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League of Legends Build Guide Author Freegid

Freegid's Universal TF build. After much Experimenting.

Freegid Last updated on August 23, 2010
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I've previously wrote another TF guide that I felt needed a little revision, and hence here's Freegid's TF build, Version 2.0. (In which he tries to keep it more comprehensive.)


Many people play Twisted Fate as a straight up DPS hero. Don't get me wrong, TF can wholly carry out this role without a problem. He has an okay DPS output paired with a 2 second stun. However, after many upon many games with TF, I've realized that this isn't enough. In most cases, you won't be able to take down an enemy champion in 2 seconds. (Not unless you have pimped out gear/the opponent is low on health.) For the most part, if you're playing TF, you should realize that TF has a less than satisfactory mid-game.

It wasn't until some weeks ago that I realized that his Midgame largely affected how TF succeeds during Late-Game. Then after fiddling around with many MANY builds, I've finally found the one and only build that I feel is (almost) universally viable, in most situations.

Item Build

Berserker Grieves

At some point or another, I decided to give up on TF's AS capabilities. How wrong I was. It's important to max out his ASPD early for the damage output. As Stacked Deck becomes more and more useless as time goes by, and the DPS from AD will outshine ASPD.

The phage is essential for mid-game. It allows TF to have more CC. For the most part, 2 seconds isn't enough to take down an opposing champion. It is because of that that Phage comes in to help TF in terms of CC. Pop ghost, and you can (almost) chase down any fleeing champion.

Late Game:

The Black Cleaver / Blood Thirster / Infinity Edge
Madred's Bloodrazor
Guardian Angel / Frozen Heart / Frozen Mallet
The Black Cleaver / Blood Thirster / Infinity Edge

At this point, you want to pick your items carefully. Your first big item should usually be a Black Cleaver or a BT. Depending on how much you're dying, Black Cleaver has 15 more damage that doesn't go away, and a passive that helps other Physical DPSers. BT better survivability and 25 more damage when maxed out. However, it's not wise to pick it if it looks like you're going to be dying alot. If you find yourself constantly in the heat of battle after you respawn Cleaver is the best choice.

Madred's in Arguable in most cases. However, after plenty of games as TF, I've realized it's importance in almost every game. Seeing as how most teams will ATLEAST have a tanker, or a heavy; and how most champs will have upwards of 2k hp, Madreds is essential for damage output. I've tried replacing this with other items, Madreds just seem to be the best, supplementing damage and a tank-bane passive. If there are 3> tough enemies, you might consider getting this earlier.

- - -


Why the HELL ARE YOU NOT USING SOTD? I mean, it gives ASPD, and it gives an awesome 100 damage! LIKE OMG?! NOOB.
- I'm sorry to say, but SotD in my eyes is a very inefficient item. Sure, it's 100 damage every four attacks, 25 damage on average, makes your damage output spiky. The active is nice, but unless you have someone like Jax on the other team, it's not going to be extremely useful. Instead, just getting a recurve that CAN build into something to supplement your BUILT IN SotD is much more viable. In my opinion, atleast.

Should I start with Doran's Blade or Doran's Shield?
- Their both very good candidates. However, it depends on your playstyle. With TF, it's alot about confidence. You need to KNOW you can hit that gold card, and get inside the opponent's range before you engage. If you're a little more conservative, then shield, definitely, if not, take blade if you're going to harass them and have an aggresive playstyle.

Why not flash instead of Ghost?
I've used flash in the past, it's only lately that I decided that Ghost is much more useful. Seeing as it has a small cooldown, and a longer duration. You see, escaping with Flash is not as easy as you may think, the distance you cover is hardly ever enough for you to escape a chasing opponent, unless of course, you flash through a wall. (Really, the only thing ghost can't do, that and the element of surprise.) Ghost lets you NOT get a Zeal or Yomuu's and still be able to chase efficiently. But it's your choice.

Why did you level the Exhaust mastery?
- Because I tend to switch back and forth depending if anybody on my team has it or not. Don't get me wrong, your 2 second stun is amazing and fun, but if a twitch appears behind you while jungling, it's the only thing that's gonna save you while you lock gold. The more pressure on the situation, the harder it is for inexperienced TFs to lock Gold, and hence, exhaust comes into play.

Who should I lane with?
I typically like laning with someone that has a CC. Believe me, if it's someone like Sion or taric, and if there's atleast one squishy champ on their side, you'll get a kill or two just because of the presence of 2 CCs.

Why not go mid?
Going mid is entirely to your preference. I find that if I take mid and try to be the big dog, I usually end up failing because of TF's inherent low DPS output. You're not the star, unless there's no one better to mid, take it. However, if there's a good ashe/trist willing to take it, or even anivia, let them. They'll carry the team better than you will. Don't worry, you'll still be able to rollface with your ulti.

- - -

One needs to be extremely cautious when it comes to TF. It's extremely easy to die on him. I've devised this build as a efficient Early-Mid-Late game item build for the masses. One may be very surprised by how the item sequence may affect a player and the course of the game.

If at some point you find that you need to deviate from the build to counter opposing champs. Do it. It's also advisable to pick up a ward your first trip back to heal, drop it at dragon bush or baron bush to prevent ganks, and you're all set.

Constructive comments are appreciated. Goodluck, and have fun with this build.