. Always ask for ganks and try to not die unless you or your jungler kills him.

Darius: Basically a Renekton. Try not to dive him.

Vladimir: Always his time of the month. If you fight him, he can just pool. If he fights you, he bursts you down SO fast with his ult. Ask for a gank at when you see him use his pool. NOTE The Pool Cooldown is about 20 seconds, assuming he doesn't build CD first, then it would be around 17.

Teemo: Satan

Singed: Posion!

Swain: Too much sustain and damage.

Dr. Mundo: Above

Gnar: Poke poke poke. All champions are op when they are just released.

Shyvana: If you try to fight her, she will either R out or R you to bring you low.

Cho'Gath: AP Ratios.

Volibear: His W's damage is based on his AND your health.

Based on skill level

Pantheon: If he's good, he won't start a fight with you unless he has support.

Lee Sin: Hes on the brink of being countered by Moakai because he usually spams his abilities activating your passive.

Tryndamere: You can usually out sustain him in a fight. Try to kill him as much as possible before he gets BotRK

Jax: You aren't an Attack Based champion. Wait until he uses his Dodge then jump in. Once you land your full combo, run out. He will pop his ult. Then try it again after he uses his E again.

Rumble: His Q is based on your Health, but if you can snare him, run barely out of Q range, then you will trade pretty good.


Riven: She spams her abilities, you get passive!

Nidalee: Above. Just try not to step on traps and hit by spears. You can use your E to check bushes.

Usually, you can beat everybody except for the counterpicks if you actiavte your passive alot.

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Pros / Cons


You get sustained from dealing damage without Spell Vamp

You get sustained from champs who like to mash keyboards.

High damage



Can't escape ganks well without flash

Often banned in Gold+