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Full Support Nunu

Last updated on November 9, 2011
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Nunu works well with:

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Hey guys!

I'm just doing this Nunu Support guide, because it is no guide on this magnificent champion.
First of all, I'm not super good (172 wins - 157 losses in Normal / 2W2L in Ranked preseason 2). I have played League of Legends since april, but after watching streams and playing a lot - I feel that I can really help someone else out in this game.

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Why Nunu?

I didn't know that Nunu could be a support, I have to admit, until I saw it last week. I'm just so glad that I did, because I've been looking for a cool support to play.
But yeah, WHY Nunu?

Nunu is not one of the best supports, but with some skill you can compete with some of the best combos because of your Blood Boil (Attack speed + movement speed), Ice Blast (Slowed movement and attack speed) and Absolute Zero (Slowed movement speed and attack speed + massive damage). Even though he doesn't have a heal (for an ally) or a stun/silence or an aura, he works really well with champs that can make the best out of his spells.

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For runes, I pick these:

Greater Mark of Insight (8,55 magic penetration at lvl 1) - you need this for your E and R.
Greater Seal of Resilience (~12,7 armor at lvl 1) - you need this to take less damage when harrassing and protecting your carry.
Greater Glyph of Shielding (~24 magic resist at lvl 18) - you need this to take less dmg from mages and magical attack, when tanking and using your ult.
Greater Quintessence of Avarice (3g/10 at lvl 1)

This is what I use, and what I feel is superior to Nunu as a support. You can also choose to go with more AP, more armor, more MR or even Movement Speed.

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My personal favorite and what I usually go with is 3-6-21
This works well, because you get some extra AP from the Offensive tree, armor and a little dodge from the Defensive tree and reduces cooldowns and some mana regen from the Utility tree.

You can also choose to go 9-0-21 or 0-9-21, but I think that 3-6-21 is the best

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I start with the extremely normal support build, by getting the Faerie charm + 3 wards + 2 pots.
After some laning and possibly a FB, you go back to get Philo stone, wards and boots if possible. Then finish Boots of Lucidity and get heart of gold. Now, you are tanky and ready to get some ultis off. But to make your ult easier to pull off, you really need Banshee's Veil. So that is my next big item.
The last two items are Frozen Heart (synergizes with E and R) and Shurelia's Reverie (synergizes with your W), which you will normally not get. These two are not as important as the other ones, but still pretty good.
Always buy WARDS when you go back, and get Oracle's when you have your main items and you want map control.

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Skill Sequence

I start with E in lvl, because it can be very devastating in a possible level 1 fight. Then, I get 2 points in W (best ability to help your carry) and then a point in Q at lvl 4. Always get your ult in lvl 6! Very important.
I max W first, because of the attack speed buff it applies, then R - E - Q.

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Summoner Spells

As a support your best friend is Clairvoyance. This ensures more map control and a team without it, is doomed to fail.
The second summoner spell would be Flash, as you need a spell to escape with and initiate with (if your team needs you too)

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Nunu + AD Carry

Since you are the support, you need someone to support. Below, I will explain which carries that excel at laning with Nunu!

Miss Fortune:
She has a movement speed passive, a spell that improves the attack speed, a ring of bullets that slow and an ulti that does a lot of dmg to the ones standing in it. With Nunu, she gets even more MS and AS, + a slow and an Ulti that can synergize with her ulti.

She has an even better attack speed boost, a slowing jump and an ulti that knocks someone back. With Nunu, she gets even more attack speed and a nice boost of movement speed. Her ulti can help Nunu land his ult, so this lane should win.

Twisted Fate:
Even though he isn't that much used as an AD Carry, he is pretty good. He has a stun/slow, attack speed buff and an ulti he can use to gank with. With Nunu, he gets more attack speed and some movement speed, a slow that can protect him from the other carry and if Nunu ultis, he can stun someone in it or teleport there - to make the killing blow.

Nunu can also be used with these champions, but it's not that strong:
Caitlyn and Vayne

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Thanks for reading my guide! :)

I will be adding new feature and updates, as the game developes and I found out new and better ways. If you have anything to add, write a comment below or send me a msg in game (Dullis at EUNE)

Update log:
1.1 Made the guide, with simple text and some information


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