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Full AD Rengar Top Guide

Last updated on July 22, 2016
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First off.

First off I just want to say, I may not be the best player in the world, but I am a Rengar top main, and I feel like this guide very well could help. It's my first guide and it's how I play Rengar, and it works for me. So please don't judge. Thanks! :)

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Skill max order/Skill usage.

Always upgrade R when you can (Duh) But start Q, and depending on the matchup/lvl 1 trades go get E or W. Always Max Q then E then W. If you are a bit low on HP go for learning W second to ferocity W in lane. Keep in mind this is a TOP LANE Rengar guide. It's what I main. Get W if you need HP for ferocity, or E for non ferocity extra damage. In a normal laning phase 1v1 starting off, ferocity Q, or later if you're low and need clutch damage but you are low on HP, ferocity W and get some extra damage off. Keep in mind your W buffs your armor and magic resist for 4 seconds after activation. This helps more than it sounds, make sure you keep it in mind. Also if they are running away and its a free kill, ferocity E. Always try and max out the ferocity you gain, gaining as much ferocity as possible and managing it well is extremely crucial to your success.

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Starting off going into laning phase, you should almost always go Doran's blade + 1 pot. Dorans helps you sustain with a tiny bit of lifesteal, extra health is extremely helpful, and the boost in damage is perfect. Always go for this first. Rush a youmoo's ghost blade, and always build Serrated Dirk first, it gives armor pen and helps so much. Try and get this first back, then go for a full Youmoos, then get Either lucidity boots or Berserker Greaves and Blade of the ruined king. Go for these and have them at about 20 minutes, and you can easily kill someone like their adc. Afterwards go for statik shiv, phantom dancer, and infinity edge, in order. You can swap out phantom dancer for an AD item if you feel like it though.

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Summoner spells.

You guys might disagree with me here but I go flash ignite. Flash of course because Yes, you usually bring it anyways, but it can be used in so many different ways on rengar. Ignite fits MY playstyle and helps snowball SO much. However you can bring teleport or even ghost if you like that. Sometimes it depends on match up though. Flashing into bushes makes for an extremely reliable combo/ auto and gets you right up on them. Teleport can be extremely useful as it provides being able to have a LOT of map presence, and TP ganks bot help snowball. Late game after a won and survived teamfight, tp to your lane to split push. Ghost helps when you ult and need to catch up to someone or when you want to run away and things like that.

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For masteries they don't have to be too specific as long as you bring the Storm raiders surge mastery. It helps in laning phase so they can't run away after you get a good combo off. And late game if they flash away after you ult onto them, you can just run up to them with ult movespeed, youmoos, and storm raiders surge.
For runes these are just MINE and they might not be perfect but I like them. Reds: All flat AD Yellows: 5 flat armor, 4 flat HP Blues: 5 flat attack speed, 4 flat AD Quints: 2 flat AD 1 flat attack speed.
This helps you do damage and makes it so you have a comfortable good amount of attack speed early game, while giving you a bit of armor and HP.

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Early/Mid/Late game strats.

Early game Level's 1 - 5 laning phase. Getting as much ferocity is important, and mostly in 1v1's and 1v2's, ferocity Q is gonna be best. however if they are running away, and you need to secure the kill, use ferocity E. Or if you are low and need some health to get some clutch damage in, ferocity W. Make sure you jump onto them, and immediately reset with Q. Get kills, and get ready for mid - late game. Snowballing is super important to your success. Or at least getting 3 or 4 kills early.

Level's 6 - about 11-13. Keep an eye on their jungler, now that you have ult you can do many things with their jungler, which helps a LOT maximize the gold you can get, farm and keep an eye on the jungler. You can catch their jungler off guard and get a free kill while maximizing gold. It's super important to get as much gold as possible to get items.

Level's 14 - 18. Late game. Make sure you are eliminating important and squishing targets, and helping your team get objectives. Be safe, but get a kill on ideally their adc as often as possible. Split push if you can after team fights that you won. Objectives at this point is super important and when done right, killing important targets, bursting down drags and getting drags sneakily, and destroying backline as soon as a teamfight starts, helps your team SO much.

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Random/common tips.

- From a bush early game jumping onto them, auto reset with your Q, auto some more and use your W and E, once they are 25% - 50% HP back off, and bam you won a trade.

- When you ult someone, your combo is always Youmoo's to get to them or for attack speed, pounce on them with your Q, and when you are just about to go right on top of them, E them for extra damage, and position it a tiny bit ahead of where they are walking. It can get extremely hard to land your E's like this. Even I still have some problems with it.

- If you cannot one shot kill their adc/squishies, then usually a ferocity jump, one auto, then another non ferocity Q and another auto should DEFINATELY kill them.


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